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uinnag (=Ir. fuinneog) (f.) See uinniag light, window: uinnag jeant jeh skeiltanyn-hessenagh JK

Inexact matches:

coamreyder uinnag window-dresser

coamrey uinnag window-dressing

fraamey uinnag window frame

kerrin uinnag window pane, windowpane

kishtey uinnag window box

leac uinnag (f.) sill, windowledge, window sill, windowsill

leoaie uinnag (f.) came, window lead, window leads

sash uinnag window sash

soieag uinnag (f.) window seat

taishbynys uinnag window display

uinnag charriads (f.) carriage window

uinnag chasemint (f.) casement, casement window

uinnag chlea (f.) dormer window, skylight

uinnag chleeah (f.) lattice window

uinnag chooyl (f.) rear light

uinnag chruinn (f.) bull's-eye window

uinnag far-ghorrys (f.) transom window

uinnag ghaait (f.) stained glass window

uinnag gharrad (f.) garret window

uinnag happ (f.) shop window

uinnag hash (f.) sash window

uinnag hostynagh (f.) bow window

uinnag hrasnane (f.) transom window

uinnag lattagh (f.) louvre

uinnag lhuingey (f.) porthole

uinnag oslee (f.) casement window

uinnag sleaystagh (f.) fanlight

uinnag sterrym (f.) storm window

uinnag veg (f.) eyehole

uinnag volganagh (f.) bull's-eye window

uinnag vowagh (f.) bow window

uinnag wheeylagh (f.) wheel window

uinnag yeushanagh (f.) casement window

cur yiarn rish uinnag bar

uinnag ny sooilley (f.) cornea

casement window (n.) uinnag chasemint, uinnag oslee, uinnag yeushanagh

bow window uinnag hostynagh; uinnag vowagh

bull's-eye window (n.) uinnag chruinn; uinnag volganagh

transom window (n.) uinnag far-ghorrys, uinnag hrasnane

window (n.) uinnag: Open the window - Foshil yn uinnag. JJK idiom; uinniag

carriage window (n.) uinnag charriads

casement (n.) uinnag chasemint

cornea (n.) uinnag ny sooilley

dormer window (n.) uinnag chlea

fanlight (n.) uinnag sleaystagh

garret window (n.) uinnag gharrad

lattice window (n.) uinnag chleeah

louvre (n.) uinnag lattagh

sash window (n.) uinnag hash

shop window (n.) uinnag happ

skylight (n.) uinnag chlea

storm window (n.) uinnag sterrym

wheel window uinnag wheeylagh

window box (n.) kishtey uinnag

window display (n.) taishbynys uinnag

window-dresser (n.) coamreyder uinnag

window-dressing coamrey uinnag

window frame (n.) fraamey uinnag

window lead (n.) leoaie uinnag

window leads (n.) leoaie uinnag

windowledge (n.) leac uinnag

windowpane (n.) kerrin uinnag

window pane (n.) kerrin uinnag

window sash (n.) sash uinnag

window seat (n.) soieag uinnag

windowsill (n.) leac uinnag

window sill (n.) leac uinnag

ordaagagh butter-fingered, clumsy: hass mee jeeaghyn er yn uinnag, goaill yindys quoi erbee va fosley yn uinnag er aght cha ordaagagh. JC

ambry (n.) far-uinnag

bay window (n.) baie-uinnag

bole (n.) far-uinnag

came1 (v.) haink; raink; leoaie uinnag

false window (n.) far-uinnag

porthole (n.) towl lhuingey, uinnag lhuingey

rose-window (n.) rose-uinnag

stained glass window uinnag ghaait

baie-uinnag (f.) bay window

cleeah-uinnag (f.) lattice

far-uinnag (f.) alcove, ambry, bole, false window, recess

rose-uinnag (f.) rose, rose-window

towl-uinnag (f.) port

alcove (n.) bwaag gharagh; cuilleig; far-uinnag

lattice (n.) cleeah; cleeah-uinnag; cur cleeah er

sill (n.) leac uinnag, laare, jeayst; sole

bar1 (n.) barr, bolt; barrey, sparrey; (v.) cur maidjey, cur yiarn rish uinnag

eyehole (n.) croa; croae; lhagg ny sooilley; towl; towl speeikearagh; uinnag veg

rear light (n.) londeyr jerree, soilshey cooyl, soilshey jerree, sollys jerree, uinnag chooyl

recess (n.) boayl fadanagh; cuilleig; far-uinnag; traa seyr; (v.) scart

bwoalley er pound: Fliaghey bwoalley er yn uinnag. DF

cur y sneg er bar shut: Cur y sneg er yn uinnag. DF

dy charraghey under repair: Hooar ee dooinney dy charraghey yn uinnag. DF

shassoo rish stand by: Neeym shassoo rish yn uinnag. DF

slashal lash: Ren y fliaghey slashal yn uinnag. DF; whip; splice

sneg (f.) catch, latch, sneck: Cur y sneg er yn uinnag. DF; holdfast

blew (v.) heab, heeb; heid, heïd: The wind blew the rain against the window - Heid y gheay y fliaghey noi'n uinnag. DF idiom

entire (adj.) ooilley; slane: There wasn't an entire window in the house - Cha row uinnag slane 'sy thie. DF idiom

mend (v.) bishaghey, fuailley, kiartaghey, lheihys, slanaghey, whalley; lhiassaghey; couyral: He is on the mend - T'eh couyral. DF idiom; (to); (dy) charraghey: She got a man in to mend the window - Hooar ee dooinney dy charraghey yn uinnag. DF idiom

port1 (n.) purt: We called in a port - Hug shin stiagh ayns purt. DF idiom; towl, towl-uinnag; beealag

pash (f.) panmug, potsherd: siyn-chraie, claareeyn, glessyn as boteilyn, jesheenyn as jallooyn g'etlagh trooid yn uinnag, dy jarroo red erbee oddagh ee goaill greim er, eer y pash-vooin veih'n chamyr-chadlee! JG

pash-vooin piss pot: siyn-chraie, claareeyn, glessyn as boteilyn, jesheenyn as jallooyn g'etlagh trooid yn uinnag, dy jarroo red erbee oddagh ee goaill greim er, eer y pash-vooin veih'n chamyr-chadlee! JG

light1 1 (adj.) eddrym: Light soil - Thalloo eddrym. DF idiom; 2 (v.) foaddey; 3 gillid; 4 glonney; 5 lampey; 6 leayrtys; 7 (n.) londeyr; 8 (n.) lonnyr; 9 (n.) lossan; 10 lossey: Light up - Soilshaghey y lossey. DF idiom; 11 soilshagh; 12 soilshaghey; 13 (n.) soilshey: We have electric light - Ta soilshey electragh ain. JJK idiom a sollys; 14 (n.) uinnag; 15 (n.) ray-sollys; 16 soilshee: Light me to my room - Soilshee mee gys my hamyr. JJK idiom; 17 (v.) foad: Don't light the fire yet - Ny foad yn aile foast. JJK idiom; 18 eddrymee; 19 neu-hrome

open1 foshil: Open the window - Foshil yn uinnag. JJK idiom; foshley; reurit; foshlit: He had his mouth and eyes open - Va e veeal as e hooillyn foshlit echey. JJK idiom; fosley: Will you open the door? - Jean shiu fosley yn dorrys? JJK idiom; soilshaghey; gyn eirkey, gyn kiangle

rose rosag; rose: There's no rose without a thorn - Cha nel rose erbee fegooish jolg. JJK idiom; rose-uinnag; ruissag; sock; (v.) dirree: He rose from the dead - Dirree eh veih ny merriu. DF idiom


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