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treiney vraag (f.) hobnail

treiney (f.) pl. treinaghyn nail: Hug ee e laue gys y treiney Bible

Inexact matches:

towl treiney nail-hole

treiney chavin (f.) coffin nail

treiney chrou (f.) hobnail, horseshoe nail

treiney ghorrysh (f.) door nail

treiney rio (f.) frost nail

treiney roauyr (f.) stub nail

treiney vlastal (f.) clove

treiney whuaiyllee (f.) clinch nail, clincher nail

eeck er y treiney terms cash

treiney chione diamanagh (f.) rose nail

hobnail (n.) treiney chrou, treiney vraag

clove1 (n.) treiney vlastal

coffin nail (n.) treiney chavin

door nail (n.) treiney ghorrysh

frost nail (n.) treiney rio

horseshoe nail (n.) treiney chrou

nail (v.) gow greim er, treinaghey; (n.) ingin; treiney: A nail caught my hand - Hie treiney stiagh ayns my laue. DF idiom; croan

nail-hole (n.) towl treiney

stub nail (n.) treiney roauyr

clincher nail (n.) treiney whuaiyllee; whaaley

clinch nail treiney whuaiyllee; whaaley

nail drawer (n.) pinjooryn-treiney

rose nail (n.) treiney chione diamanagh

pinjooryn-treiney nail drawer

terms cash eeck er y treiney

hammar hammer: Hug ee e laue gys y treiney, as e laue yesh gys hammar yn obbree Bible

laue scrieuee handwriting: Crossey yn laue scrieuee dy oardaghyn, hass 'sy raad roïn as va nyn 'oi, as ghow eh eh ersooyl dy bollagh, treiney eh gys e chrosh Bible

spittag (f.) sharp-tongued woman, shrew, spitfire, verbose woman, vixen; little piece: Va dagh gharmin ayndoo jeh fuygh darragh, trome as lajer, chionnit rish fer elley lesh spittag fuygh, cha nee treiney yiarn! JG

hang (v.) ceau; croghey rish; cur seose; lhie; shassoo; cum: Hang on to your Manx, boy! - Cum rish dty Ghaelg, lah! DF idiom; croghey: Hang him - Jean croghey eh. DF idiom; crogh: Hang your coat on the nail - Crogh dty chooat er y treiney. DF idiom; (to); (dy) chroghey: To hang low - Dy chroghey neose. DF idiom


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