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Turf (n.) (The); (Yn) Lught Ratchal

turf (v.) cur scraa er; (n.) fank, foaid, foid, foain, moain, scraa, scrah

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of turf (gen.) moaney: The acrid smell of turf - Soar garg ny moaney. DF idiom; (dy) voain: Heating quality of turf - Foays chioee dy voain. DF idiom

turf accountant (n.) gial-glackeyder

turf ashes (npl.) greesagh voaney

turf bank (n.) lagg moaney, slogh moaney

Turf Castle (n.) Cashtal y Foaid

turf cutter buinneyder moaney

turf cutting buinn moain; giarrey foaidyn; giarrey moain

Turf Enclosure (n.) Close ny Moaney

Turf Farm (n.) Balley Moaney

Turf Fold (n.) Bwoaillee Voayn

Turf Pit (n.) (Yn) Voanee

turf pit (n.) slogh moaney

turf rick (n.) eek voaney; eekad moaney; creagh voaney

Roof Turf Enclosure (n.) Close ny Scraa

small sod of turf (n.) cramman moaney

Turf Stack Inlet (n.) Gullad Chreagh Moainee

slogh moaney (=Ir. sloch moine) turf bank, turf pit

buinneyder moaney turf cutter

buinn moain turf cutting

Bwoaillee Voayn Turf Fold

cur scraa er turf

eekad moaney turf rick

eek voaney (f.) turf rick

fank (f.) sheep pen; turf

foid (=Ir. foid) turf; clod

gial-glackeyder turf accountant

giarrey foaidyn turf cutting

greesagh voaney (f.) turf ashes

Lught Ratchal (Yn); (The) Turf

Close ny Moaney Turf Enclosure

creagh voaney (f.) turf rick, turfstack

Cashtal y Foaid Castleward, Turf Castle

Close ny Scraa Roof Turf Enclosure

cramman moaney small sod of turf

Gullad Chreagh Moainee Turf Stack Inlet

lagg moaney peat bank, turf bank

giarrey moain turf cutting: T'ad ooilley ec y clieau giarrey moain. DF

moain (=Ir. moin) (f.) pl. moaintyn peat, turf: Soar garg ny moain. DF

acrid (adj.) garg: The acrid smell of turf - Soar garg ny moaney. DF idiom; geyre; sharroo; gort

quality dooghys; foaynooagh; foays: Heating quality of turf - Foays chioee dy voain. DF idiom; quallid

Balley Moaney Peaty Farm, Farm of the Turbary, Turf Farm: Ta Tinvaal er choardail dy cheau ny smoo na daa cheead as feed meeilley punt er ynnyd-tarlheimagh son etlanyn-cassee ec y thie-lheihys noa ec Balley Moaney. BS

foaid pl. foaidyn block of peat, clod, divot, sod, turf: Foaid mooar moaney. DF

foain green, sward, turf: Mysh jerrey fouyir my hug shiu tastey da biljyn ny keyllagh strippit jeh nyn mlaa, yn foain ta heese foue as mygeayrt-y-moo scart lesh y duilley chreen ta sheebit voue PC

moaney (gen.) of turf: T'eh gra neesht dy bee doilleeid elley ayn, er y fa dy vel freoagh as aittin er nyn stroie, as she fraueyn ny lussyn shen ta kiangley eaghtyr ny moaney ry cheilley. BS

scraa (f.) divot, green sod, scraw, turf: Er y scraa glass hooar eh eh hene ny lhie, lane dy resoon agh foast mee-hushtagh quoi hug da ny v'eh. PC; scale

scrah (f.) green sod, scraw, sod, turf: Yn aght myr heemayd claare ta scoorit glen cummit kiongoyrt rish gah ny skell y ghrian tilgey scaa bane, myr eayst yial, er y voall ny er y scrah PC; clod

voain (dy) of turf: T'ad jannoo ymmyd jeh'n voain son dy chur bree as blass da'n ushtey bea. GK; of peat

Voanee See moanee (Yn) Turf Pit: Va'n doagh lane as ren ad gimman dys yn voanee. Dhoor

bad way drogh-chummey er: The turf seems to be in a bad way - Ta drogh cummey er y voain. DF idiom; feer ching: He is in a bad way - T'eh feer ching. DF idiom; stayd olk: He is in a bad way - T'eh ayns stayd olk. DF idiom


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