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tuarastyl (f.) counterpart, description, emolument, fashion, report, representation: Ta tuarastyl vie jeh ec ny meoiryn shee. DF

Inexact matches:

tuarastyl jallooagh pictorial representation

tuarastyl kern-yallooagh graphical representation

tuarastyl shallidagh interim report

tuarastyl staddyssaghtoil statistic representation

tuarastyl vleinoil (f.) annual report

jannoo tuarastyl jeh model

Tuarastyl ny h-Olteynyn Members' Report

Tuarastyl ny Scruteyderyn Neuchrogheydagh Report of the Independant Auditors

Tuarastyl y Chaairliagh Chairmans Statement; Chairmans Report

annual report (n.) tuarastyl vleinoil

counterpart (n.) mac-soylley; tuarastyl

description (n.) coontey: It baffles description - Cha nod oo chur coontey jeh. DF idiom; tuarastyl: The police have a good description of him - Ta tuarastyl vie jeh ec ny meoiryn shee. DF idiom

emolument (n.) tuarastyl

graphical representation (n.) tuarastyl kern-yallooagh

interim report (n.) tuarastyl shallidagh

pictorial representation (n.) tuarastyl jallooagh

representation (n.) chaghterys, cosoylaght, tuarastyl

statistic representation (n.) tuarastyl staddyssaghtoil

Chairmans Report (n.) Tuarastyl y Chaairliagh

Chairmans Statement (n.) Tuarastyl y Chaairliagh

Members' Report (n.) Tuarastyl ny h-Olteynyn

report cur coontey jeh; (to); (dy) gholl kionefenish; feeam; fou: This report is false - Ta'n fou shoh foalsey. JJK idiom; frap; imraa: Meteorological report - Imraa ny hemshyr. DF idiom; insh; insh skeeal er; polt; raah; rooit; sheean; skeeal; tharmane; tuarastyl: Annual report - Tuarastyl vleinoil. DF idiom

Report of the Independant Auditors (n.) Tuarastyl ny Scruteyderyn Neuchrogheydagh

jallooagh sculptural; statuesque; idolatrous; pictorial: Tuarastyl jallooagh. DF; idolize

fashion cliaghtey, cummey, tuarystal; fassan; jannoo; kiaddey; oash: She dresses in the French fashion - T'ee cur moee 'syn oash Rangagh. JJK idiom; oaysh; tuarastyl; (y) chummey

model beg; craishtey; cuspey; gyn loght; jannoo tuarastyl jeh; kiaddey; mannakeen; sampleyr; sampleyragh; slane jeant; soyl; tuarystal; moddel

Ellanyn ny Geyrragh (f.) (The) Faeroes: Ta'n Commeeys Celtiagh laccal tuarastyl va jeant ec lughtyn-reill Ellanyn ny Geyrragh mychione y gholl fo dy ve currit magh neesht. BS; (The) Faroe Islands

seyrlann (f.) laboratory: Chammah as shen, ta tuarastyl bleinoil Seyrlann y Reiltys gra nagh row levallyn gaueagh dy ghoul-roorid feddynit ayns bee goll rish bainney as stoo-bee jeant ass feill. BS


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