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vessel (n.) feddan; lhong, saagh

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blood vessel (n.) cuisle, feddan folley, fuilleydane

drinking vessel (n.) saagh iu

earthenware vessel (n.) saagh crayee; crockan, crockanys

herring vessel (n.) baatey skeddan

wine vessel (n.) saagh feeyney

wooden vessel (n.) saagh fuygh

Fishing Vessel Support Scheme (n.) Skeym-Pohlldal Siyn-Eeastee

baatey skeddan herring vessel

cuisle (f.) blood vessel

feddan folley blood vessel

fuilleydane blood vessel

saagh crayee earthenware vessel

saagh iu drinking vessel

crockanys crockery, earthenware; earthenware vessel

Skeym-Pohlldal Siyn-Eeastee Fishing Vessel Support Scheme

saagh feeyney winepress, wine vessel: keead dy vessyn-souree, as saagh feeyney. Bible

saagh fuygh wooden vessel: edyr eh ve saagh-fuygh, ny coamrey Bible

bound upon kianlt er: And every open vessel, which hath no covering bound upon it, is unclean - As bee dy chooilley haagh foshlit, nagh vel coodagh erbee kianlt er, neu-ghlen Bible

holy water (n.) ushtey casherick: And the priest shall take holy water in an earthen vessel - As neen saggyrt ushtey casherick y ghoaill ayns saagh craie Bible

marred mhillit: And the vessel that he made of clay was marred in the hand of the potter - As van saagh craie veh dy yannoo mhillit ayns laue yn phasheyder Bible

protection (n.) coadey, fendeilys, kemmyrk; fastee; (adj.) coadee: Fishery protection vessel - Lhong choadee eeasteyraght. DF idiom

feddan (=Ir. feadán) 1 aqueduct, channel, duct, pipe, sleeve, sleeving, tube, tubing, vessel; 2 pl. feddanyn chanter, fife, flute, whistle a: Cur-jee moylley da er ny greïnyn strengit as y feddan Bible; 3 (of gun) barrel

lhong (=Ir. long) (f.) pl. lhongyn even keel, ship, vessel: va ny marrinnee mysh cosney ass y lhong Bible [O.Ir. long]

saagh (=Ir. soitheach) pl. siyn bowl: Roish my vees yn coyrd argid er ny eaysley, nyn saagh airh er ny vrishey Bible; container, feeder, holder, press, trough, utensil, vase, vessel, vial: va saagh er ny hoiaghey lane vinegar Bible; bushel; ship

crockan pl. crockannyn crock, earthenware vessel, jar, pitcher: as duyrt eshyn riusyn jeaghigi nar heid shiu schiagh ayns y ayrd valley, aynshen ver duyne quayltys dif jymmyrke krokan uyskey: eirgi ersyn schiagh gys y tyei kedyn, nii eshyin dol schiagh ayn. PB1610


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