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urryssaght (f.) insurance: Urryssaght da'n treeoo fer. DF

Inexact matches:

colught urryssaght insurance company

fo urryssaght insured

jantagh urryssaght insurance agent

sheshaght urryssaght (f.) friendly society

tailley urryssaght insurance premium

urryssaght ashoonagh (f.) national insurance

urryssaght seihill (f.) life assurance

urryssaght varrey (f.) marine insurance

cur rour urryssaght er over-insure

friendly society (n.) sheshaght urryssaght

insurance agent (n.) jantagh urryssaght

insurance company (n.) colught urryssaght

insurance premium (n.) tailley urryssaght

insured fo urryssaght

life assurance (n.) urryssaght seihill

national insurance (n.) urryssaght ashoonagh

over-insure (v.) cur rour urryssaght er

marine insurance (n.) urrysaght lhuingey, urryssaght varrey

premium (n.) tailley: Insurance premium - Tailley urryssaght. DF idiom

insurance (n.) urrysaght, urryssaght: Effect an insurance - Urrysaght y ghoaill magh. DF idiom; urraghys: I took out insurance - Ghow mee urraghys er. DF idiom; shickyraghey

firrinaghey authenticate, confirm, make sure, verify; authentication, confirmation, verification: Ta etlanyn Skianyn Vannin getlagh reesht jiu, erreish da'n cholught geddyn firrinaghey screeut dy vel urryssaght ec ny h-etlanyn reesht. BS

gleashtaneyr motorist: Ny shlee na meeilley gleashtaneyr, t'ad er ve deyrit son gimman fegooish urryssaght ayns Mannin ayns ny queig bleeaney shoh chaie. BS

pargys-keesh tax haven: Coardail rishyn, cha row ny Goaldee arryltagh dy chur urryssaght da etlanyn Skianyn Vannin er y fa dy row ad corree mychione Mannin as ee ny pargys-keesh. BS

cur cree da heartening, reassure: t'eh cur cree da sleih liorish gra nagh lhisagh taillaghyn-urryssaght goll seose kyndagh rish ny thooillaghyn haink er Yn Ellan er y gherrid. BS


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