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Faaie Vlaa Flowery Green

lane my-vlaa full-blown

my vlaa blooming, efflorescent, flourishing, flowering, flowery, in flower: Haink ny thammagyn my vlaa dy doaltattym. DF; bloom

ymmyr vlaa (f.) flowerbed

blaa noa my-vlaa new-blown flower

cheet my vlaa budding, flower, pubescent: Yn 'neen echey ta cheet my vlaa. DF; blossom; florescence

in flower my vlaa: Are your tulips in flower? - Vel nyn dulipyn my vlaa? JJK idiom

pubescent (adj.) cheet my vlaa: His pubescent daughter - Yn 'neen echey ta cheet my vlaa. DF idiom; clooieagh

bloom1 blaa, clooie, gloas; blaaghey; bloom; cur magh blaaghyn; my vlaa: See how the trees are in bloom - Jeeagh ec ny biljyn kys t'ad my vlaa. JJK idiom

blooming my vlaa

efflorescent (adj.) my vlaa

florescence cheet my vlaa

flowerbed (n.) immyr-vlaa; ymmyr vlaa

flowering my vlaa

Flowery Green (n.) Faaie Vlaa

artificial flower (gen.) far-vlaa

full-blown (adj.) lane my-vlaa

ard-vlaa prime

far-vlaa artificial flower

immyr-vlaa flowerbed

budding cheet magh; cheet my vlaa; gobbey; gubbey

flourishing lane dy vishaghey, raahoil; my vlaa

flowery (adj.) blaa vreck, blaaoil, my vlaa, ornaidagh

new-blown flower (n.) blaa noa my-vlaa

crocus (n.) crocys; crocus: The crocuses have been in bloom for some time - Ta'n crocus er ve my vlaa rish tammylt JJK idiom

flower (n.) blaa: This flower has a nice perfume - Ta'n blaa shoh soaral dy-millish. JJK idiom; (v.) blaaghey, cheet my vlaa; losserey

olive (n.) olive: shall cast off his flower as the olive - as e vlaa tuittym myr yn olive Bible

prime ard-: He is the prime mover - Eshyn yn ard-ghleasheyder. DF idiom; ard-vlaa: She is past her prime - Ta'n ard vlaa ny jei. DF idiom; bun, preeu-, teiy; (v.) cur bunvrat er, primal

see1 (n.) aspickys; (v.) fakin; jeeagh: See how the trees are in bloom - Jeeagh ec ny biljyn kys t'ad my vlaa. JJK idiom; faik: See for yourself - Faik dhyt hene. DF idiom; hirr

berrish-feeyney (f.) grape: Son roish yn ouyr, lurg da'n blaa v'er jeet gys slane aase, as y berrish-feeyney geayr er n'appaghey ayns y vlaa Bible

billey figgagh pl. biljyn-figgagh fig tree: Ga nagh der y billey figgagh magh e vlaa, as nagh bee mess er ny biljyn-feeyney Bible

geayr See gyere acid, acidific, keen, sharp, sour: y berrish-feeyney geayr er n'appaghey ayns y vlaa Bible

Vretin Vooar (f.) See Bretin (Yn) Britain: Y cosneyder jeh'n clane co-hirrey, shen y boayl vees goaill ayrn sy cho-hirrey Yn Vretin Vooar my Vlaa sy vlein shoh çheet. BS

blossom blaa: and their blossom shall go up as dust - as hed y blaa oc seose myr y joan Bible; cheet my vlaa, cur magh blaaghyn; (to); (dy) vlaaghey; blaaghey: And it shall come to pass, that the man's rod, whom I shall choose, shall blossom - As hig eh gy-kione, dy jean slattag y dooinney, neems y reih, blaaghey Bible

corranyn hooks: Son roish yn ouyr, lurg da'n blaa v'er jeet gys slane aase, as y berrish-feeyney geayr er n'appaghey ayns y vlaa, giare-ee eh jeh ny slattagyn lesh corranyn-pollal, as gowee eh ersooyl, as giare-ee eh sheese ny banglaneyn. Bible

foee below her, under her: Nish ta ny renneeyn mooarey er ve marrooit liorish yn Thie Tashtee foddee shiu cronnaghey ny clagheenyn gorrym my-vlaa t'er ve follit fo'ee. Carn


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