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trooid as trooid altogether, broadly speaking, implicit, implicitly, in the main, on the whole, roughly speaking, taken all round: T'eh ro olk trooid as trooid! DF

trooid1 (=Ir. tríd) 1 advance, approach, come, through her; 2 during; 3 from, per, through, via a: leeid mee eh trooid ooilley cheer Chanaan Bible

trooid2 (ny) through her

Inexact matches:

brishey trooid breakthrough: Ta my chraueyn brishey trooid my chrackan as m'eill Bible

cheet trooid protrude, come through, recover: Son tra dreamal cheet trooid ymmodee kiarail Bible

cur trooid put through

fliughey trooid as trooid soak

goll trooid scrape through, undergo; go through, pass through: As myr v'ad goll trooid ny ard-valjyn livrey ad daue ny oardaghyn dy reayll, va sarit liorish ny ostyllyn as y chanstyr va ec Jerusalem. Bible

lhaih trooid read through

loayrt trooid as trooid generally speaking

raipey trooid race through

roie trooid rattle off; run through: Ta'n awin roie trooid y lheeannee. DF

saih trooid bore

shooyl trooid roam: myr v'eh shooyl trooid ny magheryn arroo er laa'n doonaght Bible

thiolley trooid pierce through

trooid magh throughout: Eisht hug ree Asa eam trooid magh ooilley Judah, Bible

trooid poosey by marriage

trooid shen owing to that

trooid taghyrt accidentally

trooid tuittymys accidental

cur baatey trooid lock locking

cur shleiy trooid spear

cur trooid fainey reeve

cur trooid y cheilley complicate; subvert

cur trooid yn ooir dig in

loayrt trooid feeacklyn mutter

oardagh trooid yn phost mail order

oltey trooid oik ex-officio member

shooyl trooid ushtey wade

traaue trooid lioar (through book) wade

trooid y theihll through the earth: shooyl noon as noal trooid y theihll Bible

on the whole (adv.) trooid as trooid: The work on the whole is good - Ta'n obbyr mie trooid as trooid. DF idiom

broadly speaking (adv.) trooid as trooid

generally speaking loayrt trooid as trooid

implicit (adj.) baghtal, trooid as trooid

implicitly (adv.) trooid as trooid, veih'n chree

roughly speaking trooid as trooid

taken all round trooid as trooid

in the main (adv.) son y chooid smoo, trooid as trooid

faarn leak: trooid mee-rioose ny laueyn ta'n faarn shilley trooid y chlea. Bible

through (adj., adv.) trooid: The sun is beginning to break through - Ta'n ghrian goaill toshiaght dy vrishey trooid. JJK idiom; (ny) hrooid

mee-rioose idleness: as trooid mee-rioose ny laueyn ta'n faarn shilley trooid y chlea Bible

reeastaneagh moorish, rough, uncultivated, waste: ren leeideil shin trooid yn aasagh; trooid cheer reeastaneagh Bible; (terrain) wild

altogether (adv.) ooilley dy lieragh; ooilley-cooidjagh: It's off my beat altogether - T'eh ass my reir ooilley cooidjagh. DF idiom; trooid as trooid

breakthrough barnaghey; brishey trooid

idleness (n.) lag-laueys, lhiastid, litcheraght, litcherys, soaillaght, meerioose; mee-rioose: and through idleness of the hands the house droppeth through - as trooid mee-rioose ny laueyn tan faarn shilley trooid y chlea Bible

per (prep.) liorish; trooid

pierce through (v.) thiolley trooid

put through (v.) cur trooid

race through (v.) raipey trooid

rattle off (v.) roie trooid

read through (v.) lhaih trooid

reeve (v.) cur trooid fainey

roam (v.) shooyl trooid

scrape through (v.) goll trooid

soak (v.) cur er boggyr; fanney; fliughey; fliughey trooid as trooid; soo: Water soaking into my shoes - Ushtey soo stiagh ayns my vraagyn. DF idiom; thummey

through the earth trooid y theihll: walk to and fro through the earth - shooyl-jee noon as noal trooid y theihll Bible

via (prep.) trooid; raad

wade1 (v.) shooyl trooid ushtey

wade4 (v.) (through book) traaue trooid lioar

baaishyn temples: as lesh yn hammar woaill ee Sisera, woaill ee trooid e chione eh, tra v'ee er hoylley as er woalley trooid baaishyn e ching. Bible

begganid littleness, slightness, smallness: ta shin gaccan trooid as trooid mychione begganid ny croityn ain, genney eairee as dy vel nyn maylteeyn ro-ard. NNS

eairee (f.) hill pasture, shieling: Shta shin gaccan trooid as trooid mychione begganid ny croityn ain, genney eairee as dy vel nyn maylteeyn ro-ard. NNS

faaishnaghey conjure, forebode, forecast, foretell, predict: As t'eh faaishnaghey dy bee eh doillee dy chur y billey trooid keim ny h-oltyn - ta ymmodee seshoonyn ceaut hannah cur eh trooid keim y nah lhaihys. BS

inchynagh brainy, cerebral, intelligent, mental, witted: Cha nel shin goaill stiagh y Ghaelg trooid nyn girp agh myr gamman inchynagh trooid nyn geeayle ynrican. Carn

come1 cheet: Let him come, I'm ready now - Lhig da cheet, ta me aarloo nish. JJK idiom; (impv) tar, tarr: Come and see my father's house - Tar as jeeagh ec thie my ayrey. JJK idiom; trooid: Come a little closer - Trooid red beg ny sniessey. JJK idiom

diaphanous (adj.) trooid-reayrtagh

ex-officio member (n.) oltey trooid oik

osmosis (n.) trooid-heeltaght

osmotic (adj.) trooid-heelagh

osmotic pressure (n.) chionnid trooid-heelagh

pellucid (adj.) grinn, trooid-hoilshagh

perchance (adv.) foddee; trooid-taghyrt

run through (v.) roie trooid; roight

translucence (n.) trooid-hoilshaghey

translucent (adj.) trooid-hoilshagh

transpiration (n.) trooid-ghaalaghey

gort acid, bitter, brackish, rank, vinegarish, vinegary: Trooid gort as genney v'ad nyn gercheenyn Bible; (as game) high; stale: Bainney gort. DF; (of land) sour; dearth, want: Trooid gort as genney v'ad nyn gercheenyn; chea gys yn aasagh foddey-feayn as fadaneagh Bible; hurt; poignant; acrid; acrimony

trooid-ghaalaghey transpiration

trooid-heelagh osmotic

trooid-heeltaght (f.) osmosis

trooid-hoilshagh pellucid, translucent

trooid-hoilshaghey translucence

trooid-reayrtagh diaphanous

trooid-taghyrt accidentally; perchance

accidental (adj.) drogh-haghyrtagh, lhag-haghyrtagh, taghyrtagh, tuittymagh, trooid tuittymys

accidentally (adv.) dy taghyrtagh; dy tuittymagh; trooid taghyrt; trooid-taghyrt

complicate (v.) cur trooid y cheilley, jannoo co-chast

dig in (v.) cur trooid yn ooir

mail order (n.) oardagh trooid yn phost

mutter loayrt trooid feeacklyn; tallaghey; tassane

owing to that kyndagh rish shen; trooid shen

protrude (v.) cheet trooid, deamey, gobbey magh

undergo (v.) goll trooid, surranse; goll fo

come through (v.) cheet ny hrooid, cheet trooid; cheet stiagh ny hrooid

locking (v.) cur baatey trooid lock; goll ayns greim; kiangley

spear (v.) cur gob neese, cur shleiy trooid, sleeaney; (n.) lister, shleiy, sleean

aane (=Ir. ae, Sc.G. adha) (f.) liver: Derrey bwoaillys side trooid yn aane echey Bible [O.Ir. óa]

brishee shall break: Brishee accrys trooid boallaghyn cloaie. DF

bwoaill (=Ir. buail) smite: bwoaill trooid ny meeghyn ocsyn ta girree n'oï Bible

bwoaillys strike: Derrey bwoaillys side trooid yn aane echey Bible

cheayll heard: cheayll ad coraa yn Chiarn Jee goll trooid y gharey Bible

chionnal2 (yn); (the) mob: V'eh guilliney raad da hene trooid y chionnal. DF

cluigys craftiness, trickery: Dy chur er y yannoo trooid cluigys. DF

croae (f.) eyehole; (of needle) eye: Te ny sassey da camel goll trooid croae snaidey Bible

dooyteilagh 1 doubtful a: Cha row eh dooyteilagh mychione gialdyn Yee trooid mee-chredjue Bible; 2 doubter

dy dorraghey sombrely: on nish ta shin fakin trooid gless dy dorraghey Bible

entree entry: Eisht hug eh lesh mee trooid yn entree Bible

gheay-neear-ass (yn); (the) south-west-wind: trooid e phooar hug eh lesh stiagh yn gheay-neear-ass. Bible

gobbyr operate, working: Ta tree ard-scoillyn as feed ta gobbyr trooid Bretnish. Carn

marchal march: Ren oo marchal trooid y cheer ayns jymmoose Bible

meehushtey ignorance, simplicity: as er n'yannoo peccah trooid meehushtey Bible

mennee (f.) awl, bradawl, pricker, stiletto: ver e vainshtyr mennee trooid e chleaysh Bible

merchantys merchandise: trooid saynt nee ad lesh goan cluicagh jannoo merchantys jiu Bible

ooiganagh full of pits: trooid cheer reeastaneagh, as ooiganagh Bible

princeyn princes: marishyn jeih princeyn, prince veih dagh tribe trooid ooilley Israel Bible

ram argid pots of money: Hooar mee ram argid trooid eiraght. DF

sassey easier, easiest: Te ny sassey da camel goll trooid croae snaidey, Bible

share lesh rather: Share lesh paart jin geddyn fysseree trooid ny sooillyn. Dhoor

shooyl-jee walk: Reue-jee, as shooyl-jee noon as noal trooid y theihll.

steillin steel: nee'n bow-steillin eh dy woalley trooid Bible

stow bestowed: son ve yindyssagh, trooid stoamid my choamrey stow mee ort Bible

thooillaghyn floods, inundations: Ren oo brishey trooid y thalloo lesh thooillaghyn

tribe pl. tribeyn tribe: hug tribeyn Israel chaghteryn trooid ooilley tribe Venjamin Bible

uinniag pl. uinniagyn window: Er shoh lhig Michal David sheese trooid uinniag Bible

advance1 (v.) bieaughey; cheet my laue; gleashaghey; gleashaght er-oi; immeeaght er-oi; keim er-oi; trooid; (n.) eeasaght

bill2 (n.) (proposed law) billey: To race a bill through the Keys - Billey y raipey trooid yn Kiare as Feed. DF idiom

by marriage trooid poosey: We have a distant relationship by marriage - Ta cleuinys foddey magh ain. DF idiom

common people (n.) theay: And if any one of the common people sin through ignorance - As my ta fer erbee jehn theay er duittym ayns peccah trooid marrannys Bible

created (v.) crooit; chroo: In the beginning God created the heaven and the earth. - Ayns y toshiaght chroo Jee niau as thalloo. Bible; kiaddit: Created by his genius - Kiaddit trooid yn ardcheeayll echey. DF idiom

doorway (n.) dorrys: He had to stoop to go through the doorway - Begin da croymmey dy gholl trooid yn dorrys. DF idiom

during car; er; er feiy; er fud; feiy: I've seen him pass twice during the day - Ta mee er n'akin eh goll shaghey daa cheayrt feiy'n laa. JJK idiom; fud; rish; trooid

foreseeing (v.) fakin ro-laue: And the scripture, foreseeing that God would justify the heathen through faith - As y scriptyr fakin ro-laue dy jinnagh Jee seyrey ny Ashoonee trooid credjue Bible; roie-akinagh

hunger (n.) accrys; accyrys: Hunger breaks through stone walls - Brishee accyrys trooid boallaghyn cloaie. JJK idiom; accryssyd; accragh

I can foddym: I can do all things through Christ - Foddym dy chooilley nhee y yannoo trooid Creest Bible; oddym: My punishment is greater than I can bear - Ta my cherraghey ny strimmey na oddym gymmyrkey Bible

I wot strooys: I wot that through ignorance ye did it, - strooys dy nee trooid meehushtey Bible

meadow (n.) lheeannee, lheannee: The river flows through the meadow - Ta'n awin roie trooid y lheeannee. DF idiom; traaghan

of a needle (gen.) snaidey: It is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle - Te ny sassey da camel goll trooid croae snaidey Bible

on horseback er mooin cabbyl: and brought him on horseback through the street of the city - as hug eh lesh eh er mooin chabbyl trooid straidyn yn ard-valley Bible

pipes (npl.) feddanyn; lhiggaghyn; piobyn: Running pipes through a wall - Cur piobyn trooid boalley. DF idiom

recover aachoodaghey, cheet trooid; cheet huggey; cheet my laue; coural, couyral; geddyn reesht; slaanaghey; geddyn stiagh reesht; (to); (dy) hickyraghey

saddle dreeym; jeelt: Come and see the horse, for the saddle of which I paid two guineas - Trooid as jeeagh y cabbyl son y jeelt echeysyn d'eeck mee daa phunt. JJK idiom; jeeltagh; jeeltal; jeeltey

said dooyrt: He said it between his teeth - Dooyrt eh trooid ny feeacklyn echey. DF idiom; grait: I don't deny that that has been said - Cha nel mee g'obbal nagh row shen er ve grait. JJK idiom

station keim; purt; soiaghey; stad; stashoon: To pass a station without stopping - Dy roie trooid stashoon gyn scuirr. DF idiom; sthollal; ynnyd

stone (n.) clagh: A rolling stone gathers no moss - Cha nel clagh rolley chaglym keynnagh erbee. JJK idiom; liack, goayl; (v.) claghey, cur clagh er; (gen.) cloaie: Hunger breaks through stone walls - Brishee accyrys trooid boallaghyn cloaie. JJK idiom

storm (n.) doirrin, dorrin: The hush before the storm - Yn chiuney roish yn dorrin. DF idiom; (v.) soiaghey er; sterrym, sterym: A storm swept the town - Raip sterrym trooid yn valley. DF idiom

teeth (npl.) feeacklyn: He said it between his teeth - Dooyrt eh trooid ny feeacklyn echey. DF idiom

then1 (adv.) eisht: Come here, and then you'll hear me better - Trooid dy shoh, as eisht cluinee shiu mee ny share. JJK idiom

through her (ny) trooid; ny-hrooid: there shall no strangers pass through her any more - cha jed joarreeyn arragh ny-hrooid Bible

throughout er feie; er fud; trooid magh; (ny) hrooid: So they divided the land between them to pass throughout it - Myr shoh rheynn ad y cheer eddyr ad, dy gholl ny hrooid Bible

walls (npl.) boallaghyn: Hunger breaks through stone walls - Brishee accyrys trooid boallaghyn cloaie. JJK idiom

yard (n.) close; cooyrt: He has passed through the yard - T'eh er n'gholl trooid yn chooyrt. JJK idiom; stundayrt: The lace is worth half-a-crown a yard - Ta'n laatchey feeagh lieh-chrooin yn stundayrt. JJK idiom

aae (f.) arch, archway, vault: Roish foddey, sleih vees goll dys shen, bee orroo goll trooid aae vees cronnaghey meainyn. BS; ford

abbaneyn ankles: ren eh towse thousane cubit, as hug eh lesh mee trooid yn ushtey; van ushtey gys nyn abbaneyn Bible

Adaue Adam: Ta shenn skeeal ayn ginsh dy row Fenius y Scythian yn chied Albinagh as yn fuill echey cheet veih Adaue as Eva trooid Noah. Dhoor

alley alley, alleyway: Nish tra va Satan ronsagh lesh e hooill trooid magh y garey, alley, bayr as cooill, honnick eh'n dooinney as [e] heshey dooie ayns stayd dy vaynrys, 'naght myr v'eh hene roie PC

anshaght somehow: ta mee geddyn bit dy bee voish laa gys laa, as choud's ta mee geddyn shen, cha bee aggle dou, yiowym trooid anshaght. Coraa

ard-reill authority: Son reeaghyn, as son ocsyn ooilley ta ayns ard-reill Bible; principality: ta kione dy chooilley ard-reill Bible; dominion: ta dty ard-reill er-mayrn trooid dy chooilley heeloghe Bible; preeminence: va shêgin er yn ard-reill nyn mast oc Bible

ard-valley acropolis, capital, city: skeayl ad trooid yn ard-valley, as stroie ad eh lesh foyr y chliwe Bible

Ard-whaiyl High Court: hie y slattys tranlaasagh shoh trooid Ardwhaiyl Hostyn gyn boirey erbee Carn

awiney (gen.) of a river: Ta raink mee Los Tilos, hooill mee rish y lhiabbee awiney hirrym trooid braaid dowin. Dhoor; freshwater; riverside

baaree shall prune: nee'n pobble tooilleil ayns fardail, as baaree yn sleih nyn niart dy deinagh trooid yn aile. Bible

baarney (=Ir. bearna) (f.) See barney deficit, gap, inroad, interlude, interstice, lacuna, slash: nee ad jannoo baarney trooid y voalley Bible

banglaneyn branches: As roie awin trooid Eden dy ushtaghey yn gharey: as veih shen ve er ny reynn ayns kiare banglaneyn. Bible

barb cruel, drastic, rough, sharp, unrefined: Gahghyn barb aileagh, cliwenyn birragh gyere, as shleiyghyn nieunagh slental trooid yn aer va nish ry-akin; yn rheam eunyssagh sollit lesh moyrn as noidys eulyssa PC; javelin, sharp point

biall obedient: O ven, cre sheeagh y treisht v'ou 'ss as mish ayn, dy beagh y seihll mooar coamrit lesh nyn gloan dy hirveish Jee as dy chur biall da trooid ny sheelogheyn ain bio son dy bra? PC

bine beg sip: Trooid shiu nish, lhig dooin giu bine beg dy yough nyn geilley. Coraa

blod pl. bluit (pl -yn) blade, knife blade, propeller blade: agh lesh cliwe gyere glackit dy shickyr, vrish stiagh trooid y vayr er Beelzebub loayrt ny goan mollaghtagh as roie eh'n blod gyere ayns e scoarnagh stiagh. PC

boallaghyn bulwarks, walls: Ta trushtey dy-liooar roshtyn Albin trooid ny jystyn ta snaue ass ny chamryn-aarlee as drappal seose ny boallaghyn. Carn

boalley See voalley, pl. boallaghyn bulwark, dyke, wall, wall building: Cur piobyn trooid boalley DF

Bryseth Brusi's Shieling: Eisht t'eh goll seose er-gerrey da Rozelean choud's y trooan enmyssit Bryseth, as veih shen t'eh goll seose trooid Glen na droman. Chron [Scand]

bunscoill (f.) (pl -yn) primary school, elementary school: T'eh bunnys erskyn credjal nagh row bunscoill erbee ayns Nalbin raad va paitchyn abyl gynsaghey trooid Albinish gys 1958 Carn

camel pl. camellyn, camelyn camel: Te ny sassey da camel goll trooid croae snaidey Bible

carbid biers; vehicles: Va ymmodee cummaltee jeh'n valley er ve gaccan mychione pairkal anleighalagh, doilleeid ayns roshtyn buill, as carbid goll trooid ny straiddyn coon. BS

Catalonish (f.) (language) Catalan: Ta'n slattys shoh gra dy vel y chair ec paitchyn dy ve ynsit trooid nyn jengey chliaghtagh - Catalonish ny Spaainish. Carn

chast cast out: As ren eh preacheil ayns ny synagogueyn oc trooid ooilley Galilee, as chast eh drogh spyrrydyn. Bible

chee (=Ir. ) 1 seeking a: t'eh shooyll trooid faasaghyn fadane, chee aash, agh ayns fardail Bible; 2 thicker

cheer sleitagh (f.) hill country, wold: As huitt aggle (arrymagh) er ooilley nyn naboonyn: as hie goo jeh ooilley ny reddyn shoh magh trooid ooilley cheer sleitagh Yudea. Bible

chredjys believeth: Quoi-erbee chredjys ayn Leshyn ta ooilley ny phadeyryn gymmyrkey feanish, trooid yn ennym echey, quoi-erbee chredjys ayn, dy vow eh feaysley peccaghyn. Bible

claghyn yn ooig stones of the pit: Agh t'ou uss tilgit magh ass dty oaie myr bangan loau, as myr coamrey ny merriu ta roight trooid lesh y chliwe, ta ceaut sheese fo claghyn yn ooig Bible

cleayney attract, bank, circumvent, decoy, deviate, dispose, distort, divert, draw off, incline, induce, influence, inveigle, list, recede, seduce, stoop, veer: t'ad cleayney trooid sayntyn ny foalley Bible; (as garden) tend; distortion, diversion, penchant, mental twist, persuasion, perversion; allure; deviation

cliwe gyere shortsword: cha hurr ny sodjey, agh lesh cliwe gyere glackit dy shickyr, vrish stiagh trooid y vayr PC

cliwnyn swords: Nish cha row gaaue ry-gheddyn trooid ooilley cheer Israel; son dooyrt ny Philistinee, Er-aggle dy jean ny Hebrewnee daue hene cliwnyn as shleiyghyn, Bible

cluinee shall hear: Trooid dy shoh, as eisht cluinee shiu mee ny share. JJK

cooill (=Ir.cuil) (f.) corner, hiding place, niche, nook: Nish tra va Satan ronsagh lesh e hooill trooid magh y garey, alley, bayr as cooill Bible

Cooyrt Court: Daag shin 'sy voghrey son Cooyrt yn Aspick, as ayns shoh leeid yn Chiarn Aspick eh-hene shin trooid e gharaghyn as y cooyrt Coraa

Cooyrt yn Aspick (f.) Bishop's Court: Daag shin 'sy voghrey son Cooyrt yn Aspick, as ayns shoh leeid yn Chiarn Aspick eh-hene shin trooid e gharaghyn as y cooyrt, soilshaghey dooin shenn chooid yn Aspick ard-ghooagh Wilson. Coraa

coyrd 1 line, rope a: lhig ee sheese ad er coyrd trooid yn uinniag Bible; b pl. coyrdyn; 2 (of wood) cord; 3 chord

cronnalys distinctness, notability, obviousness, publicity: Ta'n rollagyn trooid yn aer lunjean, Fee'n eggey lhean, neuyerrinagh, jeh'n oie, As cronnalys ny Aalid ayns nyn vean Soilshit tra madran cur da'n sollys bree. Coraa

crout (f.) pl. croutyn calculation, craftiness, fraud, stratagem, trick: trooid e chialgeyrys, ver eh er croutyn bishaghey ny laue Bible; craft

cuishlin (=Ir. cuisle) (f.) pl. cuishlinyn lode; vein: As tra haink eh stiagh ayns y chabbane eek, cur-my-ner, va Sisera ny lhie marroo, as y kibbin trooid cuishlin e ching. Bible; reef

Danvargish (f.) (language) Danish: Myr sampleyr, ayns Schleswig-Holstein (steat Gerrnaanagh) ta edjaghys ry gheddyn trooid Danvargish ayns 50 scoillyn. Carn

dooinney berchagh (=Ir. duine beartach) rich man: Son te ny sassey da camel goll trooid croae snaidey, na da dooinney berchagh dy gholl stiagh ayns reeriaght Yee. Bible

dredge salt rime: geayghyn stermagh, dorrin as barrag ghyere, geiyrt dredge y diunid d' etlagh trooid yn aer PC

dy moyrnagh proudly: Agh adsyn ta gymmyrkey ad hene dy moyrnagh, as dy mooaralagh, trooid drogh-ynsagh, nee tayrn scammylt er ooashley nyn gynney. Apoc

er liurid at length, lengthways, longways: Ta'n chosheeaght kiare feed as queig meeiley er liurid, goll trooid ny shiaght skeeraghyn jeig syn Ellan. BS

er mooin mounted, piggyback, succession, upon: hug eh lesh eh er mooin chabbyl trooid straidyn yn ard-valley Bible

er n'yannoo committed: As my nee slane sheshaght Israel jannoo peccah trooid mee-hushtey, as y red er ny cheiltyn veih sooillyn y phobble, as t'ad er n'yannoo red ennagh noi veg jeh annaghyn y Chiarn Bible

er ny chrossey crucified: Son ga dy row eh er ny chrossey trooid annooinid, ny-yeih t'eh bio liorish pooar Yee Bible

er ny ghlenney cleansed, purified, furbished, purged, refined: As ver-ym lhiam yn trass ayrn trooid yn aile, as nee'm ad y ghlenney myr ta arroo er ny ghlenney Bible


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