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vision (n.) ashlins; ashlish: He appeared in a vision - Haink eh rish ayns ashlish. DF idiom; reayrtys: Beyond our vision - Ass yn reayrtys ain. DF idiom; shilley: Turn on the vision - Cur bree da'n chilley. DF idiom

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Beatific Vision (n.) Reayrt y Trinaid

blur vision (v.) jannoo dullyr

double vision (n.) aareayrtys, doalghaanee

appear in a vision (to) ashlaghey

man of vision (n.) dooinney foddey-reayrtagh

turn on the vision (v.) cur bree da'n chilley

aareayrtys (pl -yn) double vision, review

doalghaanee (f.) double vision

dooinney foddey-reayrtagh man of vision

Reayrt y Trinaid Beatific Vision

cur bree da'n chilley turn on the vision

range2 (n.) (military) reayn: Range of vision - Reayn reayrt. DF idiom

in a trance my neealloo: and in a trance I saw a vision - as myr va mee my-neealloo, honnick mee ayns ashlish Bible

turn on (v.) cur er; cur er roie: Turn on the water - Yn ushtey y chur er roie. DF idiom; cur bree da: Turn on the vision - Cur bree da'n chilley. DF idiom

ashlaghey (to) reveal, appear in a vision: myr te nish er ny ashlaghey da e ostyllyn casherick Bible

ashlins (f.) apparition, ghost, phantasm, vision: Eisht hee'm yn ashlins bannee e laue yesh. DF; second sight

ashlish (f.) apocalypse, dream, illusion, make-believe, revelation, vision: honnick Nebuchadnezzar ashlish ayns e ghreamallyn Bible; spectre

jannoo dullyr befog, blear, blur vision, dim: foast va bio as lostey ayns ooilley nyn greeaghyn cooinaghtyn as smooinaghtyn nagh vod traa-hene cur orrin jarrood ny foddid jannoo dullyr. Coraa

reayrtys aim, aspect, prospect, scene, scenery, survey, view, vision, vista: Hie y ghrian ass reayrtys. DF

stumble (v.) snapperal: and thy foot shall not stumble - as dty chass cha jean snapperal Bible; skyrraghtyn: when thou runnest, thou shalt not stumble - tra tou roie, cha jean oo skyrraghtyn Bible; leaystey: they err in vision, they stumble in judgment - tad mollit ayns ashlish, tad leaystey ayns briwnys Bible

shilley (=Ir. sealladh, sioladh) pl. shillaghyn eyesight, look, look in, scene, show, sight, spectacle, view, vision, revelation: ren eh olk ayns shilley yn Chiarn Bible; distillation; (v.) drop, gush, shed, shedding, trickle: O my ven veen, shilley myr kere-volley: ta bainney as mill fo dty hengey Bible


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