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uillinagh (gen.) angled, angular, displacement, jostling

Inexact matches:

bieauid uillinagh angular velocity

chyndaa uillinagh U-turn

crantessen uillinagh angular diameter

croghane uillinagh knee-bracket

kiangle uillinagh elbow joint

lauean uillinagh elbow-glove

menkid uillinagh angular frequency

piob uillinagh (f.) union pipe; (Irish) bagpipe

plait uillinagh corner plate

troorane kern-uillinagh right-angled triangle

yiarn uillinagh angle iron

angle iron (n.) yiarn uillinagh

angular diameter (n.) crantessen uillinagh

angular frequency menkid uillinagh

angular velocity (n.) bieauid uillinagh

bagpipe3 (n.) (Irish) piob uillinagh

corner plate (n.) plait uillinagh

elbow-glove (n.) lauean uillinagh

jostling puhttagh, uillinagh; puhttey

knee-bracket (n.) croghane uillinagh

union pipe (n.) piob uillinagh

U-turn (n.) chyndaa uillinagh

angular (adj.) cooiljeigagh, corneilagh, injeigagh, uillinagh

displacement (n.) arraghey, scughey, toilleeaght, uillinagh

equiangular (adj.) co-uillinagh

hexangular (adj.) shey-uillinagh

nonagon (n.) nuy-uillinagh; nuyin

nonagonal (adj.) nuy-uillinagh

obtuse-angled meayl-uillinagh

octangular (adj.) hoght-uillinagh

orthogonal (n.) cair-uillinagh

out of square sar-uillinagh

quadrangular (adj.) kiare-uillinagh

right-angled (adj.) kern-uillinagh

right-angled triangle (n.) troorane kern-uillinagh

triangular (adj.) tree-uillinagh, trooaneagh, trooraneagh

cair-uillinagh orthogonal

co-uillinagh equiangular

hoght-uillinagh octangular

kern-uillinagh right-angled

kiare-uillinagh quadrangular

meayl-uillinagh obtuse-angled

nuy-uillinagh nonagon, nonagonal

sar-uillinagh out of square

shey-uillinagh hexangular

tree-uillinagh triangular

elbow joint (n.) kiangle uillinagh, olt ny huillin, uillin

angled uillinagh: Right angled triangle - Troorane kern-uillinagh. DF idiom


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