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urley convaartagh condor

Urley (Yn) Aquilla

urley eagle: t'ad getlagh ersooyl myr urley neealloo yn aer Bible

Inexact matches:

Cronk Urley Eagle Mount

edd urley eyrie

eean urley eaglet

urley bane gerfalcon

Urley braagagh Booted Eagle

urley breck spotted eagle

urley buigh golden eagle

Urley doo Verreaux's Eagle

urley eeastee white-tailed eagle

Urley Impiroil (Yn); (The) Imperial Eagle

Urley impiroil Eastern Imperial Eagle

Urley mair-ghiare Short-toed Eagle

urley marrey sea eagle, white-tailed eagle

Urley meayl Bald Eagle

urley raipagh harpy eagle

Boayrd yn Urley Eagle's Table

Urley breck beg Lesser Spotted Eagle

Urley eeastee Affrickagh African Fish Eagle

Urley impiroil Spaainagh Spanish Imperial Eagle

white-tailed eagle (n.) urley eeastee, urley marrey

eagle (n.) peesh jeih dollar; eagle; urley: The Imperial Eagle - Yn Urley Impiroil. DF idiom

Aquilla (n.) (Yn) Urley

Bald Eagle (n.) Urley meayl

Booted Eagle (n.) Urley braagagh

condor (n.) urley convaartagh

Eagle Mount (n.) Cronk Urley

Eagle's Hill (n.) Cronk Urley

eaglet (n.) eean urley

eyrie (n.) edd urley

golden eagle (n.) urley buigh

harpy eagle (n.) urley raipagh

Imperial Eagle (n.) (The); (Yn) Urley Impiroil

sea eagle (n.) urley marrey

Short-toed Eagle (n.) Urley mair-ghiare

spotted eagle (n.) urley breck

Verreaux's Eagle (n.) Urley doo

Eagle's Table (n.) Boayrd yn Urley

Eastern Imperial Eagle (n.) Urley impiroil

African Fish Eagle (n.) Urley eeastee Affrickagh

gerfalcon (n.) shawk Eeslannagh, shawk Greenlannagh, urley bane

Lesser Spotted Eagle (n.) Urley breck beg

Spanish Imperial Eagle (n.) Urley impiroil Spaainagh

impiroil imperial: Yn Urley Impiroil. DF; jingo

getlagh ersooyl fly away: tad getlagh ersooyl myr urley neealloo yn aer. Bible

lheaney sprain, spraining, spread: Haink gys Lebanon urley mooar lesh skianyn lheaney Bible

ollay (f.) swan: Yn ollay, as y pelican, as yn urley sloo Bible

pelican pelican: Yn ollay, as y pelican, as yn urley sloo Bible

speeint bald: bee oo speeint myr yn urley ta coayll e edjagyn Bible

aalagh (f.) farrow, hatch: Myr ta'n urley gynsaghey yn aalagh eck dy etlagh Bible; (of birds) incubation; (of animals) young

co-ard equally high, equal status: ga dy jinnagh oo dty edd co-ard rish yn urley, raip-yms oo neose veih shen Bible; horizontal

creg (f.) pl. creggyn crag, rock, tor: Raad urley 'syn aer, raad ard-nieu er creg Bible

etlee (=Ir. eitligh) flying; shall fly: etlee ad seose myr er skianyn urley Bible; shall mount up

neealloo ashen grey, pasty; towards the surface, upwards: t'ad getlagh ersooyl myr urley neealloo yn aer Bible

ospray ospray: shoh adsyn nagh jean shiu gee yn urley, as yn ossifrage, as yn ospray Bible

mount up (v.) ardjaghey; troggal seose: Though Babylon should mount up to heaven - Ga dy jinnagh Babylon troggal seose ee hene gys niau Bible; getlagh seose: Doth the eagle mount up at thy command - Vel yn urley getlagh seose er dty hareys Bible

shall mount up etlee: they shall mount up with wings as eagles - etlee ad seose myr er skianyn urley Bible; troggee: they shall mount up like the lifting up of smoke. - troggee ad seose myr y jaagh-chassee neealloo yn aer Bible


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