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ard-vargey mooar hypermarket

cur er y vargey flotation, market

er y vargey (of fruit) in; on the market: Gleashtanyn y cheau er y vargey. DF

for sale (adj.) ry chreck; er y vargey: Put it up for sale - Cur eh er y vargey. DF idiom

in3 (of fruit) er y vargey

market (v.) cur er y vargey; geddyn margey; margey: There was no fish in the market - Cha row eeast erbee 'sy vargey. JJK idiom; (n.) marger

emporium (n.) ard-vargey, margey, yl-happ

hypermarket (n.) ard-vargey mooar

mart (n.) margey; ard-vargey

supermarket (n.) ard-vargey

ard-vargey mart: As liorish ny ushtaghyn mooarey ta rass Sihor, fouyr yn awin, yn cheet-stiagh eck; as t'eeish ard-vargey ny ashoonyn.; emporium, supermarket

flotation cur er y vargey; snaue

cars (npl.) gleashtanyn: Dump cars on the market - Gleashtanyn y cheau er y vargey. DF idiom

dump (n.) carnane; tasht; (v.) dumpal: Dump cars on the market - Dumpal gleashtanyn er y vargey. DF idiom; tashtey

fat pig (n.) keish: The fat pig is ready for the market - Ta'n cheish aarloo da'n vargey. DF idiom; muc cheish; muc roauyr: Daubing grease on a fat pig's rump - Slaa saill er toinn muc roauyr. JJK idiom

balm balm: ren ad dellal ayns dty vargey lesh curnaght Vinnith as Phannag, as mill, as ooil, as balm Bible

cadjeryn pedlars: Lhig dooin guee nagh vod cadjeryn y 'vargey seyr' ayns reiltys Vannin cur sthap da'n argid shen. Carn

covargey trade area: As c'raad ta'n Co-vargey ayns ny cooishyn shoh? Carn

Europagh European: Ta ny Bretnee cosney argid voish yn Cho-vargey Europagh dy chooney lhieu bishaghey Cymraeg. Carn

Phortiugal (f.) (Yn) Portugal: Bee y Spainney as y Phortiugal cheet stiagh sy Cho-vargey nish. Carn

raa creeney adage, proverb: Jannoo arrish er y raa creeney Yernagh, 'Cha nel margey seyr goll rish y vargey seyr ayd hene'. Carn; parable: myr shen ta raa creeney ayns beeal ny mee-cheeayllee. Bible

tutlerys (f.) chat, chatter, gossip, tale-bearing, taletelling, tattle, tittle-tattle: agh ta ourys ayn dy row Kirree geearree dy hannaghtyn ayns y vargey dy gheddyn yn naight s'anmee as tutlerys! Dhoor; loquaciousness

voish traa dy hraa between-times, intermittent, periodic: Ta'n laue echey 'sy vargey voish traa dy hraa. DF

dooishtey evocation, evoke, reveille, revive, rouse: Te jannoo lane taitnys da my chree (ga bunnys tree cheead veeilley jeh) dy chlashtyn dy vel Manninee fy-yerrey, ga yn laa lurg y vargey, dooishtey seose ass nyn merruidhaveenagh dy hauail Chengey-ny-Mayrey veih ve ooilley cooidjagh oanluckit 'syn oaie. Coraa


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