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treigeil (f.) departure, deviation, evacuation, repudiation; (v.) abandon, betray, defect, desert, evacuate, fall away, forsake, jilt, lay aside, maroon, rat on, repudiate, strand, throw over: cha jean mayd treigeil thie yn Jee ain Bible; forsaketh

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defect (n.) foill; lheamys; (v.) treigeil

maroon (v.) faagail, treigeil; (n.) maroon

rat on (v.) treigeil

repudiate (v.) jiooldey, shaghney, treigeil

repudiation (n.) jiooldey, treigeil

throw over (v.) faagail; treigeil

forsake (v.) faagail, neuhaaghey; treigeil: thou shalt not forsake him - cha jean oo treigeil eh Bible; dreig; treig: Forsake me not - Ny treig mee Bible; hreigys: But if his children forsake my law - Agh my hreigys yn chloan echey my leigh Bible

forsaketh (v.) treigys: but whoso confesseth and forsaketh them shall have mercy - agh quoi-erbee ghoys roo, as treigys ad yiow eh myghin Bible; treigeil: Correction is grievous unto him that forsaketh the way - cha vel eh treigeil e vooinjer chrauee hene Bible

jilt flid; inneen-ghaidee; stritlag; (v.) treigeil

evacuate (v.) cur magh; goaill magh; treigeil

evacuation (n.) cur magh, folmaghey, goaill magh, treigeil

strand (v.) faagail, faagail er traie, treigeil; (n.) lhionnaig; traie

abandon (v.) cur ergooyl, faagail, lhiggey lesh, treigeil; (adv.) gyn boirey, gyn lhiettrimys

deviation (n.) shaghrynys, treigeil; cleayney: Sexual deviation - Cleayney keintyssagh. DF idiom

lay aside (v.) ceau jeh, cur dy lieh, cur voish, treigeil

falleil fail: cha jeanym falleil, ny treigeil oo Bible

feodagh disgusting, foul: Ta smaght feodagh dasyn ta treigeil y raad Bible

liastey idle, negligent, slothful: Smerg da'n bochilley liastey, ta treigeil e hioltane! Bible

betray1 (v.) brah: He'd rather die than betray his king - Bare lesh geddyn baase na brah e ree. JJK idiom; treigeil

departure (n.) goll, paartail, treigeil; immeeaght: Previous to my departure - Roish yn immeeaght aym. DF idiom

desert1 (n.) caitnys; eaynagh; faasagh: and dwelt in the wilderness, and became an archer - as ren eh bagheysyn aasagh, as haink eh dy ve ny hideyr Bible; feaynid; fadaneys; ynnyd faase; toilchinys, toilchin; (v.) treigeil; (v.) neuhaaghey; (adj.) eaynnee; faasoil; toilliu

Chiarnyn Thallooin Landed Interest: ta sleih foast treigeil yn thalloo nagh vel goit ec chiarnyn-thallooin, colughtyn as joarreeyn. Carn

coyrle follit (f.) conspiracy, machination: gow-ee eh coyrle follit maroosyn ta treigeil y chonaant casherick. Bible

fo mollaght accursed: Eshyn ta treigeil e ayr, t'eh myr lûnagh as eshyn ta cur corree er e voir, t'eh fo mollaght Yee. Apoc

priseil pricing: v'eh er ny ruggyr daa-cheead blein ny s'moghey as s'feer eh dy ren eh bio dy 'akin yn treigeil jeh ymmodee ardsmooinaghtyn ren eh priseil er lheh Coraa

fall away (v.) goll sheese, treigeil; tuittym ersooyl: Let them fall away like water that runneth apace - lhig daue tuittym ersooyl myr ushtey ta roie dy tappee Bible; failleil: and in time of temptation fall away - agh ayns earish miolagh ta nyn gredjue failleil


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