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ver-ym I shall give; I will send

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ver-ym quaaltagh da I will meet

I will send ver-ym: And I will send a fire on Magog - As ver-ym aile er Magog Bible

I will praise moyll-ym; (emph.) ver-yms moylley da; ver-ym moylley da: I will praise the Name of the Lord Most Highest - ver-ym moylley da ennym y Chiarn smoo ard Bible

yeeilley (f.) satiety: Eisht faag-ym oo er y thalloo, as tilg-ym oo magh er y vagher foshlit, as ver-ym er ooilley eeanlee yn aer dy hannaghtyn ort, as jeed's ver-ym nyn yeeilley da ooilley maase y thallooin. Bible

I shall give ver-yms: I will give you the sure mercies of David. - Ver-yms diu myghinyn shickyr Ghavid Bible; ver-ym: Desire of me, and I shall give thee the nations for thine inheritance - Shirr orrym, as ver-ym dhyt ny ashoonyn son dty eiraght Bible

I will meet veeitym; ver-yms meeiteil da: And there I will meet with the children of Israel - Shen y raad ver-yms meeiteil da cloan Israel Bible; ver-ym quaaltagh da: I will meet them as a bear that is bereaved of her whelps - Ver-ym quaaltagh daue myr y vuc-awin ta er choayl e quallianyn Bible

Cre erbee Whatever, Whichever, Whichsoever: cre erbee hirrys shiu orrym, ver-ym diu. Bible

dhyt's to you: Dhyt's, O Yee, eeck-ym my vreearaghyn: dhyts ver-ym booise. Bible

doail blind men: ver-ym lhiam ny doail er raad nagh bione daue Bible

eayin lambs: Ver-ym lhiam ad sheese myr eayin gys y skynn Bible

eirey heir, inheritor, legatee, scion: Foast ver-ym lhiam eirey ort's Bible

ersyn on him: Jee my chreg; ersyn ver-ym my varrant Bible

er thalloo aground, downed: ver-ym ad er thalloo ayns shen Bible

galley of gall: ver-ym ushtey galley daue dy iu Bible

garey feeyney vineyard: ver-ym dhyt garey-feeyney elley er y hon Bible

hirrys shall seek: cre erbee hirrys shiu orrym, ver-ym diu Bible

masteyn pobble among the people: Ver-ym booise dhyts, O Hiarn, masteyn pobble Bible

resowryn treasurers: ver-ym harryd myrgeddin fir-olk sheeoil, as resowryn ynrick. Bible; exactors

sheeagh 1 worth, price a: ver-ym dhyt ny sheeagh eh ayns argid Bible; 2 pacifist

fall out (v.) tuittym; tuittym ass: and I will cause the sword to fall out of his hand - as ver-ym er y chliwe dy huittym ass e laue Bible

hunters (npl.) shelgeyryn: and after will I send for many hunters - as ver-ym fys er ymmodee shelgeyryn Bible

I will bring verym lhiam: I will bring him to thee again - ver-ym lhiam hood eh reesht Bible

I will sing goym arrane: I will sing, and give praise - goym arrane, as ver-ym moylley Bible; neems kiaulleeaght: I will sing unto the Lord - neems kiaulleeaght gys y Chiarn Bible

whereinto (adv.) ayns shen; raad: him will I bring into the land whereinto he went - eshyn ver-ym lhiam gys y cheer, raad hie eh Bible

aarlym's I will prepare: as aarlym's y dow elley, as ver-ym eh ny lhie er y fuygh, as cha derym veg yn aile fo. Bible

bisheeym I will increase: Cur-my-ner, neem's uss messoil, as bisheeym oo, as ver-ym er earroo dy leih dy heet jeed, as ver-yms y cheer shoh, da dty luight dty yeï, son eiraght dy bragh farraghtyn. Bible; I will multiply

caggey rish fight, fight off, row: nee ad caggey rish, as goaill eh, as lostey lesh aile eh: as ver-ym er ard-valjyn Yudah dy ve ny hraartys gyn cummaltagh faagit ayn. Bible; contend

chooid smessey (yn) brunt: Shen-y-fa ver-ym lhiam y chooid smessey jeh ny ashoonee, as gowee ad ny thieyn oc daue hene Bible

clagh vane (f.) feldspar, felspar: Dasyn ta geddyn yn varriaght veryms dy ee jeh'n manna follit, as ver-ym da clagh vane, as er y chlagh ennym noa scruit, nagh nione da dooinney erbee, agh eshyn ta dy gheddyn eh. Bible

creggey (gen.) of a rock: ver-ym fys er ymmodee shelgeyryn, as nee ad y helg ad veih dy chooilley lieau, as veih dy chooilley chronk, as veih guaggyn ny creggey. Bible

croan pl. cruin boom, flagpole, mast; pole: hoie eh eh er croan Bible; nail: As ver-ym shickyrys da myr croan ayns boayl sauchey Bible [O.Ir. crann]

dagh cheu all-round; every side: Cur-my-ner, neem's goaill cloan Israel veih mastey ny ashoonee, raad t'ad er n'gholl, as chaglym ad er dagh cheu, as ver-ym lhiam ad gys y thalloo oc hene. Bible

derrey1 (=Ir. go dtara) pending, till, until, unto: Derrey ver-ym dty noidyn son stoyl dty choshey. Bible; second, second in command; one

earroo yn phobble population: Er my hon's, ver-ym mooarane booise da'n Chiarn lesh my veeal: as nee'm eshyn y voylley mastey earroo yn phobble. Bible

eeck-ym I will pay: Dhyt's, O Yee, eeck-ym my vreearaghyn: dhyts ver-ym booise. Bible

er ny ghlenney cleansed, purified, furbished, purged, refined: As ver-ym lhiam yn trass ayrn trooid yn aile, as nee'm ad y ghlenney myr ta arroo er ny ghlenney Bible

erskyn (=Ir. os cionn) above, aloft, exceed, over, ultra: As ver-ym ort dy ve erskyn towse messoil Bible; superior; overhead; atop

er y cheayn at sea, by water: ver-ym lhiam ad er y cheayn ayns raftyn Bible

frass pl. frassyn rainfall, shower: ver-ym er y frass dy heet sheese ayns e imbagh cooie Bible

goaill greme (f.) 1 engaged, engagement a: Ren yn obbyr echey goaill greme er. DF; 2 take hold a: My ver-ym foyr er my chliwe sollys, as my nee my laue goaill greme er briwnys Bible

hee-ys shall look; shall see: Ver-ym huc my vac graihagh foddee dy der ad arrym da tra hee-ys ad eh. Bible

jeed off thee, of you: ver-ym er earroo dy leih dy heet jeed Bible

kione-ardys (f.) arrogance, exaltation, haughtiness, presumption, presumptuousness, pride, superciliousness: ver-ym er kione-ardys yn vooinjer voyrnagh dy scuirr Bible

leoie (=Ir. luaith, Sc.G. luath) (f.) ash: ver-ym lhiam oo gys leoie y thalloo Bible; dross [O.Ir. dative lúaith]

mee-hene myself: My jir-ym, Neem's my accan y yarrood, ver-ym my hrimshey dy lhiattee, as mee-hene y gherjaghey Bible

mollaght (=Ir. mallacht) (f.) pl. mollaghtyn curse, cuss, damn, malediction: ver-ym mollaght ersyn ta guee mollaght ort's Bible; cursing

my sailt prithee: Cur dou dty gharey-feeyney son argid; er-nonney my sailt, ver-ym dhyt garey-feeyney elley er y hon Bible

noa (=Ir. nua, O.Ir. núa) fresh, modern, new, novel, original, recent, unused: Cree noa myrgeddin ver-yms ayndiu, as spyrryd noa ver-ym er cheu-sthie j'iu Bible [L. novus]

ooryn hours: Cur-my-ner, ver-ym lhiam back scadoo ny hooryn, eer ny jeih ooryn, ta er n'gholl sheese er dial Ahaz. Bible

raft (pl -yn) float: ver-ym lhiam ad er y cheayn ayns raftyn gys y boayl nee oo pointeil dou Bible

raftyn floats: ver-ym lhiam ad er y cheayn ayns raftyn gys y boayl nee oo pointeil dou Bible

shelgeyryn hunters: ver-ym fys er ymmodee shelgeyryn, as nee ad y helg ad veih dy chooilley lieau, as veih dy chooilley chronk, as veih guaggyn ny creggey Bible

shirr (impv) ask, require, seek: Shirr orrym, as ver-ym dhyt ny ashoonyn son dty eiraght Bible

skynn (=Ir. sgian) (f.) pl. skynnyn knife: Ver-ym lhiam ad sheese myr eayin gys y skynn Bible

vlaaghey See blaaghey (dy); (to) blossom, flourish: Shen y raad ver-ym er niart Ghavid dy vlaaghey Bible

vrishey See brishey (dy); (to) break: chamoo ver-ym feoh daue, dy stroie ad dy bollagh, dy vrishey my chonaant roo Bible

desolate1 fadanagh; follym-faase: for as long as she lay desolate she kept sabbath - son chouds vee ny lhie follym faase dreill ee doonaght Bible; follym feayn; traartyssey; faase; treigit: your high ways shall be desolate - bee nyn raaidyn mooarey treigit Bible; melley; faasagh: that the land be not desolate - nagh bee yn thalloo ny aasagh Bible; bane: As long as it lieth desolate - Choud as te ny lhie bane Bible; feayn: while she lieth desolate without them - choud as te ny lhie feayn nyn vegooish Bible fleeing into the wilderness in former time desolate and waste - chea gys yn aasagh foddey-feayn as fadaneagh Bible; foddey feayn; fadane: let them seek it also out of desolate places - shirree ad eh ayns buill fadane Bible; currit mow: and they that dwell therein are desolate - as ta e chummaltee currit mow Bible; traartys: neither shall thy land any more be termed Desolate - chamoo vees dty heer ny lurg shoh enmyssit Traartys Bible; naardey: And I will make the land desolate - As ver-ym naardey yn thalloo Bible

soiaghey magh bed out, disposition, furnish, profess, represent, set forth; describe: Reih-jee veih ny mast' eu three deiney ass dagh tribe: as ver-ym magh ad, as hed ad mygeayrt trooid y cheer, as nee ad soiaghey magh eh cordail rish nyn eiraght, as hig ad reesht hym's. Bible; garnish


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