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veil (n.) breid, coodagh, curtan, veil; (v.) breidaghey, coodaghey, follaghey, keiltyn; curtan scarree: the veil of the temple was rent in the midst - va curtan scarree yn chiamble raipit veihmy Bible

veil veil: as ren veyl y chiampyl rapy ayns da ayrn, vei yn vulagh gys y vunn. PB1610

Inexact matches:

bridal veil (n.) breid phoosee

beyond the veil 'sy theihll ry heet

breidaghey cloak, cover, veil

breid phoosee (f.) bridal veil

curtan scarree veil

veil-like (adj.) breidagh

breidagh veil-like

curtan pl. curtanyn curtain, veil: ren eh curtan son dorrys y chabbane Bible

breid (f.) pl. breidyn cowl, frieze, front, kerchief, napkin, veil, veiling: hug ee breid er yn eddin eck Bible; (hair) lock; splinter

coodagh pl. coodaghyn awning, case, cloak, coat, coating, cover, envelope, housing, overgrowth, shell, shielding, shroud, upholstery, veil, wrapper: as scugh Noah yn coodagh jeh'n arg, as yeeagh eh magh Bible; covering

coodaghey cover: As nee ad coodaghey eaghtyr y thallooin Bible; blanket, cloak, coat, envelop, roof, shield, upholster, veil; closest: er-yn-oyr dy vel oo coodaghey oo hene ayns cedar Bible

follaghey bo-peep, cache, conceal, cover up, disguise, dissimulate, dissimulation, hide, hiding, muffle, occult, occultation, secrecy, secrete, veil: nee'm maghey shoh follaghey my eddin vouesyn Bible; hidden

keiltyn 1 conceal, cover, cover up, disguise, dissimulate, harbour, hide, renege, shelter, suppress, veil, veneer a: Cha jean mayd keiltyn eh veih my hiarn; 2 concealment, dissimulation, suppression

'sy theihll ry heet beyond the veil, in the world to come: agh quoi erbee loayrys noi yn Spyrryd Noo, cha bee eh er ny leih da, edyr 'sy theihll shoh, ny 'sy theihll ta ry-heet. Bible

covered1 cloagit: Covered with snow - Cloagit lesh sniaghtey. DF idiom; coodit; (v.) choadee, choodee: She took a veil and covered her face - Ghow ee breid as choodee ee e heddin. DF idiom; vreid: She covered her face - Vreid ee e heddin. DF idiom


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