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vel (interrog.) am, are: Vel mish ayns ynnyd Yee, ter vreaylley void mess y vreïn? Bible; are: Vel oo cheet dy sheeoil? Bible; Is: Vel eh dy mie mayrt? Bible

Inexact matches:

cha vel 1 am not: cha vel mee oayllagh orroo Bible; 2 is not a: Cha vel dooinney ooasle veg mannagh vel eh cummit seose liorish obbraghyn mie. EF; 3 are not: ny cur y doccar er ooilleyn pobble dy gholl gys shen; son cha vel ad mooarane Bible

Cre vel (interrog.) 1 What is; 2 Where is a: Cre vel Abel dty vraar? Bible

mannagh vel (unless) except; if not: mannagh vel oo son feaysley eh, abbyr shen Bible

Nagh vel (interrog.) Is not: Nagh vel bannaght sodjey ayd my chouyrs? Bible

nagh vel am not; are not, aren't; isn't, is not: Ta shin daa vraar jeig, mec da un ayr, ta fer nagh vel er mayrn, as tan er saa, sy traa tayn, marish nyn ayr Bible; am

abbyr dy vel suppose: Abbyr dy vel yn daa red corrym. DF

ayns dy vel forasmuch as: Cur-my-ner, ta'n pobble jannoo peccah noi'n Chiarn, ayns dy vel ad gee yn eill lesh yn uill. Bible

cha vel feme rish there's no need for it: As dooyrt eh, Cha vel feme rish, lhig dou foayr y gheddyn ayns shilley my hiarn. Bible

colughtyn nagh vel Manninagh non-Manx firms

dy vel bun er well-founded

dy vel mooarane ammys er much-admired

dy vel mooarane graih er much-loved

nagh vel ayn non-existent: kys ta paart nyn mast' eu gra nagh vel ayn irree seose-reesht ny merriu? Bible

nagh vel ayns graih heart-whole

nagh vel co-reir rish incommensurate

nagh vel currit ass cree undisheartened

nagh vel er kaart marrey uncharted

nagh vel feeu cheet er negligible

nagh vel feeu giu undrinkable

nagh vel goll ass inescapable

nagh vel jeant magh unslaked

nagh vel kiart dy ghra unmentionable

nagh vel ry hroo unenviable

nagh vel saynt ec er unenviable

nagh vel toiggit dy kiart misunderstood

nagh vel yn-ghraa unmentionable

nagh vel yn-insh unmentionable

unmentionable (adj.) nagh vel kiart dy ghra, nagh vel yn-ghraa, nagh vel yn-insh, neuimraagh

have (possess) ec: She has an enchanting voice and a vivid imagination - Ta coraa obbee eck as sheiltynys bioyr. JJK idiom; echey: Send that poor man a little bread and meat, so that he may have something to eat - Cur hug y dooinney boght shen kuse veg d'arran as feill, dy vod red ennagh dy ee ve echey. JJK idiom; oc: Have they a table-cloth? - Vel aanrit-boayrd oc? JJK idiom; eu: Have you got any money? - Vel veg dy argid eu? JJK idiom; ain: Have we any glasses? - Vel glessyn erbee ain? JJK idiom; aym: Have I not a carriage? - Nagh vel carriads aym? JJK idiom; ayd: You have some butter - Ta eeym ayd. JJK idiom; eck

am ta: I am much obliged to him for remembering me - Ta mee lane kianlt booise da son cooinaghtyn mee. JJK idiom; (interrog.) vel; nagh vel: Am I not at home? - Nagh vel mee ec y thie? JJK idiom

is not cha nel, cha vel: He is not down yet - Cha nel eh neose foast. DF idiom; (interrog.) nagh vel: Is not consistency a good thing? - Nagh vel cohassooaght (ny) red mooar? JJK idiom

conastey connect, connection, federate, federation: Loayrtagh son conastey ny failleyderyn, t'eh gra dy vel fys oc dy vel screeuyn ayn ta gra dy vel kialg as drogh reirey goll er ec ynnyd y thie-lheihys noa. BS; unity

cosney traa temporisation, temporise, temporization, temporize; gain time: Dansoor y ree, as dooyrt eh, Ta fys aym son shickyrys, dy vel shiu shirrey cosney traa, er-yn-oyr dy vel shiu fakin dy vel y red er n'gholl voym. Bible

quaiyllagh congressional; forensic: t'eh er ngoaill rish dy vel doilleeid ayn ayns Mannin, ta shen dy ghra, dy vel feanishee as fir vingagh goll er agglaghey roish my vel cooishyn quaiyllagh goaill toshiaght. BS

scarreyderyn-cassee centrifuges: Paart jeh'n oyr dy vel sleih goaill aggle roish Saddam Hussein, shen er yn oyr dy vel sleih smooinaghtyn dy vel scarreyderyn-cassee echey dy gheddyn stoo-bleaystan. Dhoor

shuyraghyn sisters: Ny keayrtyn, shegin dou goaill rish dy vel mee er jeet dy ve began corree tra hoilshee nyn mraaraghyn as shuyraghyn Cornagh nagh vel ad toiggal dy vel seihll elley ayns Mannin. Carn

aren't nagh vel: Aren't you tired? - Nagh vel shiu skee? JJK idiom

unenviable (adj.) drogh; nagh vel ry hroo; nagh vel saynt ec er; neuhrooagh

Where is (interrog.) Cre vel: Where is he? - Cre vel eh? Bible

leshtallyn excuses: Reesht, vel shiu smooinaghtyn dy vel shin jannoo leshtallyn? Bible

resowr pl. resowryn treasurer: Cre vel yn ard-scrudeyr? cre vel y resowr? Bible

am not2 (interrog.) nagh vel: Don't I sing badly? - Nagh vel mee kiaulleeagh feer olk? JJK idiom

are not2 (interrog.) nagh vel: Are not those your books? - Nagh vel ad ny lioaryn eu? JJK idiom

salted saillit; saillt: Do you think it's salted enough? - Vel shiu smooinaghtyn dy vel ee saillt dy-liooar? JJK idiom

aarkey See faarkey (yn); (the) sea: Ta'n diunid gra, Cha vel eh aynym's: as ta'n aarkey gra, Cha vel eh mâryms. Bible

coraaghyn voices: Cha vel eddyr goan ny glare: raad nagh vel ny coraaghyn oc er nyn glashtyn Bible

eig 1 prosaic, stale, unexciting, vapid, wishy-washy a: cha vel eh bioghey, mannagh vel eh goll eig. Bible; 2 decease, mortify

feer cheh baking hot: Nagh vel shiu smooinaghtyn dy vel eh feer cheh son traa ny bleeaney JJK

flaunyssee noo holy gods: er-yn-oyr dy vel fys aym, dy vel spyrryd ny flaunyssee noo aynyd's Bible

Goaldaghys Britishness: Er lhiam dy vel y sleih shoh credjal dy vel ad ayns cront ennagh kyndagh rish "Goaldaghys" Carn

hallooin of earth: cha vel mee geddyn veg: giare sheese eh, cha vel eh agh goaill seose room hallooin Bible

jannoo stiagh intercede: nagh vel fys aym dy vel oo jannoo stiagh rish mac Jesse Bible

sooraghey leaven: Nagh vel fys eu dy vel red beg dy hoorid sooraghey yn slane theayst? Bible; sour

wooiys (dy); (to) please: Son vel mee nish geearree foayr gheiney, ny foayr Yee? ny vel mee shirrey dy wooiys deiney? Bible

forasmuch as (conj.) ayns dy vel; son wheesh: Forasmuch as ye know that ye were not redeemed - Son wheesh as dy vel fys eu nagh row shiu er nyn gionnaghey Bible

grace1 cur onnor da, oltaghey; grayse: Where there is no fear there is no grace - Raad nagh vel aggle cha vel grayse. JJK idiom; jeshaghey; maihnys; pardoon

Is not (interrog.) Nagh vel

I will plead plead-ym; prow-ym: I will plead with thee, because thou sayest, I have not sinned - prow-ym ort eh, son dy vel oo gra, Cha vel mee er nyannoo peccah Bible

map (n.) caslys cheerey: Have you finished your map? - Vel oo er chur jerrey er dty chaslys-cheerey? JJK idiom; kaart cheerey: Have you finished your map? - Vel oo er chur jerrey er dty chaart-cheerey? JJK idiom; (v.) jannoo caslys cheerey

non-existent nagh vel ayn

parcel1 (n.) kianglaghan: Is the parcel done up? - Vel ny kianglaghan kianglt? - Vel ny kianglaghan kianglt? DF idiom; mynjeig; peesh: And he bought a parcel of a field - As chionnee eh peesh dy halloo Bible; (v.) mynjeigey

anmagh belated, late, overdue, tardy, unpunctual: Cha vel eh agh obbyr caillit dy vel shiu ayns siyr dy irree dy moghey, as cha anmagh goaill fea Bible

ard-chied privilege: Ta Phil Gawne gra dy vel eh goll er imlaghey dy heet dy ve ny hirveishagh as t'eh gennaghtyn dy vel ard-chied currit da. BS

ard-reireyder general manager: Ard-Reireyder Phairk ny Beiyn Feie, Nick Pinder, t'eh gra dy vel eh jeeant feer wooiagh dy vel y phairk Vanninagh er ve goaill ayrn ayns claare-sheelree er lheh BS

argid mooar pretty penny: credjal dy vel Radio Vannin costal rouyr as dy vel y sleih ta gobbraghey da cosney argid mooar. Dhoor

baiaghyn bays: Agh ta mee er chlashtyn nagh vel ymmodee puirt 'sy cheer ayd, as dy vel yn oirr eck gyn baiaghyn as gaueagh son lhuingys. Coraa

bea veayn (f.) eternal life, long life: Er-yn-oyr dy vel oo er yeearree shoh, as nagh vel oo er hirrey dhyt hene bea veayn Bible; everlasting life

blaaoil floral, florid, flowery: Ny laaghyn shoh s'goan cowraghyn blaaoil dy akin; foddee dy vel sleih er jeet dy ve ny smoo glick agh s'cosoylagh dy vel ad jannoo ymmyd jeh aghtyn elley m. Dhoor

bun-towshan standard: Ta'n Olloo Schoill Vretyn smooinaghtyn dy vel vondeishyn er-lheh cultooragh, ayns geddyn obbyr as er-yn-oyr dy vel buntowshan ynsaght share ayns ny schoillyn Bretnagh. Carn

caarjys (=S. G. cairdeas, Ir. cardach) (f.) 1 blood relationship, cordiality, intimacy, relationship; 2 friendship a: nagh vel fys eu dy vel caarjys y theihll noidys rish Jee Bible; 3 amicableness; 4 amity [L. caritas]

caigney chew, file, gnaw, mumble, munch, rasp: As y conning, ga dy vel eh caigney cheeilley, agh cha vel eh rheynn yn yngyn, te neughlen Bible; chewing

cheer vooar (f.) mainland: Hannah, ta skeealyn ayns pabyryn-naight dy vel sleih ayns Cheer Vooar ny hEuropey goaill aggle roish treealtyssyn yn SNP as dy vel Hollannee ennagh er ve agglit ass. Carn

cheet neese ascend, come up: Ec y traa t'ayn, ta Albinish (Gaelg Albinagh) cheet neese as, er aghtyn ennagh, oddagh oo gra dy vel ee ny stroshey nish na t'ee er ve rish tammylt, ga dy vel ee (myr gagh chengey Cheltiagh) foast ayns gaue Carn

chenn See shenn (yn) old: as eshyn ta loo er y thalloo, nee eh loo liorish Jee yn ynrickys; er-yn-oyr dy vel yn chenn seaghyn jarroodit, as dy vel ad keillit veih my hooillyn. Bible

Cooin lhiam (intj) Help: Cooin lhiam, Hiarn, son cha vel un dooinney crauee faagit: son cha vel y vooinjer ynrick agh goan mastey cloan gheiney. Bible

corpagh bodily, corporal, incarnate, physical: v'eh jeeaghyn dy dooyrt yn whaiyl shoh dy vel kied ec reiltys dy chur er sleih dy gholl ass nyn geeayll choud's nagh vel shen jeant ayns aght corpagh. Carn

credjit believed: Ny jean uss craid moom son dy vel mee screeu jeh red ve credjit er-lhiat nagh vel feeu PC

cultooroil cultural: Ga nagh vel Mannin dy jeeragh fo smaght Hostyn cha nod oo gra dy vel Mannin seyr, erskyn ooilley ayns cooishyn cultooroil. Carn

dagh ynnyd everywhere: As shoh'n resoon nagh vel ny smoo dy olk jeant ayns y teihll as nagh vel dy chooilley nhee ayns dagh ynnyd bun rish kyn. CS

doilleeys hardship; difficulty: Ta feallagh elley lhiggey orroo dy vel yn dooilleeys dy hoiggal ny Scriptyryn wheesh shen dy vel ad cooie dy ve'r nyn lhaih ynrican liorish saggyrtyn, as deiney ard-ynsit. Hom; stiffness

dwoaioil abominable: tayd lou, as er jit duoiyl ayns nan obraghyn : gha vel anayn ta janu maei, gha vel anayn. Psalm1610

dy-feer yea: Cur-jee my-ner eer yn eayst hene, as cha vel ee soilshean; dy-feer, cha vel ny rollageyn gyn cron ayns e hilley Bible; veraciously

Europey (f.) (Yn); (The) Continent; Europe: Er-lhiams nagh vel monney sleih fei-ny-Europey smooinaghtyn dy vel ardveenid erbee cheu mooie jeh nyn jeeraghyn hene Carn

feeaïhee deer: Vel fys ayds cren traa ta goair feïe y chreg gymmyrkey? as vel toiggal ayds cuin ta ny feeaïhee breh? Bible

feer doillee Herculean, very difficult: As shohn oyr ta berçhys cha danjeyragh dy vel Yeesey Creest er hoilshagh dy vel eh feer doillee son dooinney berçhagh dy ve ny Chreestee vie CS

fer-poost husband: brish magh, as ei us nagh vel er trauelt: erson ta na smu ny ghlaun etch ta tregit, na etch ag vel fer puyst. PB1610

gleashtaneyryn motorists: Ta ny h-earrooyn soilshaghey dy vel gleashtaneyryn eddyr shey-jeig as feed blein dy eash, dy vel ad ayns y ghaue smoo jeh drogh-haghyrtyn. BS

goll noi go against: Cha vel uss son goll noi'n Philistine shoh dy chaggey rish: son cha vel oo agh dooinney aeg, agh t'eshyn ny ghooinney-caggee veih e aegid. Bible

grig (of clock) second, tick: T'eh scanshoil dy hoiggal nagh vel slane scoillyn cheet dy ve Gaelagh ayns grig agh dy vel unnidyn Albinish currit er bun cheusthie jeh scoillyn Baarlagh Carn

gyn peccah sinless: My ta shin gra dy vel shin gyn peccah, ta shin molley shin hene, as cha vel yn irriney ain. Bible

imlaghey humble: Ta Phil Gawne gra dy vel eh goll er imlaghey dy heet dy ve ny hirveishagh as t'eh gennaghtyn dy vel ard-chied currit da. BS; stoop

jalloo lheiht molten image: Vel fys eu dy vel ayns ny thieyn shoh, ephod, as seraphim, as jalloo grainnit, as jalloo lheiht? Bible

jalloo roit molten image: Cre'n foays t'ayns yalloo grainnit, dy vel yn obbree er ghrainney eh; yn jalloo roit, as y fer-ynsee dy vreagyn, dy vel yn obbree treishteil ayns ny jallooyn balloo, obbyr e laueyn hene ? Bible

Jupiter Jupiter: ney Ephesus, quoi yn dooinney nagh vel fys echey dy vel ard-valley ny Ephesianee dy ooashlaghey yn ven-jee vooar Diana, as yn jalloo huitt neose veih Jupiter? Bible

kiartey chore, job, task: Ta ram sleih credjal nagh vod oo geddyn kiartey mie ayns Bretin mannagh vel Bretnish ayd as mannagh vel oo ayns foayr jeh'n phossan shoh. Carn

leiht forgiven: Da quoi erbee ta shiuish leih peccaghyn, t 'ad leiht daue, as da quoi erbee nagh vel shiu cur feaysley, cha vel ad feayslit. Bible

lhargee (pl -yn) declivitous, descending: ny veih cha vel eh yindys erbee, dy vel ad ooilley goll sheese ny lhargee agh er lheh, yn Ghailck Vanninagh son ta cha beg dy chummaltee 'syn Ellan. Coraa; (gen.) of a slope

lieh-vlein (f.) half-year, semester: Agh t'eh grait dy lajer nagh vel ny h- earrooyn lieh-vlein cammit liorish eeck y toyrtys bleinoil, er yn oyr dy vel Radio Vannin goaill yn argid veih coontys-tashtee car ny bleeaney. BS

Loghlinee Vikings: Er yn oyr shen shegin dooin credjal dy vel aynshoh braar nyn un daane jeh Oshin as Finn as foddee eh ve dy vel nyn daane ain ny shinney na cheet ny Loghlinee. Coraa

mast'ain (ny) amongst us: Ta shin toiggal y laa jiu dy vel y Chiarn ny mast'ain, son nagh vel shiu er n'yannoo'n peccah shoh noi'n Chiarn Bible

meehaiagh unsatisfactory, unsatisfying: Foddee dy vel eh ny smoo onnoroil dy ve croghey er y turrysid na er yn argidys, agh  cha noddym jannoo fegooish smooinaghtyn dy vel y jees jeu meehaiagh. Carn

meehaitnyssagh charmless, disagreeable, displeased, displeasing, ill-pleased, objectionable, unacceptable, unattractive, unenjoyable, unprepossessing: Lavinia gyn blass, cha vel mee credjal dy vel ayn red erbee cha marroo  as cha meehaitnyssagh. CnyO; (as job) uncongenial

mie jeant (thing) well-made: Fakin liort's dy vel shin baghey ayns shee as sauchys, as dy vel ymmodee obbraghyn mie jeant son yn ashoon shoh liorish creenaght dty reill's.

mygeayrt-y-moo about them: T'eh goaill rish dy vel eh ymmyrchagh eer dy vel yn kiannoortys oc feer skian yeshagh as jannoo tranlaase er ny ashoonyn mygeayrt-y-moo. Carn; round about them

naeear neuter, neutral: Ta ny scoillaryn shoh lhiggey er dy vel ad naeear, as gyn ourys ta'n chooid smoo jeu dy firrinagh credjal dy vel ad naeear. Carn

nearaghey abash, disgrace, shame: nagh vell tyein agguish dy i as dy iif ayn, vel shiu seiaghe beg dy agluish iih, as dan nareghy aydsyn nagh vel ack? PB1610

neuchiart (=Ir. neamh-cheart) amiss, incorrect, inexact, partial, unjust: Ec yn un cheayrt, foddee dy vel 'boirey' yn fockle neu-chiart er y fa dy vel fo ghlaraghyn berchaghey chengey dy mennick. Carn; uneven, not level

neu-ghemocratagh undemocratic: Tamain coontey dy re neu-ghemocratagh yn red shoh dy vel ny Sostnee abyl jannoo shoh er y fa nagh vel oltey ny peiagh erbee ayns reiltys Hostyn dy loayrt ass nyn leih. Carn

neuviallagh disobedient, unsubmissive: Cha vel ny smoo na ta resoon ec mac dy ve neuviallagh son dy vel e ayr cha dooie da. CS; illiberal

ny-yeih 1 howbeit, nevertheless, notwithstanding, yet: ny-yeih, cha vel ny chiarnyn booiagh jeed Bible; 2 albeit a: Tan Chiarn er ghra eh, ny-yeih cha vel mish er loayrt? Bible

ommidanyn fools: Vel shiu lheid ny ommidanyn, shiuish vee Israel, dy vel shiu fegooish feyshtey ny toiggal jeh'n irriney, er gheyrey inneen jeh Israel? Apoc

puirt harbours: Agh ta mee er chlashtyn nagh vel ymmodee puirt 'sy cheer ayd, as dy vel yn oirr eck gyn baiaghyn as gaueagh son lhuingys. Coraa; ports

quaaghey going queer; strange: Agh ga dy vel wheesh dy skeealyn quaaghey goll mygeayrt my-nyn-gione, vel peiagh erbee ec y traa t'ayn credjal dy row rieau y lheid ayn? LC

seihll ry-heet hereafter, Kingdom come: Son dy vel ymmodee nagh vel smooinaght er nyn anmeenyn, ny er seihll ry heet CS

shaghryn error, transgression: Ren shoh soilshaghey magh nagh vel Foot toiggal monney mychione cooishyn Yernagh as dy vel eh er ny leeideil er shaghryn ec ny breagyn ta cheet gagh laa veih'n chellooish, radio as veih ny pabyryn Sostnagh. Carn

shannadeyr senator: Agh y Shannadeyr Frank Walker, Eaghtyrane Argidys as Tarmaynys ayns Jersey, t'eh gra dy vel shoh braew feeu, ga dy vel gaue ayn. BS

sheckteragh administratorship; executive: Agh ta Caairliagh Sheckteragh Thie Tashtee Vannin, Martin Moore, gra nagh vel Mainshtyr Houghton toiggal yn oyr dy vel Eiraght Ashoonagh Vannin ayn. BS

Shen eh (intj) Quite, That's right, That's it: Shimmey fer va ruggit ayns Mannin, as shen eh - cha nel ee goaill tastey jeh currym elley, ga dy vel ee gra dy vel ee moyrnagh. Carn

speeideil2 sped: Nagh vel ad er speeideil? nagh vel ad er rheynn y pooilley, da dagh dooinney moidyn ny jees? Bible

thanvaanagh astonishing: Dooyrt eh dy vel shoh eer ny smoo thanvaanagh er y fa dy vel yn cheb ec Inverness as ardjyn ny Gaeltaght yn un cheb veih Nalbin son Ard-Valley Culturoil ny h-Oarpey 2008. Dhoor

thie stoyr depositary, storehouse, warehouse: Smooinee-jee er ny fee: son cha vel ad cuirr, ny buinn: cha vel thie stoyr ny soalt oc, as ta Jee dyn meaghey ad Bible

abiding (v.) farraghtyn: ye know that no murderer hath eternal life abiding in him - ta fys eu nagh vel ec dunver erbee yn vea dy bragh farraghtyn tannaghtyn ayn Bible; tannaghtyn: our days on the earth are as a shadow, and there is none abiding - ta nyn laghyn er y thalloo myr scadoo, as cha vel tannaghtyn ayn Bible; shassooagh

are t': They are living a cat and dog life - T'ad beaghey bwoalley er kayt as bwoalley er moddey. JJK idiom; ta: These boys are accusing one another - Ta ny guillyn shoh cassid er e cheilley. JJK idiom; (interrog.) vel: Are there any coals in the scuttle? - Vel geayll erbee ayns y chruick? JJK idiom

comely (adj.) aalin: For our comely parts have no need - Son cha vel ny oltyn aalin ain feme er shoh Bible; bwaagh: Thy cheeks are comely with rows of jewels - Ta dty cheeillyn bwaagh soit magh lesh roaghyn dy yewellyn Bible; bwoyagh; cooie: but for that which is comely - agh son shen ny ta cooie Bible; feudagh: it is good and comely for one to eat and to drink - te mie as feudagh son peccagh dy ee as dy iu Bible; fakinagh, graysoil; jesh: is it comely that a woman pray unto God uncovered? - vel eh jesh da ben dy yannoo padjer gys Jee as y kione eck gyn coodagh? Bible; stoamey: There be three things which go well, yea, four are comely in going - Ta ayn three cretooryn ta shooyl dy mie; as eer yn chiarroo ta stoamey ayns gimmeeaght Bible; stoamid: I will not conceal his parts, nor his power, nor his comely proportion - Cha jean-ym keiltyn e oltyn, ny e hroshid, ny stoamid cummey e niart. Bible

except2 (unless) erbe, erbey; mannagh vel

forasmuch (conj.) son wheesh; son wheesh as: forasmuch as the Lord hath said unto you - son wheesh as dy vel y Chiarn er ghra riu Bible; ayns wheesh as: Forasmuch as God hath shewed thee all this - Ayns wheesh as dy vel Jee er hoilshaghey ooilley shoh dhyts Bible; er wheesh

heart-whole (adj.) nagh vel ayns graih

if not mannagh: but thou shalt give it me now: and if not, I will take it by force - agh nish hene ver oo dou eh: as mannagh der oo, goym eh er niart. Bible; mannagh vel: But if not, let fire come out from Abimelech - Agh mannagh vel, lhig da aile cheet magh veih Abimelech Bible; (ny) s'looid

inasmuch (adv.) ayns wheesh as: Inasmuch as ye have done it unto one of the least of these my brethren - Ayns wheesh as dy vel shiu er nyannoo eh son y fer sloo jeu shoh my vraaraghyn Bible; son wheesh as: inasmuch as he who hath builded the house - son wheesh as dy vel eshyn hrog y thie Bible

incommensurate (adj.) nagh vel co-reir rish

is t': He is exceedingly angry - T'eh corree ass towse. JJK idiom; ta: Gold is yellow - Ta airh buigh. JJK idiom; (interrog.) vel: Is dinner ready? - Vel jinnair aarloo? JJK idiom; (emph.) she: He is an Englishman - She Sostnagh eh. JJK idiom; (interrog.) nee: Is that your pen? - Nee shen y penn ayd? JJK idiom

Jews (npl.) (Ny) Hewnyn: Where is he that is born King of the Jews? - Cre vel ree ny Hewnyn ter jeet er y theihll? Bible; Ewnyn: for we have before proved both Jews and Gentiles, that they are all under sin - son ta shin roïe er phrowal dy vel chammah Ewnyn as Ashoonee, ooilley fo peccah Bible

lying (v.) breagagh; breageraght; breagerys; (ny) lhie: Have you read the book that's lying on the table? - Vel oo er lhaih yn lioar ta ny lhie er y voayrd? JJK idiom; ginsh breagyn: Is there anything more odious than lying? - Vel red erbee ny s'eajee na g'insh breagyn? JJK idiom

miserable (adj.) boght, doolagh, kercheenagh, lhag-chreeagh, meevaynrey, neughennal, neuvaynrey, trimshagh, trome-chreeagh, truanagh; treih: knowest not that thou art wretched, and miserable, and poor, and blind, and naked - cha vel oo goaill hood hene dy vel oo treih, as seaghnit, as boght, as doal, as rooisht. Bible

perplexed anveaghit; boirit; seaghnit: the herds of cattle are perplexed, because they have no pasture - ta ny shellooyn ollagh seaghnit, son nagh vel aber oc Bible; êginit: are perplexed, but not in despair - ta shin êginit, agh cha vel shin fo meehreishteil Bible; fud y cheilley

strong1 dy lajer, dy niartal, dy trean; (adj.) lajer: Though she's small and looks delicate, she's nevertheless pretty strong - Ga dy vel ee beg as jeeaghyn mettey, t'ee paart lajer son ooilley shen. JJK idiom; niartal: There are it seems to me, pretty strong proofs of it - Er lhiam dy vel prowallyn feer niartal jeh ayn. JJK idiom; troshtagh

well-founded (adj.) dy vel bun er

What is (interrog.) C'el; Cre vel

your (pron) dt', dty: Your cousins speak French very well - Ta dty gheiney-vooinjerey loayrt Frangish feer vie. JJK idiom; ayd: Is that your pen? - Nee shen y penn ayd? JJK idiom; eu: Your brother is a doctor, isn't he? - Ta'n braar eu ny er-lhee, nagh vel? JJK idiom; nyn: Have you changed your money? - Vel shiu er chaghlaa nyn argid? JJK idiom

ayns wheesh as inasmuch: Ayns wheesh as dy vel shiu er nyannoo eh son y fer sloo jeu shoh my vraaraghyn Bible; insomuch: ayns wheesh as dy jean adsyn ta fakin ad, garaghtee as craid y yannoo jeu; forasmuch: Ayns wheesh as dy vel Jee er hoilshaghey ooilley shoh dhyts Bible; whereas: Son ayns wheesh as dy dug mayr quing trome erriu neems eh ny strimmey Bible

baghtallys clearness, distinctness, obviousness: Er lhiam dy vel oo cheet er "Ta mee dy nyn vakin" Tra ta baghtallys orroosyn / erriuish / orrins ta "nyn" currit er, t'eh kiart dy liooar agh ta keayrtyn elley nagh vel eh cho aashagh as shen. Dhoor

cabbaraght (f.) chit-chat, gabble, jabber, jabbering, prattling, tittle-tattle: My vees shinyn gra dy vel, Wops, Chinks, Froggies as y lhied jannoo cabbaraght tra t'ad loayrt ry cheilley, cha nodmayd gaccan tra ta sleih gra dy vel Paddys, Dais as Macs jannoo yn un red. Carn

ceau jeh abdicate, lay aside, leave off, pull off, throw off: Cha vel veg yn aggle ayns graih; agh ta graih firrinagh ceau jeh aggle; son raad ta aggle ta torchagh: eshyn ta fo aggle, cha vel eh firrinagh ayns graih. Bible; cast off

cleiy 1 delve, dig, digging, dig out, harvest, quarry a: Ta goaill foddeeaght son y vaase, as cha vel eh cheet; as cleiy er y hon ny smoo na son berchys follit Bible; 2 earthwork, hedge, hedging: Nagh vel oo er nyannoo cleiy mygeayrt-y-mysh as mysh e hie Bible [O.Ir. claidid]

cowreydagh characteristic, emblematic, emblematical, indicative, signal, symbolic, symptomatic; significant: As foddee dy vel eh cowreydagh dy row y Hoar shoh currit magh ayns ny Steatyn Unnaneysit as cha nee ayns Pobblaght Nerin Carn; impressive: Dooyrt Mainshtyr Cretney dy vel y sthowran cowreydagh. BS; sign

creaghyn 1 furrows a: Ta ny errooyn er hraaue er my ghreeym: as er nyannoo creaghyn liauyrey Bible; 2 clods, heaps, stacks: My nee aile brishey magh, as goaill ny drineyn, myr hen dy vel ny creaghyn, ny ny magheryn arroo er nyn stroie liorish Bible; 3 treasures a: ny vel oo er vakin creaghyn y sniaghtey-garroo Bible

da (=Ir. ) 1 for, to a: hug ee keeagh da e mac, derrey v'eh charbaït Bible; 2 his, to him, to it: t'eh geiyrt orroo lesh e ghoan, agh cha vel geill oo da. Bible; 3 father: Aghterbee, ta leshtal mie aym nish dy chur fys hiu dy vel Dada nish Daa, as Mama nish Maa, my Haney as my Warree myr jir Juan dy gerrid.

leeideil er shaghryn misdirect, misdirection, mislead: Ren shoh soilshaghey magh nagh vel Foot toiggal monney mychione cooishyn Yernagh as dy vel eh er ny leeideil er shaghryn ec ny breagyn ta cheet gagh laa veih'n chellooish, radio as veih ny pabyryn Sostnagh. Carn

meerioosagh careless, forgetful, inattentive, regardless, remiss, unmindful; inactive; negligent: Shen-y-fa cha beem's meerioosagh dy chur shiu ayns cooinaghtyn kinjagh jeh ny reddyn shoh, ga dy vel fys eu orroo, as dy vel shiu er ve er ny hickyraghey 'syn irriney ta shin loayrt Bible; thoughtless person

olt (m., f.) See oltey pl. oltyn article, clause, commissure, connection, contribution, par, section; member: Cre'n vondeish ta liorish y ve Olt jeh Agglish Chreest? CS Cre'n resoon t'ayms dy chredjal dy vel mee m'Olt jeh'n Agglish, fakin dy vel whilleen foayr er ny yialdyn jee? CS; joint, limb, organ

preeu- prime: dooyrt John Christensen dy vel Lunnin yn preeu-ynnyd sy teihll son niee argid quaagh Carn Agh, ec chaglym ayns Mannin er y gherrid, dooyrt John Christensen dy vel Lunnin yn preeu-ynnyd sy teihll son niee argid quaagh ta Mnr Christensen ny ghooinney mooar sy Voggyl ry hoi Aachummey Keesh (Tax Reform Newtwork). Carn2

Rheynn Dellal as Jeadys Department of Trade and Industry: Ta sleih ayns Rheynn Dellal as Jeadys gra nagh vel firrinys erbee sy faaue nagh vel ad er chur traenal ny culleeyn da sleih ta doal, ny dauesyn nagh vod fakin dy mie. BS

shen myr t'eh it is so, that's how it is: Cha vel eh agh obbyr caillit dy vel shiu ayns siyr dy irree dy moghey, as cha anmagh goaill fea, as gee yn arran dy imnea: son shen myr t'eh coyrt cadley dauesyn shinney lesh. Bible

sonnaase (=Ir. sonnadh) (f.) arrogance, conceit: screeut ec cragheyderyn Sostnagh mysh Nerin keeadyn dy vleeantyn er dy henney, hee oo ny reddyn cheddin: ferg er y fa nagh vel ny Yernee cur seose as sonnaase ard- vooaralagh er y fa dy vel ny Yernee cho "barbaragh" as quaagh. Carn; indignation

stoamid fairness, finery, glory, good looks, gorgeousness, gracefulness, grandeur, shapeliness, stateliness, superbness: Cha vel stoamid agh son shallid, as aalid te fardail Bible; comeliness: as myr fraue ass thalloo sponkit; cha vel stayd ny stoamid ry-akin ayn Bible; beauty: as jannoo eh ayns cummey dooinney, cordail rish stoamid dooinney Bible; comely: Cha jean-ym keiltyn e oltyn, ny e hroshid, ny stoamid cummey e niart. Bible; portliness

tramylt hardy, robust, stout, sturdy; stalwart: Ta sleih ayns Partee Obbraghys Vannin gra dy vel ad trimshagh dy vel oltey tramylt, Peter Karran, oltey jeh'n Chiare as Feed son Kione Droghad, faagail y partee lurg feed blein as ny smoo. BS; (as plant) vigorous

inescapable (adj.) doshaghaghtagh, nagh vel goll ass, neuchosneydagh, neuscapailagh

misunderstood (adj.) nagh vel toiggit dy kiart

much-admired dy vel mooarane ammys er

much-loved dy vel mooarane graih er

negligible (adj.) nagh vel feeu cheet er

non-Manx firms (npl.) colughtyn nagh vel Manninagh

uncharted1 (adj.) nagh vel er kaart marrey; neuchassanagh

undrinkable (adj.) do-iu; nagh vel feeu giu; neuiuoil

gerjeyder comforter, consoler: cha vel gerjeyder aym Bible

gonnys painfulness, soreness: Cha vel sonnys gonnys. Creg

jeein rain: Vel jeein ayn? DF

keeshagh assessable, taxable: Vel oo keeshagh? DF; tributary

liaee liking: Cha vel liaee aym er. DF

pooarit authorized: Vel oo pooarit? DF

s'leayr evidently: S'leayr dy vel eh ching. DF

spein (f.) spoon: Vel spein echey? JJK

symm (money) amount: Vel symm kiart ayd? DF; sum

thombaacey smoking; (the) weed: Vel oo ceau thombaacey? DF

indisposed aslane; aslaynt: Are you indisposed? - Vel shiu aslaynt? JJK idiom; lag-layntagh

spectacles (n.) speckleyryn: Haven't they any spectacles? - Nagh vel speckleyryn oc? JJK idiom

suppose (v.) abbyr dy vel, goaill ass laue, sheil, sheiltyn, shein; smooinee

there's no need for it cha vel feme rish

thimble (n.) mairane: Haven't we a thimble? - Nagh vel mairane ain? JJK idiom

unslaked gyn castey; nagh vel jeant magh; neusleickit; neuvooghit

aart portion: Cha vel aart ny paart ayd Bible

aighoil fortunate, lucky: Er lesh dy vel eh aighoil. DF

ayndiu in you: Cha vel taitnys erbee aym ayndiu Bible

aynshoh here: Vel ad yeedyn blass Vannin choud's t'ad aynshoh? Cha nel. Carn

aynyd in you: cha vel mee er gheddyn foill erbee aynyd, Bible

bannit blessed: er-lhiam dy vel eshyn bannit t'ou uss dy vannaghey Bible

boayrd lhuingey shipboard: Nagh vel shiu er ve er boayrd lhuingey? JJK

boggys boastfulness, exultation, self-satisfaction, vaunt: Cre vel boggys eisht? te giarit magh. Bible

bragh bio immortal, undying: fakin dy vel eh dy bragh bio Bible

brasnagh provocation: nagh vel my hooill cur-my-ner yn brasnagh oc? Bible

camlaagys crookedness, entanglement, iniquity, intricacy, perverseness: Vel camlaagys ayns my hengey? Bible

ceabyn clods: vel eh fosley as brishey ceabyn e halloo Bible

chur comys (dy); (to) to give offence: Vel mee er chur comys hood? DF

churnal churning: S'feer eh, dy vel eeym cheet lesh churnal bainney Bible

chymmaghey soften, softening: T'ee chymmaghey nish dy vel ee ny shinney. DF

cohassooaght (f.) consistence, consistency: Nagh vel cohassooaght (ny) red mooar? JJK

cooiney (=Ir. cuine) coin: cha vel shiuish agh cooiney breagyn Bible; fabricate, invent, mint

credjym (=Ir. creidim) (dy vel) I dare say: Credjym nish dy vel eh marroo. DF

Cre'n aght (interrog.) How: Cre'n aght heemayd dy vel Jee er yannoo shoh? CS


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