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D.V. lesh join Yee; Lesh cooney Yee

V-type engine (n.) jeshaght ayns cummey V

V.A.T (n.) K.T.F.

V.I.P. (n.) P.F.S.

ayns cummey v v-shaped

jeshaght ayns cummey V (f.) V-type engine

v-shaped (adj.) ayns cummey v

was1 v', va

v' was, were: V'ad shoh princeyn ny tribeyn Bible

V-gear (n.) V-ghear

V-neck (n.) mwannal birragh

V-sign (n.) corrag

were v': So after he had washed their feet - Myr shen erreish da v' er niee ny cassyn oc Bible; va: Thus the heavens and the earth were finished - Myr shoh va ny niaughyn as y thalloo er nyn groo Bible; (interrog.) row: Were they ashamed when they had committed abomination? - Row nearey orroo tra vad er nyannoo yn peccah dwoaiagh? Bible

mwannal birragh V-neck

V-ghear V-gear

Bretonagh Breton: t'eh er screeu mooarane ayns v ghlare ghooie echey-hene, yn Ghailck Albinagh as ny glaraghyn Cornach as Bretonagh. Coraa

doonaght Sabbath: Ayns v chiaghtoo vee, er y chied laa jeh'n vee, bee doonaght eu, sheidey trumpetyn son imraa; bee shoh meeiteil casherick. Bible

kelk (=Ir. cailc) 1 mark; 2 chalk a: t'eh jannoo ooilley claghyn yn altar myr claghyn kelk t'er ny vroo dy myn v; 3 pipeclay

corrag (f.) 1 knob, switch a: nee'n saggyrt thummey corrag e laue yesh ayns yn ooil Bible; 2 bundle of osiers; 3 index finger, V-sign, trigger finger


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