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turrys (=Ir. turas) (f.) (of sea) crossing, passage; excursion, expedition, itinerary, jaunt, journey, outing, progress, run, tour, trip: Bee turrys sterrymagh ain jiu. DF; (of planet) transit; (of postman) walk

Inexact matches:

baatey turrys pleasure boat

jannoo turrys ply, make a journey: Va'n ventyr Americaanagh Space Ship One, ny Lhong Spoar Nane, speeideilagh as ee jannoo turrys tree minnid ayns spoar ren cosney moylley mooar. BS

kied turrys maiden voyage

turrys aer air-journey, air-passage

turrys barroose bus journey

turrys bus bus journey

turrys cosheeagh walking tour

turrys iu pub crawl

turrys laa day trip

turrys marrey cruise, sea trip, voyage

turrys shooyl walking tour

turrys speyr air-journey

turrys taitnys pleasure trip

turrys varrey (f.) sea passage

dy ve er turrys on tour

jannoo turrys marrey cruise

turrys ayn as er ash return trip, round trip

turrys er ash return journey

turrys ny croshey stations of the cross

Turrys ny Frank Tour de France

air-journey (n.) turrys aer; turrys speyr

bus journey (n.) turrys barroose, turrys bus

walking tour turrys cosheeagh; turrys shooyl

cruise coorsal; jannoo turrys marrey; marrinys; shiaulley; turrys marrey

tour chyrrys; turrys: Walking tour - Turrys cosheeagh. DF idiom

trip jurnaa; snapperal; trip; trippal; turrys: Round trip - Turrys ayn as er ash. DF idiom

crossing2 (n.) (of sea) turrys

day trip (n.) turrys laa

excursion (n.) turrys

itinerary (n.) cummey, turrys

jaunt (n.) turrys

maiden voyage (n.) kied turrys

outing (n.) turrys

outward (adj., adv.) cadjin-foshlit; er y cheu mooie; magh: The outward and homeward voyages - Yn turrys magh as yn turrys dy valley. DF idiom; mooie

pleasure trip (n.) turrys taitnys

pub crawl (n.) turrys iu

sea trip (n.) turrys marrey

transit2 (of planet) turrys

walk4 (n.) (of postman) turrys

air-passage (n.) feddan aer; turrys aer

cruise liners (npl.) laineyryn-turrys

journey jurnaa: You have been on a journey - Ta shiu er ve er jurnaa. JJK idiom; jurnah; jurnaaghey, treealley, troalaghey; treeal: On a journey - Er treeal. DF idiom; troailt; troailtys; turrys: On the journey out - Er yn turrys noon. DF idiom; turrysagh; astyr; (to); (dy) hroailt

make a journey (v.) jannoo turrys

ply filley; jannoo turrys; obbraghey

return journey (n.) turrys er ash

sea passage (n.) marrinys; turrys varrey

dy (=Ir. de) 1 if a: Dy beagh oo er ve glen as ynrick Bible; 2 of a: lhig da mysh ghaa ny three dy housaneyn dooinney goll seose Bible; 3 that a: Dy vod fysve ec ooilleyn seihll dy neen Chiarn y Jee Bible; 4 (motion) to: Yn turrys magh as yn turrys dy valley. Bible; 5 toward

laineyryn-turrys cruise liners

turrys-contoyrtys expedition

expedition (n.) jurnaa; siyraghey; turrys, turrys-contoyrtys, thurrys

pleasure boat (n.) baatey taitnys, baatey turrys

return trip (n.) turrys ayn as er ash

round trip (n.) keayrt, turrys ayn as er ash

stations of the cross (n.) turrys ny croshey

Tour de France (n.) Turrys ny Frank

on tour (n.) dy ve er turrys; er y raad

passage (n.) bollagh, beeal, cassan, entreilys, fosley, goll, limmer, turrys; (of book) meer, sluight

progress (v.) goll er oai, jannoo keayrt, immeeaght; (n.) keayrt, turrys

er fud during, overall, throughout: Turrys y yannoo er fud cheer. DF

sterrymagh inclement, stormy, tempestuous: Bee turrys sterrymagh ain jiu. DF

of the cross croshey: The Stations of the Cross - Turrys ny Croshey. DF idiom

run (n.) aber; straih; turrys; jerrey lhuingey; (v.) cur er e hoshiaght; cur ny roie; goll seose; ratch; roie; roit; sheeley; shelg

voyage marrinys: On the voyage home - Er y varrinys noal. DF idiom; shiaulley; troailt; troailtys marrey; turrys marrey; veyge

Austrail (f.) (Yn) Australia: Bee hionnraaghyn elley ayn er y turrys gys Sellafield, myr sampleyr ec slystyn-marrey yn Austrail as ec Meayll ny Treisht, syn Affrick Yiass. BS

chyrrys See turrys business, errand, message, tour: cha row chyrrys ayd ayns shoh, agh dy akin y chaggey Bible

earisheyr (=Ir. iriseoir) journalist: honnick mee red yindyssagh ayns pabyr-naight Sostnagh mychione turrys jeant ec earisheyr gys yn Eeslyn, gys Reykjavik. Carn

Glaschu (=Ir. Glaschú) Glasgow: Va'n turrys yindyssagh, er-lhimmey jeh shey ooryn jeig as feed va shin ceau ec yn phurt aer Glaschu Carn

meayll (f.) cape, mull, promontory: Bee çhionnraaghyn elley ayn er y turrys gys Sellafield, myr sampleyr ec slystyn-marrey yn Austrail as ec Meayll ny Treisht, syn Affrick Yiass. BS; depressed, flat, toneless; crop-eared

Mee s'jerree y gheuree January: Va turrys liauyr aym, ny smoo na kiare ooyrn as feed, agh 'sy voghrey er y jeihoo laa Mee s'jerree y gheuree 1997 rosh mee PNG. Dhoor

pabyr-naight (=Ir. páipéar nuacht) newspaper: honnick mee red yindyssagh ayns pabyr-naight Sostnagh mychione turrys jeant ec earisheyr gys yn Eeslyn, gys Reykjavik. Carn

reagh (=Ir. réidheachadh) amorous, frisky, lecherous, lewd, lusty, randy; joyous, merry, mirthful: Uss ta lane dy anvea, ardvalley boiragh, ardvalley reagh Bible; blithe, frolicsome, playful, sportive; decided, organised: Reagh Fiona McArdle yn clane turrys. Carn; dissolute; gay

sur-virleeyn super-yachts: T'eh jerkit dy jean turrys ny Shirveishee gys Monaco, dy jean eh greinnaghey tooilley shellooderyn jeh 'sur-virleeyn as obbreyderyn dy ghoaill ymmyd jeh recortys- lhuingys Vannin. BS

thurrys (f.) See turrys expedition: va shen y thurrys jeh Sheshaght Shennaghys O Fiaich veih Nerin gys Mannin ec y Chaisht. Carn

vrie enquired: Vrie mee jeh Illiam kys v'eh dy row y ven flah ayns cabbane y chleree, as dreggyr eh, "Foddee dy vel yn ayr eck er chionnaghey y shamyr cour y turrys," JC

rough1 barb; barbagh; breckey; carragh; garroo: We had a rough passage - Va turrys garroo ain. DF idiom; mollagh; neurea; raghtanagh; rastagh: he stayeth his rough wind in the day of the east wind - teh lhiettal e gheay rastagh rish traa yn gheay-niar Bible; reeastagh; reeastaneagh; ruggagh; thalloo garroo

Danvargee Danes: Ta obbreyder-turrys sy Danvarg jerkal fosley ynnyd veayn sy heer shen dy ghreinnaghey Danvargee dy chur shilley er Mannin. BS


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