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troar (f.) pl. troaryn acquisition, crop, fruit, output, proceeds, produce, product, result, yield: As ee-ys ad seose yn troar ayd Bible [O.Ir. torad]

Inexact matches:

jeh troar of the seed: lhig eh ve jeh troar y vagheragh, ny jeh mess ny biljyn, te lesh y Chiarn Bible

troar argid (f.) cash crop

troar arran (f.) breadfruit

troar garagh (f.) garden produce

troar hallooin (f.) farm produce

troar lhieggit (f.) windfall

troar vainney (f.) dairy produce

troar vargee (f.) cash crop

troar vooar (f.) bumper crop

lane troar sthie gross domestic product, GDP: T'eh jerkal dy bee ny symmyn bleinoil kianlt gys y Lane Troar Sthie tra vees ad roshtyn eh. BS

Taishbynys Troar Sulby Sulby Horticultural Society; Sulby Horticultural Show

troar daa chorrillagh (f.) product of two fractions

troar ny marrey (f.) marine produce

troar ny thallooin (f.) farm produce

troar y thallooin (f.) agricultural produce

cash crop (n.) troar argid, troar vargee

farm produce (n.) troar hallooin, troar ny thallooin

product (n.) toarey; troar: The product of two fractions - Troar daa chorrillagh. DF idiom

breadfruit (n.) troar arran

bumper crop (n.) troar vooar

dairy produce (n.) troar vainney

garden produce (n.) troar garagh

output (v.) coyrt magh; (n.) troar

produce brey; gientyn; gymmyrkey magh; jannoo: They produce films - T'ad jannoo scannaneyn. DF idiom; sheeyney; taishbyney; toarey; yeeillym; ymmyrk magh; (n.) troar: Farm produce - Troar ny thallooin. DF idiom

agricultural produce (n.) troar y thallooin

marine produce (gen.) troar ny marrey

of the seed jeh cloan: What man soever of the seed of Aaron is a leper - Dooinney erbee jeh cloan Aaron ta ny lourane Bible; jeh sluight: If Mordecai be of the seed of the Jews - My ta Mordecai jeh sluight ny Hewnyn Bible; jeh troar: whether of the seed of the land, or of the fruit of the tree - lhig eh ve jeh troar y vagheragh, ny jeh mess ny biljyn Bible

acquisition (n.) cosney, feddyn, geddyn, troar, vondeish

GDP (n.) = gross domestic product LTS, lane troar sthie

gross domestic product (n.) lane troar sthie, LTS

product of two fractions (n.) troar daa chorrillagh

Sulby Horticultural Show (n.) Taishbynys Troar Sulby

Sulby Horticultural Society (n.) Taishbynys Troar Sulby

windfall (n.) gioot veih Niau, troar lhieggit

LTS See lane troar sthie GDP, gross domestic product

crop1 baair, baar: Give me a close crop - Jean baarey lhome orrym. DF idiom; pollal, troarey; (n.) scrobbag, sproghan; troar, troayr

fruit (n.) mess: This fruit is beginning to rot - Ta'n mess shoh goaill toshiaght dy loau. JJK idiom; troar; (v.) ymmyrkey mess

proceeds (n.) cosnaghyn, goailltys, troar; (v.) goll er: The letter proceeds thus - Shoh myr ta'n screeuyn goll er. DF idiom

yield (n.) baar, troar; (v.) lhiggey lesh: Yield not to temptation - Ny lhig lesh miolagh. DF idiom; cur magh, ymmyrkey; ceau

chur shilley er (dy); (to) visit: Hie mee sheese gys garey ny croyn, dy chur shilley er troar ny glionney Bible

croyn nuts: Hie mee sheese gys garey ny croyn, dy chur shilley er troar ny glionney Bible

garey ny croyn garden of nuts: Hie mee sheese gys garey ny croyn, dy chur shilley er troar ny glionney Bible

lossanyn flames: my reih ad berreen meinn-ghone v'eh orroo lheimmey three keayrtyn erskyn ny lossanyn, ny roie trooid ny lossanyn three keayrtyn dy ve shickyr jeh troar mie. Dhoor

mayl pl. maylteeyn See mayle rent, rental, tribute: va dagh fer jeu son mayl y troar dy eeck thousane peesh dy argid. Bible; impost

vagheragh (y) of the field: As ooilley jagheen thallooin, lhig eh ve jeh troar y vagheragh, ny jeh mess ny biljyn, te lesh y Chiarn Bible

result eiyrt er: What will be the result of that? - Cre vees yn eiyrtys er shen? JJK idiom; eiyrtys: As a result of the committal of that task to him - Myr eiyrtys jeh cur yn obbyr shen fo'n churrym echey. DF idiom; troar

scryssey magh abolish, amortize, blot out, delete, efface, erase, erasure, obliterate, scratch out, scrub, shatter, strike off, wear off: Lhig dooin scryssey magh yn leigh shoh. JJK V'eh scryssey magh looghyn. DF Reireyder-troar, Graham Shimmin, t'eh gra dy vel kuse dy haghteraghtyn er nyn scryssey magh er y gherrid kyndagh rish y traastey mooar politickagh. BS Ren eh scryssey magh yn fockle. DF; (as vision) blur; abolition, abolishment, attrition, deletion, obliteration

Teelan Noa (f.) (Yn) New Zealand: Ta'n Teelan Noa er chosney goo mie liorish troar-eirinys as liorish aalid ny cheerey Carn


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