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ver-yms I shall put: tra ver-yms my chliwe ayns laue ree Vabylon Bible; I shall give: Ver-yms booise dhyt's, O Hiarn as Ree, as nee'm oo y voylley Apoc; I will give

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ver-yms er I will cause: As ver-yms er dty luight dy vishaghey myr rollageyn yn aer Bible

ver-yms meeiteil da I will meet: Shen y raad ver-yms meeiteil da cloan Israel, as bee'n chabbane-agglish er ny chasherickey lesh my ghloyr. Bible

ver-yms moylley da I will praise

ver-yms ooashley da I will honour

I shall put derym, derrym; yioym, yioyms, yioym's; ver-yms: when I shall put my sword into the hand of the king of Babylon - tra ver-yms my chliwe ayns laue ree Vabylon Bible

I will cause ver-yms er: I will cause the arrogancy of the proud to cease - ver-yms er kione-ardys yn vooinjer voyrnagh dy scuirr Bible

I will give verym; ver-yms: I will give thee places to walk among these that stand by - ver-yms dhyt ynnydyn dy hooyl orroo mastey yn slane eanish Bible

I will honour ver-yms ooashley da: for them that honour me I will honour - son ver-yms ooashley dauesyn, ta coyrt ooashley dou Bible

I shall give ver-yms: I will give you the sure mercies of David. - Ver-yms diu myghinyn shickyr Ghavid Bible; ver-ym: Desire of me, and I shall give thee the nations for thine inheritance - Shirr orrym, as ver-ym dhyt ny ashoonyn son dty eiraght Bible

I will meet veeitym; ver-yms meeiteil da: And there I will meet with the children of Israel - Shen y raad ver-yms meeiteil da cloan Israel Bible; ver-ym quaaltagh da: I will meet them as a bear that is bereaved of her whelps - Ver-ym quaaltagh daue myr y vuc-awin ta er choayl e quallianyn Bible

feddyn magh ascertain, ascertainment, determine, dig out, discover, discovery, elicit, invent, invention, seek out: Ver-yms magh raa-dorraghey: my oddys shiu dy jarroo bun y choyrt dou er cheu-sthie jeh shiaght laa yn vannish, as feddyn magh eh, eisht ver-yms diu jeih brelleenyn as feed, as jeih caghlaaghyn as feed dy gharmadyn Bible

beishteigyn-nieunagh hornets: ver-yms ny beishteigyn-nieunagh royd Bible

ayndiuish in you: ver-yms er ennal dy gholl stiagh ayndiuish Bible

booise 1 (n.) gratitude, thanks: a: Son yn oyr shoh, ver-yms booise dhyt Bible; 2 (v.) content, please

cockatriceyn cockatrices: son cur-my-ner, ver-yms magh ard-nieughyn; cockatriceyn, nyn mastey Bible

consumption consumption: ver-yms lhiam erriu atchim, consumption, as crayn-losht Bible

crayn-losht burning ague: ver-yms lhiam erriu atchim, consumption, as crayn-losht Bible

eanish audience: ver-yms dhyt ynnydyn dy hooyl orroo mastey yn slane eanish Bible

ogheryn keys: As ver-yms dhyts ogheryn reeriaght niau Bible

slaynt (=Ir. sláinte) (f.) constitution, health, sanity: ver-yms lhiam huggey slaynt as couyr Bible

stabyl (=Ir. stabull) stable: As ver-yms Rabbah dy ve stabyl son camelyn Bible

swarmyn dy veishteigyn swarms of flies: ver-yms swarmyn dy veishteigyn ort hene Bible

faintness (n.) annooinid: And upon them that are left alive of you I will send a faintness into their hearts - As orroosyn vees faagit bio jiuish, ver-yms annooinid cree Bible

fall by the sword (v.) a: and I will cause him to fall by the sword in his own land - as ver-yms er tuittym liorish y chliwe ayns e heer hene Bible

forewarn (v.) cur raaue da: But I will forewarn you whom ye shall fear - Agh ver-yms raaue diu quoi roish ghoys shiu aggle Bible

I will praise moyll-ym; (emph.) ver-yms moylley da; ver-ym moylley da: I will praise the Name of the Lord Most Highest - ver-ym moylley da ennym y Chiarn smoo ard Bible

thee2 (pron, emph.) uss: And I will put enmity between thee and the woman - As ver-yms noidys eddyr uss as y ven Bible

warning (n.) raaue: I will thank the Lord for giving me warning - Ver-yms booise dan Chiarn son raaue y choyrt dou Bible

bisheeym I will increase: Cur-my-ner, neem's uss messoil, as bisheeym oo, as ver-ym er earroo dy leih dy heet jeed, as ver-yms y cheer shoh, da dty luight dty yeï, son eiraght dy bragh farraghtyn. Bible; I will multiply

buird chloaie tables of stone: Tar seose hym's er y chronk, as fuirree ayns shen; as ver-yms dhyt buird chloaie, as leigh, as annaghyn ta mee er scrieu; dhyt's dy ynsaghey daue. Bible

chyrmee-ym I will dry up: Ver-yms naardey sleityn as croink, as fiogh-ym nyn ghlassyraght: nee'm ellanyn ayns awinyn, as chyrmee-ym seose ny loghanyn. Bible

er beggan on a small scale: Ver-yms briaght er dty ynrickys, as dty obbraghyn; son bee ad er beggan foaynoo dhyt. Bible

fasneyderyn fanners: As ver-yms gys Babylon fasneyderyn, nee ish y asney, as folmaghey yn cheer eck Bible

gyn scughey fixed, fixedly: As neem's boayl y phointeil da my phobble Israel, as ver-yms undin daue, dy vod cummal ve oc ayns ynnyd lhieu hene, as gyn scughey arragh Bible

kiaulleeaght (=Ir. ceolaíocht) (f.) 1 music, music-making, singing a: As ver-yms er kiaulleeaght dty arraneyn y scuirr Bible; 2 (of birds) warble

noa (=Ir. nua, O.Ir. núa) fresh, modern, new, novel, original, recent, unused: Cree noa myrgeddin ver-yms ayndiu, as spyrryd noa ver-ym er cheu-sthie j'iu Bible [L. novus]

pishaggyn charms: ver-yms magh ard-nieughyn; cockatriceyn, nyn mastey, nagh bee cleaynit lesh pishaggyn Bible

shill shed: ver-yms ny bodjallyn myrgeddin fo harey, nagh shill ad fliaghey er Bible

sluight children's children, descendant, family, lineage, offspring, parentage, passage, posterity, progeniture, race, remnant, seed: ver-yms noidys eddyr uss as y ven, as eddyr y sluight ayd's, as y sluight eck's

soilshee-ym I will reveal: ver my Ayr graih da, as ver-yms graih da, as soilshee-ym mee hene da. PB1765; I will advertise

straïdyn streets: Son ver-yms stiagh yn phlaih urree, as fuill stiagh ayns ny straïdyn eck Bible

ynnyd fynneragh couching place: ver-yms Rabbah dy ve stabyl son camelyn, as ny Ammoniteyn son ynnyd fynneragh da shioltaneyn: Bible

I will dry up chyrmee-ym: I will dry up the pools - chyrmee-ym seose ny loghanyn Bible; fiogh-ym: I will make waste mountains and hills, and dry up all their herbs - Ver-yms naardey sleityn as croink, as fiogh-ym nyn ghlassyraght Bible

perpetual (adj.) gyn scuirr, sheer-; foddey beayn: for perpetual generations - son sheelogheyn foddey beayn Bible; kinjagh: for a perpetual covenant - son conaant kinjagh Bible; kinjah: It shall be a perpetual statute for your generations - Bee shoh slattys kinjah da nyn sheelogheyn Bible; son dy bragh: I will make thee perpetual desolations - As ver-yms ort, dy bee oo dty hraartys son dy bragh Bible

cowrey (=Ir. comhartha) pl. cowraghyn mark: As hug y Chiarn cowrey er Cain Bible; token: Shoh cowrey yn chonaant ta mee dy yannoo eddyr mish, as shiuish Bible; sign: As ver-yms scarrey eddyr y pobble ayms, as y pobble ayds; mairagh vees yn cowrey shoh. Bible; attribute, badge, beacon, brand, caret, character, denotation, emblem, evidence, feature, gesture, hint, indication, intimation, marque, mot, seal, signal, stamp, symbol, symptom, trace; wealth


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