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vishaghey See bishaghey (dy); (to) multiply: As haink eh gy-kione, myr ghow deiney toshiaght dy vishaghey er eaghtyr y thallooin Bible

Inexact matches:

lane dy vishaghey flourishing

seyrsnys dy vishaghey freedom to flourish

vishaghey yn vlass (dy); (to) zest

zest (n.) blass; (v.) (to); (dy) vishaghey yn vlass

flourishing lane dy vishaghey, raahoil; my vlaa

freedom to flourish seyrsnys dy vishaghey

cooid-seihlt estate: ta e chooid-seihlt er ny vishaghey er y thalloo Bible

scuir stop: As scuir yn ooil dy vishaghey Bible

multiply (v.) bishaghey: Be fruitful, and multiply - Bee-jee messoil as jean-jee bishaghey Bible; mooadaghey; sheelaghey; yl-raghey; ymmodaghey; (to); (dy) vishaghey; thooilliu

drogh-yannoo evil doings, iniquity, malpractice, misdeed, misdemeanour, transgression: ta'n drogh-yannoo ain er ny vishaghey kiongoyrt rhyt Bible; wickedness

faill vioghee (f.) living wage: as mannagh vel eshyn lhiggey da ny deiney ta arryltagh d'obbraghey er dy ghoaill faill vioghee magh ass, as dy vishaghey berçhys yn ashoon NNS

Gael Gael: Ta palchey ayn ayns shenn skeealyn, shennaghys, aittys as fassoonys yn Gael vees goll y vishaghey, marish kiaull as ellynee elley. Carn

jallooyn stoamey goodly images: t'eh gymmyrkey mess da hene: rere earroo e vess, t'eh er vishaghey e altaryn; rere foays e halloo, t'ad er n'yannoo jallooyn stoamey. Bible

lught reill establishment: va reddyn stiurit dy vishaghey y lught reill ayns Lunnin. Carn

palchey ayn tons of it: Ta palchey ayn ayns shenn skeealyn, shennaghys, aittys as fassoonys yn Gael vees goll y vishaghey, marish kiaull as ellynee elley. Carn

Ungaaragh Hungarian: V'eshyn jannoo ymmyd jeh carryn theayagh Ungaaragh, agh er-dyn e lhing-hene ta'n saase echey er vishaghey Carn

ver-yms er I will cause: As ver-yms er dty luight dy vishaghey myr rollageyn yn aer Bible

cum sojourn, dwell: Cum 'sy cheer shoh, as beem's mayrt Bible;: Cummee my laue eshyn dy-shickyr: as nee my roih eh y niartaghey. Bible Cum shickyr huggey, as ny scugh dy lhiattee, dy vod oo ve er dty  vishaghey ec y jerrey. Apoc

farrys cheerey agronomic, agronomical; agronomy: S'treisht lhiam dy vees y reiltys PNG jannoo red ennagh dy vishaghey yn farrys cheerey jeh PNG as hig yn sleih ayns buill lheid y Moro dy ve ny smoo berchagh ayns ny laaghyn ry heet. Dhoor; political economy


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