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tube (n.) choob, feddan, pioban; (v.) cur feddan ayn; (n.) raad yiarn fo-halloo, traen fo-halloo

Inexact matches:

boil tube (n.) feddan coirrey

choke tube (n.) feddan carbreydeyr

coiled tube (n.) feddan lhoobagh

delivery tube (n.) feddan argid

drainage tube (n.) feddan sheelee

dripping tube (n.) pipaid

hollow tube (n.) feddan follym

power tube (n.) cooylley chummaghtagh

speaking tube (n.) feddan loayrtys

torpedo tube (n.) feddan torpaid

tube railway (n.) raad yiarn fo-halloo

tube station (n.) stashoon fo-halloo

direct tube boiler (n.) coirrey feddan jeeragh

lead in tube (n.) feddan stiagh

raad yiarn fo-halloo tube, tube railway

choob (f.) tube

cooylley chummaghtagh (f.) power tube

cur feddan ayn tube

feddan argid delivery tube

feddan carbreydeyr choke tube

feddan coirrey boil tube

feddan follym hollow tube

feddan loayrtys speaking tube

feddan sheelee drainage tube

feddan torpaid torpedo tube

stashoon fo-halloo tube station

traen fo-halloo tube

air-tube (n.) chioob aer

test-tube (n.) proweydane

chioob aer air-tube

feddan lhoobagh coil, coiled tube

feddan stiagh lead in tube

pipaid (f.) dripping tube, dropper, pipette

proweydane test-tube

coirrey feddan jeeragh direct tube boiler

pioban (pl -yn) duct, pipe, tube: Va pioban beg ayns shen neesht. SF; throttle

feddan (=Ir. feadán) 1 aqueduct, channel, duct, pipe, sleeve, sleeving, tube, tubing, vessel; 2 pl. feddanyn chanter, fife, flute, whistle a: Cur-jee moylley da er ny greïnyn strengit as y feddan Bible; 3 (of gun) barrel


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