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scraayl vean-vooiragh (f.) Mediterranean shearwater

'sy vean halfway, in the midst: Son tan uill ecksy vean eck Bible

veih vean just then: Veih vean haink Illiam lesh shilley orroo. DF

Chibbyr y Vean Middle Well

'sy chesh vean plumb in the centre

halfway (adj., adv.) lieh-raad, 'sy vean

just then (adv.) veih vean

cincture (n.) cryss-vean

in the midst 'sy vean

Mediterranean shearwater (n.) scraayl vean-vooiragh

Middle Well (n.) Chibbyr y Vean

cryss-vean (f.) cincture

plumb in the centre 'sy chesh vean

creatures (npl.) cretooryn: Also out of the midst thereof came the likeness of four living creatures - Myrgeddin ass y vean echey haink cochaslys kiare cretooryn bio Bible

shall be vees: as bee'n cryss aanrit mysh e vean, as lesh y mitre aanrit vees eh soit magh - and shall be girded with a linen girdle, and with the linen mitre shall he be attired Bible

thin2 (adj.) (as paper) thanney: No wonder the centre is so thin - Cha nhyrrys da'n vean ve cha thanney. DF idiom

amber amber: ayns y vean echey va myr sollyssid amber ass mean yn aile. Bible

cochaslys pl. co-chaslyssyn allegory, image, picture, portrait, portraiture, similitude: ass y vean echey haink cochaslys kiare cretooryn bio Bible; likeness

cronnalys distinctness, notability, obviousness, publicity: Ta'n rollagyn trooid yn aer lunjean, Fee'n eggey lhean, neuyerrinagh, jeh'n oie, As cronnalys ny Aalid ayns nyn vean Soilshit tra madran cur da'n sollys bree. Coraa

dy tostagh reservedly, silently: Eisht troggee ad uss, Lhongan, dy tostagh ass dty chlean Nyn droailt' dy dree as arrymagh, dty cholbey ayns y vean. Coraa

feniaght (=Ir. fiann) (f.) champion: Yn feniaght-hene ayns cadley vaaish, coyrt lesh er gealtyn lhean, As ayns e lhong ny hoiaghey er carnane-fuygh 'sy vean, Gyn skimmee as gyn stiureyder Coraa

gow royd (impv) begone: Myr shoh ta'n Chiarn dy ghra rhym, Gow royd as fow dhyt hene cryss aanrit, as cur mish dty vean eh, as ny cur eh ayns ushtey. Bible

gyn stiureyder pilotless, unpiloted: As ayns e lhong ny hoiaghey er carnane-fuygh 'sy vean, Gyn skimmee as gyn stiureyder, gyn shiaull as greieyn elley Coraa

jerree backmost, closing, concluding, hind, hindmost, posterior, stern, terminal: va ooilley'n lieh jerree oc sthie fo e vean. Bible

Kernagh Cornish: oddagh oo clashtyn kiaull Kernagh ec yn un chione, kiaull Yernagh ec y chione elley as Bretnee streppal 'sy vean. Carn

kerrin (pl -yn) square: Fastyr dy row, hie mee gys thie bee ayns kerrin faggys da'n vean yn ard-valley. Dhoor; pane; canton

laa as oie day and night: Laa as oie t'ad goll mygeayrt ny vollaghyn eck: ta olkys neesht as trimshey 'sy vean eck. Bible

marr-ym I will slay: As giare-yms jeh yn briw veih yn vean echey, as marr-ym ooilley ny princeyn echey marish, ta'n Chiarn dy ghra. Bible

mean (=Ir. meán) average, body, carrier, centre, interior, medium, middle, midst, nerve centre: hug eh ny torchyn 'sy vean eddyr y daa amman Bible; middlemost [L. medias]

neuyerkit unexpected, unrehearsed: myr shen dy chooilley cheayrt, ta my heshey veen foostyrey er y toght noa, ta tonnyn thalloo-chraagh neuyerkit skeaylley magh voish y chesh vean. Dhoor

shapp (=Ir. siopa) (f.) pl. shappyn shop, store: Yn chiaghtyn elley, va mee goll stiagh ayns shapp sy vean jeh Lerpoyll. Carn

timbrelyn timbrels: T'adsyn ta goaill arraneyn shooyll hoshiaght, adsyn ta jannoo bingys er greïnyn-kiaull cheet nyn-yeï: ayns y vean ta ny mraane-aegey cloie er ny timbrelyn. Bible

torchyn firebrands: hie Samson as haare eh three cheead shynnagh, as ghow eh torchyn, as hyndaa eh ad famman ry amman, as hug eh ny torchynsy vean eddyr y daa amman Bible

breneen (f.) See brinneen atom, mote, particle: Ta'n çhesh-vean jeh gagh breneen er-lhimmey jeh hiddragien jeant ass kinneigyn ta shin gra protaneyn as naeeraneyn roo. Dhoor

doarnane haft, hilt, spoke; (of door) handle, hand grip: Va ooigyn-saaue smoo ec ny marchanyn, lesh saaue hoght trieyn er-lhiurid as trie er lheead ec y vean, lesh doarnane mooar ec dagh kione, Dhoor; fistful: va gamman faro fo raad ayns shen; va daa phunter treih jeig cummal doarnane dy chaartyn y pheesh ny laue CnyO; sheaf of papers

mysh (=Ir. um) COMPARE mygeayrt See mooish about, concerning, regarding: nagh streeu ad mysh focklyn nagh vel gys veg yn ymmyd Bible; around, about him: Cre'n-fa ta shiu goaill aaght mysh y voalley? Bible; on the point of: Mysh y vean-oie hem's magh trooid Egypt. Bible

protaneyn protons: Ta'n çhesh-vean jeh gagh breneen er-lhimmey jeh hiddragien jeant ass kinneigyn ta shin gra protaneyn as naeeraneyn roo. Dhoor


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