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twisted carrit, cassit, chyndaait; feeaghnagh, trooragh

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twisted cord (n.) coyrd cast

twisted thing (n.) stramlag

twisted straw rope (n.) suggane

carrit twined, twirled, twisted

coyrd cast twisted cord

trooragh ternary, triplicate, twisted

stramlag (f.) awkward thing, twisted thing

feeaghnagh twisted, wreathen: jeh obbyr feeaghnagh nee oo ad Bible

suggane (=Ir.sugan) twisted straw rope: Jannoo suggane lesh y choar. DF

chyndaait See chyndait converted, translated, turned, twisted: lhig da'n gharaghtee eu ve chyndaait gys dobberan Bible

cassit contorted, distorted: as y crackan eck cho dhone as reen as lhiare, lurg lhing liauyr jeh obbyr creoie cheumooie ayns ny magheryn, as va e laueyn crontit as cassit lesh aacheoid. Dhoor; twirled, twisted: Bare lesh eh stoo gollrish shenn teid, cassit as thummit ayns therr v'eh freayll ayns duinid e phoggaid. MB; legged; swung


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