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trog (=Ir. tóg) (impv) lift, uplift: trog seose dty phadjer son y fooilliagh ta faagit Bible; pick

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trog er skedaddle

Trog ort (impv) Avaunt, Get up, Skedaddle

trog ort (impv) arise: Trog ort, shooyll trooid y cheer, er y lhiurid, as er y lheayd echey Bible

trog veih (money) charge

trog-yms seose I will raise up: trog-yms seose eh ec y laa jerrinagh. Bible

trog er voteil dry nurse

trog-jee arise: Trog-jee erriu, lhig dooin goll seose noi oc Bible; take: Trog-jee ny-vud eu hene chebbal da'n Chiarn Bible; build: Trog-jee ard-valjyn da nyn gloan, as bwoailtchyn da ny kirree eu Bible

Avaunt (intj) Trog ort

pick (v.) brishey yn thalloo, shuilgey; speiy; teiy: If I could pick and choose - Dy beagh teiy aym. DF idiom; trog: Pick that up off the floor - Trog eh shen jeh'n laare. DF idiom

Skedaddle (intj) Trog ort

skedaddle (v.) trog er

arise (v.) troggal: If there arise among you a prophet, or a dreamer of dreams - My nee phadeyr [foalsey] ny branlaader ashlishyn troggal ny mast' eu Bible; irrys: when wilt thou arise out of thy sleep? - cuin irrys, oo ass dty chadley? Bible; girree: Let my father arise - Lhig da mayr girree Bible; (impv) trog ort: Arise, walk through the land - Trog ort, shooyll trooid y cheer Bible; trog-jee: arise, go again unto the man -trog-jee erriu, gow-jee reesht gys y dooinney Bible; irree: Arise, be gone - Irree, as immee royd Bible

I will build trogym; trog-ym: I will build me a wide house and large chambers - Trog-ym dou hene thie mooar as shamyryn lhean Bible

I will lift troggym; trog-ym: I will lift up mine eyes unto the hills - Trog-ym seose my hooillyn gys ny croink Bible

I will prepare aarlym; aarlym's; aarlee-yms; trog-yms: I will prepare him an habitation - trog-yms cummal casherick da Bible

trog-ym I will lift; I will build

trog-yms I will prepare

charge12 (v.) (money) trog veih; (argid) troggal veih; (n.) cost

dry nurse boandyr shiast; trog er voteil

Get up (impv) Irree; Seose lhiat; Trog ort

uplift ardjaghey; ardjee; crogh; croghey; deamey thallooin; trog; troggal

chrosh (f.) (y); (the) cross: as tar, trog y chrosh, as eiyr orryms Bible

lesh y sheear westward: trog seose dty hooillyn lesh y sheear Bible

poht creel; stewpot: Trog yn poht jeh'n aile. DF

ark1 (n.) arg: Make thee an ark of gopher wood - Trog dhyt arg jeh fuygh gopher B ible

lift ardjaghey, buinn, geid, troggal; ardjee: The tide will lift the boat - Ardjee yn tidey y baatey. DF idiom; (impv) irree, trog; (n.) cummaght ardjee, markiaght, troggeyder; ardjeyder: The lift is stuck - Cha nel yn ardjeyder gobbragh. DF idiom

receiver (n.) fer goaill, glackeydane, gowaltagh, resowir; glackeyder: Take the receiver off - Trog yn glackeyder. DF idiom

ard y twoaie north: Eisht dooyrt eh rhym, Vac y dooinney, trog seose dty hooillyn nish lesh ard y twoaie Bible

ashoon (=Ir. náisiún) pl. ashoonee, ashoonyn nation, people, state: veih mac yn inney-veyl trog-yms seose ashoon mooar Bible

ass-yn out of him; out of it: Ny lurg shoh hig yms reesht, as trog ym ass-yn noa cabbane-agglish Ghavid, ta er duittym Bible

ballaghyn cities: O bi foroil as grasoil dy heion : trog shuas ballaghyn Jerusalem. Psalm1610

ceau seose throw up, totalise, totalize, tot up: trog toor noi eck, as ceau seose carnane noi eck Bible

Fow thie (impv) Get home; reach home: Trog ort ayns traa mie, as ny bee yn er s'jerree, agh fow thie fegooish lhiggey shaghey. Apoc

gow arrane sing a song: Gow arrane, O inneen Zion, trog dty choraa, O Israel, bee gennal, as gow boggey lesh ooilley dty chree, O inneen Yerusalem. Bible

gow seose (impv) arrest; go up: AS dooyrt Jee rish Jacob, Trog ort, gow seose gys Bethel, as jean cummal ayns shen Bible

immee lesh proceed: as dooyrt ad rish David, Trog ort, as immee lesh dy chooilley hiyr harrish yn awin Bible

iu drink, imbibe, quaff, tipple: Trog ort, ee as iu, son tayn sheean mooar dy liaghey trome. Bible

loayr ass y lieh intercede: Shen-y-fa ny jean uss aghin son y pobble shoh, chamoo trog seose eam ny padjer er nyn son, chamoo loayr ass y lieh oc hym's ; son cha der-ym clashtyn dhyt. Bible

lorg (=Ir. lorg) pl. luirg, lorgyn club, pole, sceptre, singlestick, staff, stave: Agh trog uss seose dty lorg, as sheeyn magh dty laue er yn aarkey Bible; spoor, trace, track, trail, vestige; urge on

plant pl. plantyn plant: trog-ym seose dauesyn plant ooasle Bible

roomyn rooms: Trog dhyt arg jeh fuygh Gopher: roomyn nee oo y yannoo ayns yn arg, as slaa eh cheu-sthie as cheu-mooie lesh pick. Bible

Ark of the Covenant (n.) Arg yn Eanish; Arg conaant: The ark of the covenant of the Lord - Arg conaant y Chiarn Bible; Arg y Chonaant: Take up the ark of the covenant - Trog-jee seose arg y chonaant Bible

build (v.) croo; jannoo; troggal: To build castles in the air - Troggal cashtallyn 'syn aer. JJK idiom; hroggys; (y) hroggal: Build a house on sand - Thie y hroggal er geinnagh. DF idiom; trog-jee

devour (v.) ee: Arise, devour much flesh - Trog ort, ee dty haie feill Bible; stroie: let fire come out of the bramble, and devour the cedars of Lebanon - lhig da aile cheet magh veihn dress, as stroie biljyn-cedar Lebanon Bible; sluggey: I will destroy and devour at once - neem stroie as sluggey seose er-y-chooyl Bible

howl (n.) (v.) gull: Howl, O gate; cry, O city - Gull, O yiat; yllee, O ard-valley Bible; (v.) gullal: lament and howl - jean-jee gullal as gluggernee; Bible; gullarnee, gullyrnee: Howl ye; for the day of the Lord is at hand - Jean-jee gullyrnee; son ta laa yn Chiarn ec laue Bible; dobberan: Therefore shall Moab howl for Moab - Shen-y-fa nee Moab dobberan son Moab Bible; yllee: Howl, ye ships of Tarshish - Yllee-jee, shiuish lhongyn Tarshish Bible; gluggernee: and all the inhabitants of the land shall howl - as nee ooilley fir-vaghee yn cheer gluggernee Bible; yllaghey: Therefore will I howl for Moab - Shen-y-fa trog-yms yllaghey son Moab Bible; geam: Cry and howl - Jean gyllagh as geam Bible

I will raise up trog-yms seose: I will raise up for them a plant of renown - trog-ym seose dauesyn plant ooasle Bible; brasnee-ym: I will raise up thy lovers against thee - brasnee-ym seose dty gheiney-sooree dt Bible

pot1 (v.) cur ayns crockan, tilgey; cur bluckan 'sy phoagey; (n.) kennip; crockan: Flower pot - Crockan blaa. DF idiom; kishtey; pot: Take the pot off the fire - Trog yn poht jeh'n aile. DF idiom; pott: The dogs have put their heads in the pot - Ta ny moddee er chur nyn ging 'sy phott. DF idiom

take1 (v.) goaill: I would not like to trouble you - Cha b'laik lhiam boirey shiu JJK idiom; troggal; gow: Take off thy cap - Gow jeed dty edd. JJK idiom; trog-jee

tribute mayl, tack; moylley, onnor; keeshyn; fo keesh: and became a servant unto tribute - as haink eh dy ve ny harvaant fo keesh Bible; keesh: And levy a tribute unto the Lord of the men of war - As trog keesh dan Chiarn jeh ny deiney, hie magh gys y chaggey Bible

vengeance (n.) buill, drogh-chooilleen; cooilleen: I will plead thy cause, and take vengeance for thee - goyms seose dty chooish, as trog-yms cooilleen er dty hon Bible; kerragh; kerraghey: vengeance shall be taken on him - bee kerraghey shiaght filley er ny ghoaill er sevenfold Bible; kerraghey dowil: suffering the vengeance of eternal fire - surranse kerraghey dowil yn aile dy bragh farraghtyn Bible; cooilleeney: I will take vengeance, and I will not meet thee as a man - goyms cooilleeney, as cha jig-ym dty whail myr dooinney Bible; lhiasaghey: for it is the vengeance of the Lord - son shoh lhiasaghey yn Chiarn Bible

brasnee affronting, aggravating, baiting, insulting, irritating, jarring, urge: kyndagh rish peccaghyn brasnee e vec Bible; provoke: As shiuish ayraghyn, ny brasnee-jee nyn gloan gys corree: agh trog-jee ad ayns ynsagh as aggle y Chiarn. Bible

briwnyssit decided, judged: Verriu, ta'n Briw er jeet, Trog-jee, ny whail nish shegin diu roie Son dy ve briwnyssit. LH

lajerys cogency, force, headiness, might, prowess, richness, strength: cur-jee veue tranlaase as spooilley, as jean-jee briwnys as cairys, trog-jee nyn laue-lajerys veih my phobble, ta'n Chiarn Jee dy ghra. Bible

laue-lajerys force majeure, oppression, physical force: cur-jee veue tranlaase as spooilley, as jean-jee briwnys as cairys, trog-jee nyn laue-lajerys veih my phobble, ta'n Chiarn Jee dy ghra. Bible; exactions


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