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ushtey rose rose water

ushtey (=Ir. uisce, Sc.G. uisge) pl. ushtaghyn water: cha ren eh gee arran, ny giu ushtey Bible [O.Ir. uisce]

Inexact matches:

aane ushtey (f.) liverwort

aggle ushtey hydrophobia

aght ushtey water system

ammyr ushtey (f.) aqueduct, culvert

ard-phiob ushtey water main

balley ushtey watering place

boayrd ushtey water board

boggeyder ushtey water softener

bollagh ushtey waterway

boteil ushtey (f.) water bottle

brishtag ushtey (f.) water biscuit

burleek ushtey water speedwell

cabbyl ushtey kelpie, water horse

caillin ushtey naiad

cairt ushtey (f.) water cart, watering cart

cask ushtey water cask

cassyl ushtey water jacket

chennid ushtey prostatism

chiasseyder ushtey water heater

chionnid ushtey water pressure

chiowder ushtey water heater

Claddagh Ushtey River Meadow Water

clash ushtey (f.) moat; watercourse

cleayshag ushtey hydrophone

Cooil Ushtey Water Nook

coorse ushtey watercourse, waterway: Quoi t'er yiarey magh coorse-ushtey son ny thooillaghyn Bible

cooylley ushtey (f.) floodgate, lock gate, water gate, water valve

cormid ushtey water level

corys ushtey water system

co-vrooid ushtey hydrate

cowrey ushtey watermark, watermarked

cruishtin ushtey water jug

cummaght ushtey (f.) water power

curn ushtey water can

deyll-ushtey rea (f.) whirligig beetle

deyll-ushtey vooar (f.) great diving beetle

dhull ushtey water hydrant

drean ushtey rail

dreeym ushtey watershed

droghad ushtey aqueduct

dullish far-ushtey (f.) broad-leaved pondweed

Dullyr Ushtey Dark Water

eagh ushtey water horse

eeanlee ushtey wild fowl

eean ushtey waterfowl

emloge ushtey (f.) hemlock wort, water dropwort

etlan ushtey hydroplane

feddynagh ushtey water diviner

feddyn ushtey water-finding

feer ushtey fresh water

flee ushtey (f.) spicate water-milfoil

flig ushtey (f.) water stitchwort

fo ushtey awash, sub-aqua, submerged, under water: bee ad thooilley roie harrish ny brooinyn, as ver ad yn cheer fo ushtey Bible

giu ushtey (drink) water: Cur lhiat eh back mayrt gys dty hie, dy vod eh gee arran as giu ushtey. Bible; drink water

glioonagh ushtey (f.) floating polygonum

goaill ushtey bilging

greie ushtey water engine

gunn ushtey water cannon

gyn ushtey anhydrous, waterless: Agh hug ad raad da yeearreeyn mee-reilltagh ayns yn aasagh: as ayns cheer gyn ushtey ren ad Jee y vrasnaghey Bible

jaggad ushtey (f.) water jacket

jannoo ushtey leak: Boalley ta jannoo ushtey. DF; (of boat) take in

jeshaghtys ushtey-obbragh hydraulic engineering

jingeyder ushtey squeegee

keesh ushtey (f.) water rate

kellagh ushtey coot

kiark ushtey (f.) coot, marshhen, moorhen, water hen

kiartyn ushtey water rights

kiaulleyder ushtey aquatic warbler

kishtey ushtey cistern

lane ushtey wringing wet: Va'n ooir lane ushtey. DF

lheeanee ushtey (f.) water meadow

lheim ushtey cascade, water jump

lheiys-ushtey collaneagh colonic hydro therapy

lhieggey ushtey cascade, chute, waterfall

lhon ushtey dipper

loghan ushtey (f.) piece of water

logh ushtey fresh water lake

lught ushtey water ballast

lugh ushtey water rat; (f.) water vole

matras ushtey water bed

meilley ushtey (f.) finger bowl

mellyn ushtey water melon

milljan ushtey floating sweetgrass

moddey ushtey otter: Ga dy vel ad goaill fer ny keartyn as t'ad jannoo traartys da ein chirkey as tunnaghyn, ta smoo jeeill jeant ec moddey ushtey. Carn; spaniel

moir ushtey (f.) water source

mollag ushtey (f.) waterbag

mwyllin ushtey water mill: honnick ad dooinney va freayll mwyllin-ushtey goll shiaghey er yn vayr son dy gheddyn kostrayl ooill son y mwyllin echey GB

niart ushtey-lectragh hydroelectric power

nimfagh ushtey (f.) water nymph

oayllys ushtey (f.) hydraulics

obbraghyn ushtey (f.) waterworks

obbyr ushtey (f.) water engine

ooill ushtey (f.) Vaseline

pash ushtey (f.) water pot

pioban ushtey hose, hosepipe

piob ushtey (f.) conduit, water pipe

polo ushtey water polo

pooar ushtey water power

pooar ushtey-lectragh hydroelectric power

Poyll Ushtey Water Pool

poyll ushtey watering place: Hyndaa yn chreg chreoi gys poyll-ushtey Bible

premmee ushtey (f.) water closet

queeyl ushtey (f.) mill wheel, water wheel

raad ushtey waterway

riojag ushtey (f.) water ice

roddan ushtey water rat, water vole

saagh ushtey 1 confutement; 2 cruse a: As nish jeeagh cre vel shleiy yn ree, as y saagh ushtey vec e chione. Bible

shapp ushtey-bea dram shop

sheanse lhiasaghey-ushtey aquaculture science

sheanse ushtey hydraulics

sheeley ushtey wringing wet

shee ushtey nix, nixie

shellagh ushtey (f.) dwarf willow, osier

skian ushtey hydrofoil

sleayd ushtey (f.) raft

sneeuane ushtey water spider

Stashoon Pooar-ushtey Hydro Station

stoandey ushtey water butt

'syn ushtey awash, in the water: As nee persoon glen goaill hyssop, as thummey ehsyn ushtey Bible

tarroo ushtey water bull

tasht ushtey (f.) water supply: Tasht ushtey y cur stiagh. DF

thooilley ushtey water flood: ta yn chiarn na hyi erskyn yn tuilliu-uisky : as ta yn chiarn faraghtyn na rii erson gybragh. Psalm1610

tobbyr ushtey (f.) water-bath

toor ushtey water tower

towshan ushtey water gauge

traastey ushtey water pressure

tramman ushtey (f.) dogberry, guelder rose

trimmid ushtey (f.) water pressure

trogh ushtey drinking trough; water trough

tweet ushtey water pipit

ushtey aeragh aerated water

ushtey bea Scotch, usquebaugh, whiskey, whisky: er yn oyr dy row shin son soiagh er baatey ymmyrt enmyssit "Ree Olav" son dy ghoaill ayns cappeeys y captan er son feaysley jeh kuse dy voteilyn d'ushtey bea! GK

ushtey casherick holy water: Yn ynrican ushtey casherick yn cappan dy ushtey feayr. EF

ushtey chibbyragh well water

ushtey drigit distilled water

ushtey eayil lime water

ushtey farraneagh spring water

ushtey fliaghee rainwater

ushtey fo-halloo conspiracy

ushtey fyseidagh tap water

ushtey giallee bleaching water

ushtey jeeigey ditch water

ushtey king hydrocephalus

ushtey lavander lavender water

ushtey meainagh table water; mineral water

ushtey millish fresh water: Vel farrane cur magh ass yn un gheill ushtey millish as sharroo? Bible

ushtey noa spring tide after neap

ushtey potash potash water

ushtey reise rice water

ushtey rummee bilge water

ushtey saagh dish water

ushtey sallagh foul water

ushtey soda soda water

ushtey stangit dam

ushtey sulfur sulphur water

ushtey thanney shallow water

Ymmyrkagh Ushtey (Yn) Aquarius

ymmyrkagh ushtey bhisti, water bearer, water carrier

blasseyder ushtey bea whisky blender

boayrd yn ushtey gunwale: Voish boayrd yn ushtey gys y chiouyl ta kiare trieghyn dy lhieh ayn. GK

ceaut ec yn ushtey waterworn

co-ghlooder far ushtey fresh water condenser

craa ushtey er besprinkle

Croittyn Poyll Ushtey Water Pool Crofts

cur fo'n ushtey submerge

cur fo ushtey duck

cur ushtey ayns water down

cur ushtey da water, watering

cur ushtey er water, water down

cur ushtey ny hrooid dilute, dilution

Dam y Tarroo Ushtey Water Bull Dam

dow oaldey ushtey water buffalo

eddrymid er ushtey buoyancy

er yn ushtey 1 afloat, by water; 2 on the water a: Er son Samaria, tan ree ecksh giarit jeh myr kesh er yn ushtey Bible

essyl wheeyl ushtey vunneydagh original water wheel axle

Feailley chybbyrt Ushtey Epiphany

fer ushtey fo-halloo wire-puller

geill ushtey cheh hot spring

Gob yn Ushtey Point of the Water

goll fo ushtey submergence

guilley yn ushtey (youngest) child; runt

gyn assee liorish ushtey unaffected by water

iuder ushtey bea whisky drinker

jeen noi ushtey waterproof

kiark ushtey Allen (f.) Allens gallinule

kiark ushtey Americaanagh (f.) American coot

kiark ushtey ghorrym Americaanagh (f.) American purple gallinule

kiark ushtey vane (f.) coot

Laa Gymmyrt Ushtey Epiphany: Lail ymmyrt uyskey. PB1610

lheihys yn ushtey water cure

lheim ass yn ushtey (of whale) breach

Lught-reill Ushtey as Sornaigys Water and Sewerage Authority

Lught-Reill Ushtey Ellan Vannin Isle of Man Water Authority

lus yn ushtey vio (f.) columbine

mac yn ushtey (of person) weed

neuyantagh dy chur fo ushtey unsinkable

obbraghyn glennee ushtey water treatment works

obbraghyn ry hoi glenney ushtey water treatment works


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