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troiddey altercate, berate, bicker, chide, dress down, nag, objurgate, quarrel, rate, row, scold, set to, squabble, dressing down: Cre'n-fa ta shiu troiddey rhym's? Bible; (scolding) jaw; pl. troiddaghyn altercation, objurgation; chiding, mud-slinging, nagging, wigging, squabbling, scolding, quarrelling, telling off

Inexact matches:

altercate (v.) streeu, troiddey

berate (v.) troiddey

bicker troiddey

chide (v.) troiddey

chiding (v.) troiddey

dress down (v.) fanney, troiddey

dressing down troiddey

jaw2 (v.) (scolding) troiddey

mud-slinging (n.) troiddey

nag (n.) giarran; (v.) troiddey

nagging sheer-hroiddey; troiddey

objurgate (v.) troiddey

objurgation (n.) fanney beill, troiddey

scold (v.) cur da, sheebey; troiddey: I'm afraid the teacher will scold me - Ta aggle orrym dy jean y fer-ynsee troiddey mee. JJK idiom; (n.) postyr; beealeyrey

squabble (n., v.) streeu; troiddey

squabbling beealerys; troiddey

telling off (v.) troiddey

wigging (n.) troiddey

altercation (n.) streeu; troiddey; argane; çhengleyrys; boirey

quarrel troddan; troiddey; tuittym magh: To quarrel about trifles - Tuittym magh mysh veg. JJK idiom

quarrelling (v.) troiddey; tuittym magh: The boys are quarrelling about who's to go first - Ta ny scollagyn tuittym magh mysh quoi jeu shegin goll hoshiaght. JJK idiom

rate1 cormid: Bank rate - Cormid y vanc. DF idiom; feeuid; keesh valjey; leahys; reat: Market rate - Reat margee. DF idiom; (v.) soiaghey reeuid er, troiddey

row (v.) boirey; caggey rish; (n.) coorse: And the third row a ligure, an agate, and an amethyst - As bee’n trass choorse ny figure, as agate, as amethyst Bible; jastan; linney; musthaa; rhenk; roa; straih; strane; roaghey; troiddey; ymmyrt

scolding cur scramman scriss da: I'll give him a scolding - Verym scramman scriss da. DF idiom; screeb; troiddey

set to goaill toshiaght: Let's set to - Lhig dooin goaill toshiaght. DF idiom; troiddey


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