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understanding reaghys: To come to an understanding with - Dy heet gys reaghys marish. DF idiom; tastaght; toiggalagh; toiggaltagh; toiggaltys; toiggalys; toiggyl; toiggal: It is past all understanding - T'eh erskyn ooilley toiggal. DF idiom; tushtey: He has a great understanding of Manx - Ta tushtey mooar jeh'n Ghaelg echey. DF idiom; tushtagh

Inexact matches:

lack of understanding neuhoiggaltys

man of understanding (n.) dooinney schleioil

tastaght (f.) sapience, understanding

neuhoiggaltys (f.) ignorance, lack of understanding, stupidness

toiggaltagh intellectual, person that understands; knowing, understanding

tushtagh comprehensible; discreet; knowledge; prudent; understanding

toiggalagh (keen-witted) acute; enlightened, judicious, understanding: bee yn vooinjer chreeney toiggalagh. Bible

toiggaltys (f.) acuity, intellect, understanding: Dy heet gys eash y toiggaltys. DF

toiggyl understanding: As cha row toiggyl oc jeh'n raa loayr eh roo Bible

friendly (adj.) caarjysagh, mooinjeroil; caarjoil: Friendly understanding - Reaghys caarjoil. DF idiom; curtheet: Him and her have been too friendly - T'eshyn as ish er ve ro churtheet. DF idiom

dooinney schleioil man of understanding: Ta coyrle ayns cree dooinney gollrish ushtey dowin: agh nee dooinney schleioil tayrn magh eh Bible

lhag-hushtagh nutcase; void of understanding: Ta'n dooinney lhag-hushtagh coyrt e laue, as t'eh goll raane fenish e charrey. Bible

reaghys (f.) arbitration, arrangement, clearing, conciliation, set, settlement, tryst, understanding: Nod oo cur reaghys er y feysht shoh? DF

toiggal (=Ir. tuiscint) (f.) See toiggyl 1 (n.) apprehension, comprehension, construction, realization a: bee toiggal eu jeh'n irriney Bible; 2 (v.) comprehend, conceive, construe, digest, figure, mean, perceive, realize, realising, understand; 3 understanding

toiggalys (of mind) acuteness; understanding: Veagh toiggalys oc er feyshtyn sy Ghaelg, agh yinnagh ad ansoor sy Vaarle. Carn; intelligence

tushtey discretion, judgement, interpretation, knowledge: Agh dooinyn t'eh cur tushtey jeh hene ayns persoonyn yn Ayr, y Mac as y Spyrryd Noo CS; understanding

knowledge (n.) enn, enney, oayllys, ynsagh; fys: The less knowledge one has, the more conceited one is - Myr sloo yn fys t'ec fer, smoo corvian t'echey. JJK idiom; fyssyree; tushtey: And he hath filled him with the spirit of God, in wisdom, in understanding, and in knowledge - As teh er lhieeney eh lesh spyrryd Yee, ayns creenaght, ayns tushtey Bible; tushtagh


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