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trick1 (n.) cleays, click, clink, garrey, geayshteig, spring; (v.) molley; shayll: Trick at the wheel - Shayll ec yn stiur. DF idiom; cluic: Take a trick with the king - Cluic y ghoaill lesh yn ree. DF idiom; sponnag: The first trick is allowed - Ta'n chied sponnag lowit. DF idiom; crout: Shabby trick - Crout ghraney. DF idiom; cluke

trick2 (n.) (cards) trick

trick frequent, quick in succession; (cards) trick

Inexact matches:

confidence trick (n.) molteyrys

shabby trick (n.) crout ghraney

trick cyclist (n.) coshee-wheeyl

dy trick frequently; on the trot

take a trick (v.) (to) cluic y ghoaill

quick in succession trick

cleays invention; trick

click (pl -yn) trick

cluke trick

coshee-wheeyl trick cyclist

crout ghraney shabby trick

geayshteig trick

sponnag (f.) error; trick

spring joke, trick; effect

frequently (adv.) dy mennick; dy trick

on the trot dy trick

clink (f.) curvature; (running) twist; jingle; trick

cluic y ghoaill (to) take a trick: Cluic y ghoaill lesh yn ree. DF

allowed1 goit rish; lowit: The first trick is allowed - Ta'n chied sponnag lowit. DF idiom; surrit

frequent1 (adj.) mennick, trick, ymmodee; jeant dy chadjin: It is quite a frequent practice - T'eh jeant dy cadjin DF idiom; (v.) taaghey

cluic (f.) COMPARE cluke hoax, prank, ruse, stunt, subterfuge, trick: She cloider croutagh y fer shen oddys jannoo cluic er sleih lesh gialdynys foalsey as goan brynnagh. Carn; clasp

crout (f.) pl. croutyn calculation, craftiness, fraud, stratagem, trick: trooid e chialgeyrys, ver eh er croutyn bishaghey ny laue Bible; craft

garrey pl. garraghyn bout, spell, stint, turn: eshyn ta cummey lesh yn oayrd yn fer ta goaill garrey er yn ingan Bible; lap, rubber, trick; gallop; impetus

molley 1 (v.) baffle, bamboozle, beguile, bluff, cajole, captivate, deceive, disappoint, foil, fool, fox, gull, impose, trick a: t'eh molley adsyn ta cummal er y thalloo Bible; 2 (n.) bafflement, deceit, deception, disappointment, imposition, let down: Ta molley aynjee. DF; 3 cheated

molteyrys cheating, confidence trick, deceit, deception, duplicity, fraud, fraudulence, insidiousness, treachery: Son ren shiu molteyrys ayns nyn gree Bible; faithlessness

shayll (f.) bout, piece of work, rotating, share, spell, stint, trick, turn: Nish tra haink shayll dagh moidyn mygeayrt, dy gholl stiagh gys ree Ahasuerus Bible; (of work) bout; shift


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