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vagher See magher of the field: As dy-chooilley villey jehn vagher roish my row ad er yn ooir Bible

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Balley Vagher Field Farm

gialag vagher snow bunting

'sy vagher afield: My ta Jee eisht myr shoh coamrey blaa ny magheragh, ta jiusy vagher, as mairagh ceaut ayns yn oghe: Bible

maase feïe yn vagher wild beasts of the field: Shione dou ooilley ny eeanlee ter ny sleityn: as ta maase feïe yn vagher ayns my hilley Bible

Mullagh y Vagher Top of the Field

obbyr 'sy vagher (f.) fieldwork

Raad y Vagher Oarn Barley Field Road

afield (adv.) 'sy vagher

Field Farm (n.) Balley Vagher

fieldwork (n.) obbyr 'sy vagher

Barley Field Road (n.) Raad y Vagher Oarn

snow bunting (n.) gialag vagher, pompee niaghtee

Top of the Field (n.) Mullagh y Vagher

wild beasts of the field (npl.) maase feïe yn vagher

beïyn beasts: Dy chooilley cheyrrey as dow: as myrgeddyn beïyn y vagher Bible

chuirr1 1 sowed a: chuirr eh ayns e vagher eh Bible; 2 let down a net

Egyptian Egyptian: As haghyr ad er Egyptian 'sy vagher Bible

faiynt faint: haink Esau veih'n vagher, as v'eh faiynt Bible

lhuss herb: v'ad myr faiyr y vagher, as myr y lhuss glass Bible

myrgeddyn item: Dy chooilley cheyrrey as dow: as myrgeddyn beiyn y vagher Bible

cattle (n.) beiyn, bielloo; maase: The cattle are feeding - Ta'n maase fassaghey. DF idiom; ollagh: The cattle are grazing in the field - Ta'n ollagh gyndyr 'sy vagher. DF idiom

grazing (v.) gyndyr: The cattle are grazing in the field - Ta'n ollagh gyndyr 'sy vagher. DF idiom

I will requite goym cooilleeney er: I will requite thee in this plat - goym cooilleeney ort ayns y vagher shoh Bible

of the field vagher; (y) vagheragh: The grass of the field - Faiyr y vagheragh. DF idiom

plentiful (adj.) lhieenar, soogh; messoil: and joy out of the plentiful field - as boggey ass y vagher messoil Bible

pottage (n.) awree; poddash: And Jacob sod pottage: and Esau came from the field - As vroie Jacob poddash: as haink Esau veihn vagher Bible

shall slay marree: He shall slay with the sword thy daughters in the field - As marree eshyn dty inneenyn lesh y chliwe ayns y vagher Bible

sod (v.) ceau ceabbyn; vroie: And Jacob sod pottage: and Esau came from the field - As vroie Jacob poddash: as haink Esau veihn vagher Bible; (n.) foaid, foyn, scrah

beaghey feed, food, foodstuffs, livelihood, nourishment, nutrition, sustenance, pasture; live, maintain, nourish, nurture: nee oo beaghey er lhuss y vagher. Bible; living; victual, victuals

blaa (=Ir. bláth, Sc.G. blàth) pl. blaaghyn bloom, blossom, flower: son t'eh gaase myr blaa yn vagher Bible; heyday; pride [O.Ir. bláth]

bunneeyn sheaves: va shin kiangley bunneeyn sy vagher Bible; bundles: Chymsee-jee cooidjagh hoshiaght yn coggyl ayns bunneeyn ry-hoi lostey Bible

drineyn thorns: Drineyn myrgeddin as onnaneyn nee eh gymmyrkey dhyt: as nee oo beaghey er lhuss y vagher Bible

eer (vulgar) common; express, own, real: Er yn eer laa cheddin Bible; even: Bee dy chooilley chretoor ta bioys ayn son beaghey diu; eer myr glassyragh y vagher ta mee er choyrt diu dy chooilley nhee Bible

er (=Ir. air) 1 on, on him, onto, upon a: myr eoylley tuittee kirp deiney er y vagher foshlit Bible; 2 during, for

faal boundary hedge, fence, septum: Dy scarrey un chorneil jeh'n vagher lesh faal. DF

feayn expansive, extensive, flat, horizontal, roomy, vague, vast, wide: nee oo tuittym er y vagher feayn Bible; desolate

freayll arrey er 1 chaperon; 2 tend a: Nish vayns y cheer cheddin bochilley mooie er y vagher freayll arrey er nyn shioltaneynsyn oie Bible; 3 watch a: nee leopard freayll arrey er ny ard-valjyn oc Bible

goit ayns ribbey trapped: Vod ushag ve goit ayns ribbey er y vagher, raad nagh vel sniem soit er y hon ? Bible

grunt bottom, ground, sole: Dy der eh dou ooig Machpelah, ta leshyn, ayns kione e vagher; son wheesh dy argid as sheeagh eh ver eh dou eh, son cairys grunt oanluckee ny mast' eu Bible [A.S. grund]

hie ee she went: As hie ee roee, as haink ee, as ren ee jeeassyragh 'sy vagher lurg ny beayneeyn Bible

jummalit squandered, wasted: S'treih lhiam gra nagh row traa ny smoo ceaut ayms ayns Cregneash geaishtagh rish, as traa ny sloo ceaut ayms er y vagher bluggan cass, as jummalit er fardailysyn elley. MB

mandrakeyn mandrakes: As hie Reuben ayns imbagh y fouyr-churnagh, as hooar eh mandrakeynsy vagher Bible

mooarane (=Ir. mórán) great deal, lot, many, more numerous, much, multitude: Ver oo lhiat mooarane rass magh gys y vagher Bible; considerable; great many [O.Ir. mór]

muc feïe wild boar: Ta muc feïe ass y cheyll reurey seose ny fraueyn eck as ta maase feïe yn vagher dy chur mow ee Bible

scroutagh 1 (ny); (more) subtle; 2 more subtil a: Nish van ard-nieu ny scroutagh na ooilley cretooryn y vagher van Chiarn Jee er chroo Bible

shassym I will stand: hem's magh as shassym liorish my ayr 'sy vagher raad t'ou follit Bible

skibbylt 1 acrobatic, agile, bouncing, jig, light-footed, nimble, skip, vivacious a: va Asahel coshee cha skibbylt as feeaih 'sy vagher. Bible; 2 (as person) active

sniem (f.) bow knot, snare; (n., v.) knot: Vod ushag ve goit ayns ribbey er y vagher, raad nagh vel sniem soit er y hon ? Bible Kiangle ad kinjagh er dty chree, as sniem ad mysh dty wannal. Bible

staydys cummaltagh residential status: ga dy vel shellooder y vagher er phrowal ymmodee keayrtyn dy gheddyn staydys cummaltagh son y boayl, myr v'eh, keayrt dy row. BS

sy (=Ir. sa) in the: Son, Cur-my-ner, va shin kiangley bunneeyn sy vagher, as cur-my-ner, hrog yn vunney aym's, as myrgeddin, hass eh seose jeeragh Bible

taare catch: immee royd magh gys y vagher, as taare feïeys er my hon Bible

t'adsyn (emph.) they are: Lhig da dty hooillyn ve er y vagher tadsyn dy vuinn Bible

Thie Yuan John's House: lhig dooin goll heose gys y thie Yuan, foddee neemayd fakin mwaagh ayns y vagher ayns shen. Dhoor

yeeilley (f.) satiety: Eisht faag-ym oo er y thalloo, as tilg-ym oo magh er y vagher foshlit, as ver-ym er ooilley eeanlee yn aer dy hannaghtyn ort, as jeed's ver-ym nyn yeeilley da ooilley maase y thallooin. Bible

binding (n.) boandey; (adj.) boandagh; kianglagh; tartagh; (v.) kiangley: we were binding sheaves in the field - va shin kiangley bunneeyn sy vagher Bible; kianley: binding and delivering into prisons both men and women - kianley as livrey gys pryssoonyn chammah deiney as mraane Bible

clothe (v.) coamrey: If then God so clothe the grass, which is to day in the field My ta Jee eisht myr shoh coamrey blaa ny magheragh ta jiusy vagher Bible; cur eaddagh er; cur mysh: Clothe yourself - Cur mood. DF idiom; coamree

faint1 gannooinee: lest they faint in the way - er aggle dy gannooinee ad er y raad Bible; annooiney; gannooinaghey: for my spirit waxeth faint son ta my spyrryd gannooinaghey Bible; gannoonaghey: Give, I pray you, loaves of bread unto the people that follow me; for they be faint - Cur-jee, ta mee guee erriu, bwilleenyn arran dan pobble ta geiyrt orrymorrym; son tad gannoonaghey Bible; goaill neeal; goll neeal: and they shall be as when a standardbearer - as bee ad myr tra ta fer-cullee goll neeal Bible; faiynt: Esau came from the field, and he was faint - haink Esau veihn vagher, as veh faiynt Bible; traishtit, traashtit: my heart is faint in me - ta my chree traashtit cheusthie jeem Bible; naardey; neeal: She went off into a faint - Hie ee neeal. DF idiom; eighid; eigid; tooillit: and the people were very faint. - as van pobble slane tooillit Bible

part1 (n.) ayrn: He played a chief part in it - Va ayrn mooar echey ayn. DF idiom; cooid: Part of the way - Cooid jeh'n raad. DF idiom; lieh; meer: Part of the field - Meer jeh'n vagher. DF idiom; paart: I won't have any lot or part of it - Cha gowym aart ny paart ayn. DF idiom; ronney; (v.) paartail, scarrey, scarrey veih my cheilley; scoltey: Part one's hair - Dt'olt y scoltey. DF idiom

round about2 mygeayrt: the food of the field, which was round about every city - arroon vagher, va mygeayrt dagh ardvalley Bible; cruin mygeayrt: But the Levites shall pitch round about the tabernacle of testimony - Agh nee ny Leviteyn goaill grunt cruin mygeayrt cabbane y chonaant Bible; ooilley mygeayrt: your sheaves stood round about - hass ny bunneeyn euish ooilley mygeayrt Bible; runt mygeayrt: and the wall of Jerusalem round about - as voalley Yerusalem runt mygeayrt Bible; slane mygeayrt: it had a wall round about, five hundred reeds long - van voalley echey slane mygeayrt, queig cheead cron er lhiurid Bible

wandering1 rouail: He is wandering about - T'eh rouail mygeayrt. DF idiom As the bird by wandering, as the swallow by flying - Myr tan ushag ayns rouail, as y ghollan-gheayee ayns getlagh Bible; rouailtagh; shaghraneys; shaghranys; shaghrynagh; shaghrynys: Better is the sight of the eyes than the wandering of the desire - Ny share ta shen ta roish dty hooillyn, na shaghrynys yn yeearree; stravaagey: She is wandering about - T'ee stravaagey mygeayrt. DF idiom; wandreilagh; wandreilys; rouaillagh; er-shaghryn: he was wandering in the field - veh er-shaghryn fud y vagher Bible

billey creen withered tree: bee fys ec ooilley biljyn y vagher, dy nee mish y Chiarn, ter lhieggal y billey ard, as eer hroggal y billey injil, ter fioghey yn billey glass, as er chur er y billey creen dy vlaaghey Bible

coamrey-caggee battle dress: Agh hed dty harvaantyn harrish, dagh dooinney ayns coamrey-caggee, fenish y Chiarn gys y vagher-caggee, myr ta my hiarn dy ghra. Bible

coardail rish agree: cha vel yn pheesh va goit ass yn noa coardail rish y chenn Bible; according to, assent, OK, pursuant; in league with: Son bee oo ayns coardail rish claghyn y vagher; as bee beishtyn feïe ny hooirrey ec shee rhyt. Bible; confederate with: As ve er ny insh da thie Ghavid, gra, Ta Syria ayns coardail rish Ephraim Bible; according

farkiagh 1 wait a: ren eh farkiagh son y ree er y raad Bible i: Jinnagh shiu farkiagh er nyn son derrey harragh ad gys eash ? Bible; ii: 3 As ghow eh yn pobble, as rheynn eh ad ayns three sheshaghtyn, as lhie eh farkiagh ayns y vagher Bible; 2 attendant; 3 tarry

guail 1 (nyn) towards us a: Quoi yn dooinney shoh ta ayns y vagher shooyl nyn guail? Bible; 2 towards them a: tra honnick eh ad, roie eh nyn guail veih dorrys y chabbane Bible; 3 (npl.) towards you a: Cren monney dy ghooinney veh haink seose nyn guail, as dinsh diu ny goan shoh? Bible; 4 met

kiangley (=Ir. ceangal) 1 pl. kianglaghyn band, bandage, bond; 2 attach, bandaging, belay, bend, bind, bind down, binding, bundle, compress, conclude, connect, constrain, dressing, fasten down, fastening, juncture, link, lock, lock in, locking, make fast, pin, retain, retention, secure, shackle, tether, tie, tie down, tie on, tie up, tying, vinculum a: va shin kiangley bunneeyn sy vagher Bible; 3 (building) anchoring; 4 (terms) condition, stipulation; 5 (of poem) envoy; 6 (to trade) article; 7 influence; 8 relationship, involvement; 9 fetter [O.Ir. cenglaid]


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