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vane (n.) blod cassee; eggey edjag; leean; skian chassee; skian hilley

vane See bane white: son mooarane lught jeh dy chooilley cheint dy verchys: ayns feeyn veih Helbon, as ollan vane. Bible

Inexact matches:

weather vane (n.) kellagh geayee

aigh vane (f.) box plant

Ard Vane White Height

barney vane (f.) blank space

bastag vane (f.) dog daisy

Ben Vane White Lady

ben vane (f.) blond, blonde

Bwoaillee Vane White Fold

cabbash vane (f.) garden cabbage

Cabbyl Vane White Horse

caillagh vane (f.) smew

caillin fynn-vane (f.) ash-blonde, platinum blonde

Carn Vane White Cairn

Clagh Vane White Stone

clagh vane (f.) feldspar, felspar: Dasyn ta geddyn yn varriaght veryms dy ee jeh'n manna follit, as ver-ym da clagh vane, as er y chlagh ennym noa scruit, nagh nione da dooinney erbee, agh eshyn ta dy gheddyn eh. Bible

clarinagh vane quartz

cleau vane (f.) wheatear

Close Vane White Enclosure

coar vane (f.) aigrette, egret, stork, white stork

Coar-vane niaghtagh (f.) Snowy Egret

Coar-vane ruy (f.) Reddish Egret

Coar-vane veanagh (f.) Intermediate Egret

coar-vane veg (f.) little egret

coar-vane vooar (f.) great white egret

Cooill Vane (f.) White Nook

Cooil Vane White Corner

Cooyrt Vane White Court

Croit Vane White Croft

croobag vane (f.) white melitot

Dreeym Vane White Hoe; White Ridge

dressag vane (f.) brambling

duillag vane (f.) blank page

Eary Vane White Shieling

Eeasteyr cleeau-vane White-breasted Kingfisher

Foillan sooill-vane White-eyed Gull

foillan vane (f.) common gull

Garee Vane White Shrubbery

Geinnagh Vane White Sand

glass vane pale-complexioned, pale-faced, pale-grey

Howe Vane White Headland

hullad vane (f.) barn owl, white owl

immyr vane (f.) balk

keyrrey vane (f.) white sheep: ayns shoh v'eh moddey, ayns shen keyrrey vane, nish v'eh ny lion, chelleeragh v'eh ny eayn PC

laagh sooill-vane (f.) ferruginous duck

laair vane (f.) white mare: Lhigey yn laair vane. DF

Lathar Vane White Swamp

leoaie vane (f.) white lead

Lhag Vane White Hollow

Lheannee Vane White Meadow

Liargee Vane White Slope

mandrag vane (f.) white bryony

Mollagh Vane White Rough Place

nep vane (f.) horehound, white horehound

pibbin vane (f.) fulmar

pick vane (f.) resin, turpentine

putage vane (f.) white pudding

Rheynn Vane White Division

scoarnagh vane (f.) whitethroat

shamrag vane (f.) Dutch clover

shaslagh vane (f.) fiorin grass

sheck vane blank cheque

shellagh vane (f.) white willow

shillish vane (f.) white heart

sparroo scoarnagh-vane white-throated sparrow

spittag scoarnagh-vane (f.) white-throated robin

Spooyt Vane White Spout, White Waterfall

sternag skian-vane (f.) white-winged black tern

thoyn-vane chlaiginagh (f.) white-crowned black wheatear

thoyn-vane chleaysh-ghoo black-eared wheatear

Thoyn-vane chleeau-ruy Red-breasted Wheatear

Thoyn-vane Churdagh Kurdish Wheatear

Thoyn-vane Finsch Finsch's Wheatear

thoyn-vane gheinnee (f.) Isabelline wheatear

thoyn-vane ghoo (f.) black wheatear

Thoyn-vane vreck Pied Wheatear

thoyn-vane vreck (f.) pied wheatear

Toinn Vane White Bottom

Traie Vane White Shore, White Strand

Ught Vane White Slope

ushag skian-vane (f.) white-winged lark

Vooir Vane (f.) (Yn); (The) White Sea

ymmyr vane (f.) balk

Balley Bayr Vane White Road Farm

Bwoaillee Drommey Vane White Ridge Fold

Clagh Vane Voalley (f.) White Stone Wall

Close Hommy Vane White Tommy's Enclosure

coar-vane yn ollee (f.) cattle egret

Croit y Callin Vane White Callin's Croft

Croit y Woaillee Vane White Fold Croft

Faaie Nan Vane Nan's White Flat

Faaie yn Spooyt Vane White Spout Flat

gob cam skian-vane two-barred crossbill

kiark ushtey vane (f.) coot

kirree varrey vane-eddinagh (f.) frigate petrel

lhigey yn laair vane (post) desert

Lhoan Pibbin Vane Fulmar Lane

lus y ching vane (f.) bog cotton

Magher Cleigh Vane White Fence Fold

Magher y Chreg Vane White Rock Field

Rhennee Vane Veg Small White Ferny Place

Rhennee Vane Vooar Big White Ferny Place

scoarnagh vane veg (f.) lesser whitethroat

Thalloo Roauyr Vane White Fat Land

thoyn-vane ynaasagh (f.) desert wheatear

White Slope (n.) Ught Vane, Liargee Vane, Ught Bane

balk1 (n.) bac, dreeym ingagh, immyr vane, ymmyr vane; (v.) jannoo lhiettrimys er

aigrette (n.) coar vane

blank space (n.) barney vane

box plant (n.) aigh vane

Dutch clover (n.) shamrag vane

egret (n.) coar vane

feldspar (n.) clagh vane

felspar (n.) clagh vane

garden cabbage (n.) cabbash vane

horehound (n.) nep vane

pale-grey glass vane

white1 bane: A white waistcoat will suit you - Nee vest bane cheet jesh jiu. JJK idiom; vane: You are as impudent as a white stone - T'ou cha daaney as clagh vane. JJK idiom; baney; banee; gial

White Bottom (n.) Toinn Vane

white bryony (n.) mandrag vane

White Corner (n.) Cooil Vane

White Court (n.) Cooyrt Vane

White Division (n.) Rheynn Vane

White Enclosure (n.) Close Vane

white heart (n.) shillish vane

White Height (n.) Ard Vane

White Hoe (n.) Dreeym Vane

white horehound (n.) nep vane

White Horse (n.) Cabbyl Vane

White Lady (n.) Ben Vane

white mare (n.) laair vane

White Meadow (n.) Lheannee Vane

white melitot (n.) croobag vane

White Nook2 (n.) Cooill Vane

white pudding (n.) putage vane

White Sand (n.) Geinnagh Vane

White Sea (n.) (The); (Yn) Vooir Vane

White Shore (n.) Traie Vane

White Spout (n.) Spooyt Vane

white stork (n.) coar vane

White Swamp (n.) Lathar Vane

White Waterfall (n.) Spooyt Vane

white willow (n.) shellagh vane

blod cassee vane

eggey edjag (f.) vane

leean vane

skian chassee vane

skian hilley vane

all-blessed ooilley-vane

ash-blond (adj.) fynn-vane

ash-blonde (n.) caillin fynn-vane

black-eared wheatear (n.) thoyn-vane chleaysh-ghoo

black wheatear (n.) thoyn-vane ghoo

blond (adj.) bane, fynn; (n.) ben vane

desert2 (v.) (post) lhigey yn laair vane

ferruginous duck (n.) laagh sooill-vane

Finsch's Wheatear (n.) Thoyn-vane Finsch

fiorin grass (n.) feeryn, shaslagh vane

flaxen (adj.) buigh-vane, lhieen

Intermediate Egret (n.) Coar-vane veanagh

Isabelline wheatear (n.) thoyn-vane gheinnee

Kurdish Wheatear (n.) Thoyn-vane Churdagh

little egret (n.) coar-vane veg

milk white (adj.) gial-vane

pale-complexioned glass neealagh; glass vane

Pied Wheatear (n.) Thoyn-vane vreck

pied wheatear (n.) thoyn-vane vreck

platinum blonde (n.) caillin fynn-vane

platinum-blonde (adj.) fynn-vane

quartz (n.) clagh ghreiney, clarinagh vane

Red-breasted Wheatear (n.) Thoyn-vane chleeau-ruy

Reddish Egret (n.) Coar-vane ruy

smew (n.) caillagh vane; sheeltey vreck

Snowy Egret (n.) Coar-vane niaghtagh

sparkling white (adj.) gial-vane

tow-headed fynn-vane

White-breasted Kingfisher (n.) Eeasteyr cleeau-vane

White-eyed Gull (n.) Foillan sooill-vane

White Rough Place (n.) Mollagh Vane

white-throated robin (n.) spittag scoarnagh-vane

white-throated sparrow (n.) sparroo scoarnagh-vane

white-winged lark (n.) ushag skian-vane

whitish (adj.) fo-vane, lheeah-vane

yellowish white buigh-vane

buigh-vane flaxen, yellowish white

fo-vane whitish

fynn-vane ash-blond, platinum-blonde, tow-headed

gial-vane milk white, sparkling white

kellagh geayee weathercock, weather vane

lheeah-vane whitish

ooilley-vane all-blessed

thoyn-vane (f.) wheatear


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