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uillin veayl (f.) obtuse angle

uillin (f.) pl. uiljyn 1 angle, corner, crook, elbow, elbow joint a: Smerg da ny mraane ta whaalley pillaghyn [obbee] fo dagh uillin Bible; 2 nudge

Inexact matches:

uillin er uillin arm in arm

jannoo uillin elbow

skelloo uillin (f.) armrest

tackish uillin (f.) elbow-rest

uillin aailley (f.) reflex angle

uillin cherrinagh (f.) square elbow

uillin ghaa-hreedragh (f.) dihedral

uillin ghear (f.) sharp angle

uillin gheyre (f.) acute angle

uillin howsheyder (f.) protractor

uillin huittym (f.) angle of incidence

uillin loghtagh (f.) hade

uillin sthie (f.) interior angle

uillin towsheyder (f.) sextant, theodolite

uillin virragh (f.) acute angle

craue yn uillin funny bone

cur uillin da nudge

gys yn uillin elbow-high

uillin y howse (to) take an angle

elbow (n.) camys; uillin: The elbow is closer than the fist - S'niessey yn uillin na'n doarn. DF idiom; (v.) uillinaghey, jannoo uillin, uilliney

acute angle (n.) geyre-uillin, uillin gheyre, uillin virragh

arm in arm (adv.) uillin er uillin

nudge brod; cur uillin da; uillin

angle1 (v.) breckaragh, eeastagh, eeastaghey; (n.) corneil: Cant off an angle - Corneil y veayllaghey. DF idiom; cruinney; ollaghan; uillin: Angle of twenty degrees - Uillin jeh feed cheim. DF idiom

armrest (n.) skelloo uillin, taggey-uillin

corner1 (n.) uillin; cooill

dihedral (n., adj.) daa-heedragh, uillin ghaa-hreedragh

elbow-rest (n.) tackish uillin

hade (n.) uillin loghtagh

interior angle (n.) uillin sthie

obtuse angle (n.) uillin veayl

protractor (n.) uillin howsheyder

reflex angle (n.) uillin aailley

sextant (n.) uillin towsheyder

sharp angle (n.) uillin ghear

square elbow (n.) uillin cherrinagh

theodolite (n.) uillin towsheyder

base angle (n.) bun-uillin

dodecagon (n.) daa-uillin-jeig; daa-yeigin

elbow-high gy-huillin; gys yn uillin

funny bone (n.) craue yn uillin

isogon (n.) co-chleaynys, co-uillin

right angle (n.) kern-uillin

bun-uillin base angle

co-uillin isogon

daa-uillin-jeig dodecagon

geyre-uillin acute angle

kern-uillin (f.) right angle

taggey-uillin armrest

angle of incidence (n.) cuinney huittym; uillin huittym

crook1 cammaghey; cammey; croagane; rag-rannee; uillin

elbow joint (n.) kiangle uillinagh, olt ny huillin, uillin

take an angle (v.) (to) uillin y howse

jog craa; sonk; sonkal: Jog an elbow - Uillin y honkal. DF idiom

s'niessey closer: S'niessey yn uillin na'n doarn. DF; closest; nearer; nearest

closer (n.) dooneyder, jeighder; s'niessey: The elbow is closer than the fist - S'niessey yn uillin na'n doarn. DF idiom

elevation (n.) ard-cheim; caslys; ooaslid; yrjaghey; yrjey: Angle of elevation - Uillin yrjey. DF idiom; yrjid: Elevation above sea level - Yrjid erskyn y cheayn. DF idiom

submarine (n.) (adj.) fo-honn, fo-vooir; (n.) fovooirane: Enemy submarine bearing 207 degrees - Fo-vooirane y noid ard uillin daa cheead cheim as shiaght. DF idiom

pillaghyn pillows: Smerg da ny mraane ta whaalley pillaghyn [obbee] fo dagh uillin, as jannoo reddyn [obbee] son king jeh dy chooilley eash, dy chleayney anmeenyn! Bible

whaalley sew: Smerg da ny mraane ta whaalley pillaghyn [obbee] fo dagh uillin Bible

sew1 (v.) fuailley; whaalley: Woe to the women that sew pillows to all armholes - Smerg da ny mraane ta whaalley pillaghyn [obbee] fo dagh uillin Bible; whaaley: A time to rend, and a time to sew - Traa dy rassey, as traa dy whaaley Bible


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