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twister1 (n.) casseyder, lhoobeyr; kialgeyr

twister2 (n.) (for rope) coar: Making suggane with the twister - Jannoo suggane lesh y choar. DF idiom; trooar

twister3 (n.) (rogue) rannee

Inexact matches:

tongue twister (n.) cass-ockle

cass-ockle tongue twister

rannee (rogue) twister; wag

trooar (for rope) twister

lhoobeyr double-dealer, meanderer, trickster, twister

casseyder See cassider pl. casseyderyn accuser; twister, whirligig; abuser

coar (=Ir. cóir) (f.) 1 crane a: Myr eean coar, ny gollan-geayee Bible; 2 (for rope) twister; 3 (adj.) acquiescent, affable, approachable, decent, easy-going, fair-minded, indulgent, inoffensive, kindly, nice, obliging, over, easygoing: Dooinney coar DF; 4 benign; 5 civil [O.Ir. corr]

kialgeyr betrayer, cheat, con man, deceitful person, deceiver, double-dealer, fiddler, fly boy, hypocrite, illusionist, plotter, schemer, swindler, trickster, twister: Ta kialgeyr lesh e veeal cur coayll da e naboo Bible; dissembler


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