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tushtey discretion, judgement, interpretation, knowledge: Agh dooinyn t'eh cur tushtey jeh hene ayns persoonyn yn Ayr, y Mac as y Spyrryd Noo CS; understanding

Inexact matches:

erskyn tushtey incomprehensible: As dy hoiggal graih Chreest, ta erskyn tushtey Bible

gyn tushtey indiscriminating: tar-jee er-gerrey cooidjagh, shiuish scapailtee ny ashoonyn: t'ad gyn tushtey ta soiaghey seose fuygh nyn yalloo grainnit, as ta goaill padjer gys Jee nagh vod sauail. Bible

harrish tushtey incomprehensible

tushtey bodjallyn nephrology

tushtey caggee military tactics

tushtey cooie true knowledge: Cha vel doghan erbee sdangeyragh na dy ve fegooish tushtey cooie. EF

tushtey geayee anemography

tushtey najoor natural history

tushtey ro-laue foreknowledge

tushtey taitnyssagh fun facts

gyn tushtey er earrooyn innumerate

lught yn tushtey intellectual, intelligentsia

tushtey yn stiureyder pilotage

Sheshaght son Tushtey Dooghys as Graihderyn Shenn Reddyn Ellan Vannin (f.) Isle of Man Natural History and Antiquarian Society

incomprehensible (adj.) do-hoiggal, erskyn tushtey, harrish tushtey, neuhoiggalagh; keilt

anemography (n.) tushtey geayee

indiscriminating (adj.) gyn tushtey; meevriwnyssagh

intelligentsia (n.) lught yn tushtey

military tactics (n.) tushtey caggee

natural history (n.) tushtey najoor

nephrology (n.) tushtey bodjallyn

true knowledge (n.) tushtey cooie

geography (n.) cheer-oaylleeaght; tushtey-ny-cruinney

innumerate (adj.) gyn tushtey er earrooyn

intellectual (n.) lught yn tushtey; (n., adj.) toiggaltagh

knowledge (n.) enn, enney, oayllys, ynsagh; fys: The less knowledge one has, the more conceited one is - Myr sloo yn fys t'ec fer, smoo corvian t'echey. JJK idiom; fyssyree; tushtey: And he hath filled him with the spirit of God, in wisdom, in understanding, and in knowledge - As teh er lhieeney eh lesh spyrryd Yee, ayns creenaght, ayns tushtey Bible; tushtagh

understanding reaghys: To come to an understanding with - Dy heet gys reaghys marish. DF idiom; tastaght; toiggalagh; toiggaltagh; toiggaltys; toiggalys; toiggyl; toiggal: It is past all understanding - T'eh erskyn ooilley toiggal. DF idiom; tushtey: He has a great understanding of Manx - Ta tushtey mooar jeh'n Ghaelg echey. DF idiom; tushtagh

tushtey-ny-cruinney geography

discretion (n.) feeudys; reajid; reajys; keeayl; tushtey

foreknowledge (n.) fys rolaue, fysseree, tushtey ro-laue

fun facts (npl.) feeridyn aitt; tushtey taitnyssagh

interpretation (n.) bree; bun; eddyr-hengaghey; soilshaghey; meanal; tushtey

pilotage (n.) faill yn stiureyder, keesh stiuree; tushtey yn stiureyder, schlei yn stiureyder; stiureydys

ayndoo in them: chamoo ta veg y tushtey ayndoo Bible

doalley blind, blinding: son ta'n gioot doalley sooillyn y tushtey Bible

eshyn he, him, himself: Eshyn shynney lesh ynsagh, shynney lesh tushtey Bible

freillys keepeth: eshyn freillys tushtey yiow eh mie Bible

keeal (f.) intellect, meaning: ta tushtey aashagh dasyn ta keeal echey.; sense

keeall (=Ir. ciall) (f.) sense, significance: derrey harragh shin gys eash keeall as tushtey

sheeltys (f.) abstemiousness, temperance: As gys tushtey, sheeltys; as gys sheeltys, surranse Bible; (from alcohol) abstinence

stroialtee wasters: agh eshyn ta taaghey marish stroialtee, t'eh laccal tushtey. Bible

theihll (y); (of the) world: Son she Jee reen theihll ooilley: gow-jee arraneyn-moyllee lesh tushtey. Bible

increase1 aavooadaghey, ardjaghey, bishaghey, cur seose, sheeyney; brash; mooadys; mooadaghey: and he that increaseth knowledge increaseth sorrow - as eshyn ta mooadaghey tushtey, teh mooadaghey deinys DF idiom

Isle of Man Natural History and Antiquarian Society (n.) Sheshaght son Tushtey Dooghys as Graihderyn Shenn Reddyn Ellan Vannin

judgement (n.) briwnys: Listen with each ear, then render judgement - Eaisht lesh dagh cleaysh eisht jean briwnys. JJK idiom; reaylt; tushtey

arganeyn strifes: Teh moyrnagh, er beggan tushtey, agh branladee mysh questionyn as arganeyn streeuagh Bible; arguments; disputes

bolvaneagh (=Ir. balbhán) foolish, senseless, silly, stupid: Ta dy chooilley ghooinney jeu bolvaneagh ayns tushtey Bible

branladee doting: Teh moyrnagh, er beggan tushtey, agh branladee mysh questionyn as arganeyn streeuagh Bible

creenaght (f.) art, astuteness, judiciousness, policy, prudence, wisdom, level-headedness, sagacity, sharp-sightedness: va'n Chiarn er choyrt creenaght as tushtey Bible

creesteeaght See creestiaght sacrament: Creesteeaght obbyr dy chooilley ghooinney, as foddee dooinney er beggan tushtey, my ta cree onnor agh echey, fys ve echey er e churrym as foddee eh yannoo eh, CS

cur er y hoshiaght prosper; further; bring forward: As loayr Hezekiah dy gerjoilagh rish ooilley ny Leviteyn, va cur er y hoshiaght tushtey mie yn Chiarn Bible

cur gyn vree pervert: son tan gioot doalley sooillyn y tushtey, as cur gyn bree goan yn vooinjer ynrick. Bible

duinid (f.) richness; profundity: O duinid y verchys chammah jeh creenaght as tushtey Yee! Bible

dy baghtal apparently, clearly, explicitly, unmistakably: hig tushtey dy baghtal veih my veillyn. Bible

dyn dy bragh nevermore: as dyn dy bragh abyl cheet gys tushtey jeh'n irriney. Bible

farrysthie housekeeping; husbandry: Son ta shinyn co-obbreeyn fo Jee ta shiuish farrysthie Yee, shiuish troggal Yee. Bible; tillage, ploughing: Ta nyn saie beaghey ayns farrysthie ny boghtyn: agh ta fer ayn, ta goll mow son laccal tushtey. Bible

fer-ynsee pl. fir-ynsee male teacher, master, schoolteacher, teacher: foddee dooinney er beggan tushtey, my ta cree onnoragh echey, fys ve echey er e churrym as foddee eh yannoo eh, chammah as y fer-ynsee smoo erbee. CS

gollrooin like us: V'eh er ny chroo 'sy jalloo ain, gollrooin ayns cairys, creenaght, tushtey as resoon PC

gyn enmys unaddressed, unspecified: agh t'eh scanshoil gyn enmys dy chooilley hingys nagh vel tushtey ain Dhoor

hoig (v.) understood: hoig eh yn chooish, as va tushtey echey jeh'n ashlish Bible; perceived

jiooldyms I will reject: son dy vel uss er n'yiooldey rish tushtey, jiooldyms myrgeddin rhyt's Bible

keeayllagh judicious, lucid, discreet: bee tushtey ny deiney keeayllagh er ny choyrt naardey Bible

lhiasaghey bea correction, conversion: te vondeishagh son ynsagh, son oghsan, son lhiasaghey bea, son tushtey ayns ynrickys Bible

ooilley-cooidjagh altogether, en masse, quite: Agh t'ad ooilley-cooidjagh bolvaneagh as gyn tushtey; ta'n jalloo ny ynsagh dy ardalys. Bible

ouryssyn surmisings: T'eh moyrnagh, er beggan tushtey, agh branladee mysh questionyn as arganeyn streeuagh, voue ta cheet troo, anvea, oltooan, drogh-ouryssyn Bible

s'diuney (ny) deeper: Teh ny syrjey na niau; cre oddys oo y yannoo? ny sdiuney na niurin; cren tushtey oddysve ayd jeh? Bible; deepest: ooilley ny ta giu ushtey, er nyn gherjaghey ayns ardjyn s'diuney y thallooin. Bible

Sheenagh Chinaman, Chinese: Ta tushtey dy liooar cheet veih'n smooinaght dy vel eh foddey ny sassey dy yannoo studeyrys er cooishyn Frangagh, Rooshagh, Giarmaanagh, Sheenagh as myr shen na er cooishyn Celtiagh. Carn

ynsym I will instruct: ynsym oo ayns aght cha aashagh dy ve toiggit nagh lhiass dhyt çherraghtyn son laccal tushtey CS

rash1 dyn tort, gyn tort: The heart also of the rash shall understand knowledge - Nee yn cree ocsyn myrgeddin ta gyn tort toiggal tushtey Bible; joltee; raghtal; siyragh: Be not rash with thy mouth - Ny bee siyragh lesh dty veeal Bible

broid dirt: ta ny ushtaghyn eck tilgey seose laagh as broïd Bible; grime, nastiness, pollutant, smut, vileness: As tan cheer fo slane broid Bible; filthiness: Chamoo broid, ny glare ommijagh, ny craid, nagh vel jesh; agh ayns ynnyd oc shoh coyrt booise. Bible; filth: cha nee liorish cur ersooyl broid yn eill, agh liorish yn ansoor dy chooinsheanse vie gys Jee Bible; pollution: Son lurg daue ve er haghney broid y theihll trooid tushtey jeh'n Chiarn as Saualtagh Yeesey Creest Bible; corruption: Te er ny chuirr ayns broid; te troggit seose ayns glennid: Bible; impurity


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