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trunk1 (n.) ard-linney, coyr, kishtey; colb: Thy head shall be severed from thy trunk - Bee dty chione er ny scarrey veih dty cholb. DF idiom; cashtal y corp

trunk2 (n.) (of bush) cliu

trunk3 (n.) (of tree) corp, kiap

Inexact matches:

cabin trunk (n.) coyr cabbane

elephant's trunk (n.) strooh

tree trunk (n.) bun billagh, bun billey; corp-billey

trunk call (n.) yllagh ardlinney

trunk line (n.) ard-linney

trunk road (n.) ard-raad, raad mooar

Glion Trunk Strowan's Glen

Big Tree Trunk Marsh (n.) Curragh Kip Mooar

Strowan's Glen (n.) Glion Trunk

ard-linney (f.) headline: Art ayns y chur-magh jerrinagh jeh Earishlioar Arraghey Vannin, lesh yn ard-linney 'Y Traa ry Heet: Madran Noa ny Jerkallys Foalsey? BS; main, trunk, trunk line

bun billagh tree trunk

cliu (of gorse) bunch; (of bush) trunk

corp-billey tree trunk

coyr cabbane (f.) cabin trunk

yllagh ardlinney trunk call

cashtal y corp (=Ir. caishteal-y-chorp) torso; trunk

Curragh Kip Mooar Big Tree Trunk Marsh

ard-raad highway: Nish she shoh enmyn ny tribeyn veihn chione-twoaie gys ard raad Hethlon; trunk road

bun billey tree trunk: Gra rish bun billey, She uss my ayr; as rish clagh, T'ou uss er my ymmyrkey Bible

colb (f.) body, frontage, torso, trunk: Va'n colb echey er ny lostey dy h-olk kyndagh rish taghyrt ec y thie. BS

corp 1 pl. kirp body, physique a: Agh ta Jee cur corp da myr saillish hene Bible; 2 corpse; 3 (of tree) trunk; 4 hull; 5 solid [L. corpus]

coyr (f.) pl. coir bin, boot, box, chest, kist, trunk: Ta coyr rioee as rioder eck 'sy chamyr aarlee eck. DF

kiap pl. kip :1 pl. kiapyn 1 (for burning) block, butt, log a: Tra ta kiap [cainle] lostey ec dagh kione cha jean ee shassoo agh tra gherrid. EF; 2 pad, pillow, snag, socle, stock; 3 (of tree) trunk, tree stump

kishtey (=Ir. ciste.) pl. kishtaghyn (container) box; carton, case, casket, chest, cist, crate, pool, pot, pyx, suitcase, trunk: honnick eh ny berchee tilgey ny giootyn oc ayns kishtey yn stoyr. Bible

raad mooar COMPARE raad-vooar highway, main road, major road, public way, trunk road: Veih Ballakilpheric ghow mee y bayr ta goll seose da'n raad mooar er y clieau, faggys da'n tholtan aynsyn va Thom Dipper baghey Coraa

strooh elephant's trunk, proboscis, snout: ass e veeal lhean, drillinyn d' aile spreih magh, as veih e stroanyn bodjallyn dy yaagh; magh er e strooh t'eh deayrtey faarkey slane PC


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