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Bee Neu-villish Savouries

blaa villish (f.) violet

brishtag villish (f.) sweet biscuit

Brishtagyn Neu-villish Savoury Biscuits

cliogagh villish (f.) calamus

cuirtlagh villish (f.) sugar cane: Cha nee my chours tou er chionnaghey cuirtlagh villish lesh dty argid Bible

dress villish (f.) eglantine, sweet briar

drughaig villish (f.) briar rose

duillag villish (f.) tutsan

fairaig villish (f.) pancreas

faiyr villish (f.) sweet grass

geirr villish (f.) pomatum

guilckagh villish (f.) sweet broom

jough villish (f.) nectar, sweet drink

lieh villish sweetish

loshtag villish (f.) brulée

lus villish (f.) marjoram

meer villish (f.) sweetbread

mynthey villish (f.) bergamot

oarnag villish (f.) barley sugar

ooyl villish (f.) dessert apple, eating apple

oranje villish (f.) China orange

pishyr villish (f.) sweet pea

renniagh villish (f.) sweet mountain fern

soar villish (f.) fragrance

speeineig villish (f.) candied peel

loshtag villish dy verrishyn mestit mixed berry brulée

lus villish ny lheeannagh (f.) meadow sweet

lus y toar villish (f.) buddleia, heath stitchwort

bergamot (n.) mynthey villish

briar rose (n.) drughaig villish

brulée (n.) loshtag villish

candied peel (n.) speeineig villish

China orange (n.) oranje villish

dessert apple (n.) ooyl villish

eglantine (n.) dress villish

fragrance (n.) cooraght, soar villish

marjoram (n.) lus villish

nectar (n.) naghtyr; jough villish

pancreas (n.) fairaig villish

pomatum (n.) geirr villish

sugar cane (n.) cuirtlagh villish

sweet biscuit (n.) brishtag villish

sweetbread (n.) meer villish

sweet briar (n.) dress villish

sweet broom (n.) guilckagh villish

sweet grass (n.) faiyr villish

sweetish (adj.) lieh villish, milljagh

sweet pea (n.) pishyr villish

tutsan (n.) duillag villish

buddleia (n.) lus y toar villish

Savouries (npl.) Bee Neu-villish

Savoury Biscuits (npl.) Brishtagyn Neu-villish

sweet drink (n.) jough villish, milljag

sweet mountain fern (n.) renniagh villish

yoghurt (n.) binjean; binjean-villish; bunjean-villish

binjean-villish (f.) yoghurt

bunjean-villish yoghurt

taaree-villish trifle

barley sugar (n.) oarnag villish, shugyr oarn

calamus (n.) calmys, calamus; cliogagh villish; fedjag screeuee

eating apple (n.) ooyl villish; ooyl millish

heath stitchwort (n.) lus y toar villish

mixed berry brulée (n.) loshtag villish dy verrishyn mestit

violet (n.) blaa villish, bossan feeackle, lus y chree

meadow sweet (n.) lus ny guillyn aegey, lus villish ny lheeannagh

trifle fooillagh millish; mynred; taaree; traifyl; taaree-villish

darling (n.) graih; (adj.) meen, millish; myrneen: My sweet darling - My vyrneen villish. DF idiom

mare's milk (n.) bainney laairagh: The mare's milk is very sweet - Ta bainney laairagh feer villish. DF idiom

keainid kindness, natural affection, tenderheartedness: Liorish soar-villish ny roseyn, as y traagh oor-giarrit, liorish greim-ghoarn jeh carrey firrinagh, as keainid paag ny mayrey Coraa; tenderness; (of memory) tenderness; dearness; easiness


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