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upper eaghtyragh; heose

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upper arm (n.) roih heose

upper case (n.) case mooar

upper circle1 (n.) nah halley

upper circle2 (n.) (theatre) kiarkyl-heose

upper class (n.) sleih ooasle

upper crust (n.) sleih mullee

upper epidermis (n.) epiderm s'ardjey

Upper Flat (n.) Faaie Heose

upper hand laue yn eaghtyr

Upper Hill (n.) Cronk Heose

Upper Hillock (n.) Crongan Heose

Upper Hollow (n.) Far Lagg

upper lip (n.) meill syrjey

Upper Marsh (n.) Curragh Heose

Upper Meadow (n.) Lheannee Heose

upper part (n.) braid

Upper School (n.) Scoill Syrjey

Upper Waste (n.) Reeast Heose

Doctor's Upper Pasture (n.) Pairk y Doctor Heose

High Upper Ground (n.) Thalloo ny h'Ard Heose

Looney's Upper Ground (n.) Thalloo Looney Heose

Upper Cairn Fold (n.) Bwoaillee Carnane Heose

Upper Church Street (n.) Straid ny Killey Heose

Upper Cross Farm (n.) Balley Tessyn Heose

Upper Lime Ground (n.) Thalloo Eayl Heose

Upper Nelson Street (n.) Straid Nelson Heose

Upper Rough Meadow (n.) Garroo Lheannagh Heose

upper works of ship (n.) eaghtyr lhuingey

case mooar upper case

Crongan Heose Upper Hillock

Cronk Heose Upper Hill

Curragh Heose Upper Marsh

epiderm s'ardjey upper epidermis

Faaie Heose Upper Flat

Far Lagg Upper Hollow

kiarkyl-heose (theatre) upper circle

Lheannee Heose Upper Meadow

meill syrjey upper lip

nah halley upper circle

Reeast Heose Upper Waste

roih heose upper arm

Scoill Syrjey (f.) Upper School

upper-part (n.) eaghtyr

upper-stone (n.) clagh eaghtyragh

clagh eaghtyragh (f.) upper-stone

Balley Tessyn Heose Upper Cross Farm

Bwoaillee Carnane Heose Upper Cairn Fold

eaghtyr lhuingey upper works of ship

Garroo Lheannagh Heose Upper Rough Meadow

Pairk y Doctor Heose Doctor's Upper Pasture

Straid Nelson Heose (f.) Upper Nelson Street

Straid ny Killey Heose (f.) Upper Church Street

Thalloo Eayl Heose Upper Lime Ground

Thalloo Looney Heose Looney's Upper Ground

Thalloo ny h'Ard Heose High Upper Ground

heose (=Ir. thuas) above, aloft, up, upper: soilshee-ym yindyssyn ayns yn aer heose Bible; overhead

fuller's field (n.) magher y ghialleyder: the upper pool in the highway of the fuller's field - yn loghansyrjey ter y raad-vooar liorish magher yn ghialleyder. Bible

hall (n.) halley: Upper end of a hall - Kione eaghtyragh jeh halley. DF idiom; thie mooar

jaw1 (n.) cab: Say 'abbot' without moving your jaw - Abbyr 'abb' dyn gleashagh dty chab. DF idiom; keeil: The upper jaw - Yn keeil eaghtyragh. DF idiom; cabberaght

lintels (npl.) linteyryn: both the cormorant and the bittern shall lodge in the upper lintels - nee chammah yn choayr as y bittern goaill aaght ayns ny linteyryn mullee Bible

of a river (gen.) awiney: The upper waters of a river - Baare awiney. DF idiom

watercourse (n.) arey, clash ushtey, gill, stroo; coorse ushtey: This same Hezekiah also stopped the upper watercourse of Gihon - Shohn Hezekiah cheddin yeigh seose coorse-ushtey Ghihon heose Bible

braid (=Ir. braigh and braid) (pl -yn) strut; splinter bar; theft; stolen goods; COMPARE Breid upper part, heights, mountain top

eaghtyragh shallow, skin-deep, superficial; top-level: Coloayrtyssyn eaghtyragh. DF; superior, upper: Yn Whaiyl Eaghtyragh. DF; pelagic, surface feeding; upland

laue yn eaghtyr (f.) advantage, upper hand, mastery, superiority, triumph, victory, whip hand: hooar eh yn varriaght as laue yn eaghtyr harrystoo Bible

sleih mullee élite, upper crust: my t'ad libraalagh t'ad cheet dy ve imneagh tra ta sleih elley gra dy vel ny scoillyn Vretnish ayns shen son y ''sleih mullee''. Carn

sleih ooasle upper class: Honnick ny Britaanee ny rinkaghyn shoh goll y yannoo ec yn sleih ooasle, as v'ad smooinaghtyn dy row ad nyn ayrn jeh'n vea berchagh. Carn

bittern (n.) coar vooar: I will also make it a possession for the bittern - Neem eh y yannoo ny chaitnys dan choayr-vooar Bible; coayr: But the cormorant and the bittern shall possess it - Agh nee yn cormorant, as y choayr cummal ayn Bible; bittern: both the cormorant and the bittern shall lodge in the upper lintels of it - nee chammah yn choayr as y bittern goaill aaght ayns ny linteyryn mullee eck Bible; ushag ny boob

eaghtyr COMPARE iightyr, iyghtyr 1 surface, top, upper-part, uppers a: ren yn arg shiauley er eaghtyr ny ushtaghyn. Bible; 2 (of shoe) vamp; 3 area; 4 overburden, superstructure [OIr. úachtar ]


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