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trimshagh (=Ir. tromas) 1 affecting, baleful, dismal, grievous, lamentation, lugubrious, miserable, mournful, plaintive, sad, saddened, sad person, sorrowful, sorrowful person a: ren ad dobberan ard as feer trimshagh er e skyn Bible; 2 (sorrowful) heavy; 3 unhappy

Inexact matches:

sad (adj.) anghennal, neuvaynrey, seiyjagh; trimshagh: My father is sad - Ta m'ayr trimshagh. JJK idiom

affecting gleashagh; trimshagh

baleful (adj.) doogh; olkyssagh; trimshagh

heavy3 (adj.) (sorrowful) trimshagh

lugubrious (adj.) trimshagh

plaintive (adj.) trimshagh

saddened trimshagh; trimshit

sad person (n.) trimshagh

sorrowful person (n.) trimshagh; truanagh

dismal (adj.) doolagh, grouw, meevaynrey, trimshagh

grievous1 (adj.) feiyjagh; seaghnagh; trimshagh; doccaragh; jymmoosagh

lamentation (n.) accan, cronneeaght, dobberan, jeirnys, keayney, trimshagh

sorrowful (adj.) dobbranagh; dobberanagh; seaghnagh; seaghynagh; trimshagh

mournful (adj.) branagh; dobbranagh; dobberanagh; douyr; jeiragh; keaynoil; seiyjagh; treihnagh; trimshagh; truanagh

erskyn credjue incredibly: Va shoh naight trimshagh as bunnys erskyn credjue. Dhoor

farrarey (dy); (to) keep vigil; mourn: jean farrarey trimshagh myr son ynrycan mac Bible; waking

greeasaghey motivate: t'ad feer trimshagh nagh row ad abyl greeasaghey ny rouanyn. Carn

unhappy (adj.) donney; douyr; meevaynrey: He has been very unhappy - T'eh er ve feer veevaynrey. JJK idiom; neuvaynrey; meevannee; trimshagh

cree (=Ir. croí, Sc.G. cridhe) pl. creeaghyn pl. creeghyn 1 bud, button, centre, core, crux, ganglion, heart, hub, palm, pith a: er-yn-oyr dy row cree ooilley'n pobble trimshagh Bible; 2 boundary; 3 encouragement; 4 (of story) hinge [O.Ir. cride]

Pabyryn Naight (Ny); (The) Press: Red trimshagh dy vel y sleih shoh credjal ny breagyn cughtee t'ad lhaih bunnys gagh laa ayns pabyryn naight goll rish y 'Sun'. Carn

state state: hie eh ersooyl dy trimshagh: son va state mooar hallooin echey Bible

tayrn-yms I will draw: Tayrn-yms cooidjagh jeed's adsyn ta trimshagh son y chaglym-casherick, dauesyn va'n oltooan echey seaghnagh. Bible

ynnyd oanluckee burial place, catacombs: kys oddym agh ve trimshagh; choud as ta'n ard-valley, ynnyd oanluckee my ayraghyn, ny lhie follym-faase, as ny giattyn eck stroit lesh aile? Bible

I will gather chaglyms: I will gather them out of all countries - chaglyms ad ass dy chooilley heer Bible; tayrn-yms cooidjagh: I will gather them that are sorrowful for the solemn assembly - Tayrn-yms cooidjagh jeeds adsyn ta trimshagh son y chaglymcasherick Bible

miserable (adj.) boght, doolagh, kercheenagh, lhag-chreeagh, meevaynrey, neughennal, neuvaynrey, trimshagh, trome-chreeagh, truanagh; treih: knowest not that thou art wretched, and miserable, and poor, and blind, and naked - cha vel oo goaill hood hene dy vel oo treih, as seaghnit, as boght, as doal, as rooisht. Bible

fer-screeuee secretary: Va'n fer-screeuee gra dy row eh er chlashtyn dy row brastyl Yernish aym ayns Lerpoyll as dy row eh er ngeddyn yn enmys ayms voish Conradh an Gaeilge ayns Divlyn. Carn; writer: Nane jeh ny reddyn smoo trimshagh ren mee rieau fakin, va shen screeut liorish y fer-screeuee mooar Máirtín Ó Cadhain. Carn

tramylt hardy, robust, stout, sturdy; stalwart: Ta sleih ayns Partee Obbraghys Vannin gra dy vel ad trimshagh dy vel oltey tramylt, Peter Karran, oltey jeh'n Chiare as Feed son Kione Droghad, faagail y partee lurg feed blein as ny smoo. BS; (as plant) vigorous


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