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trean brave, doughty, firm, formidable, heavy, heroic, intensive, mighty, stark, stout, tyrannous, valiant, valorous: Ta shin deiney niartal, as trean son y chaggey Bible

Inexact matches:

deiney trean strong men

dooinney trean man of nerve

dy trean strong: Hass eh dy trean DF

margey trean strong market

shliggan trean-vleaystagh high explosive shell

doughty (adj.) trean

formidable (adj.) trean

heroic (adj.) dunnal, feniaghtagh, trean

strong market (n.) margey trean

tyrannous (adj.) tranlaasagh; trean

valorous (adj.) trean

high explosive (n.) trean-vleaystagh

man of nerve (n.) dooinney trean

strong men (npl.) deiney pooaral: A gracious woman retaineth honour: and strong men retain riches - Ta ben ghraysoil geddyn ooashley, as. deiney pooaral cosney berchys Bible; deiney trean: whose brethren were strong men - ny braaraghyn oc va deiney trean Bible; deiney lajer: And Meshelemiah had sons and brethren, strong men, eighteen - As va ec Meshelemiah mec as braaraghyn, deiney lajer hoght-jeig Bible

trean-vleaystagh high explosive

high explosive shell (n.) shliggan trean-vleaystagh

valiant (adj.) erroortagh, trean; dunnal; creeoil; gastey; thollee

lheimeraght prancings: liorish lheimeraght nyn gabbil trean Bible

intensive (adj.) jeean: Intensive care unit - Boayl kiarail yeean. DF idiom; trean

mighty (adj.) ard, mooar, niartal, pooaragh, pooaral, trean, treanagh, yindyssagh; (npl.) niartallee

apt1 (adj.) aghtal: all that were strong and apt for war - ooilley ny va trean as aghtal son caggey Bible; cooie; traaoil

brave braew; dunnal: Thou hast not been brave - Cha nel oo er ve dunnal. JJK idiom; dunnalagh; rootagh; trean

by her lioree: may strong men have been slain by her - shimmeyn fer trean ter ny ve stroit lioree Bible; (emph.) lioreeish

heavy1 (adj.) chiu; laadagh; lajer; mooar; roauyr; torragh; trean; trome: There's a heavy dew - Ta druight trome ayn. JJK idiom; trome-horragh; tromey, trommey

stark (adj.) jiarg: She is stark naked - T'ee jiarg-rooisht. DF idiom; lajer; reen; trean

stout (n.) bainney ny baa doo, lhune doo; (adj.) chiu, lajer, loor, poinnee, stuitt, tramylt, trean; stuittey; roauyr: Was he very stout? - Row eh feer roauyr? JJK idiom

aghtal clever, dexterous, expert, proficient, skilful: ooilley ny va trean as aghtal son caggey Bible; smart; workmanlike; apt; cunning; artful

Feniagh Fenian: Eisht dinsh Hommy dou ooilley mychione e ayr, Robin Gorry, as b'leayr dou dy dug eh ooashley rish cooinaghtyn e ayr; va Robin yn feniagh trean echey, as yindyssagh er-bastal. Dhoor

gaauenyn smiths: fir-cheirdee as gaauenyn un thousane, ooilley ny va trean as aghtal son caggey Bible

iu feeyn wine, drink wine: Smerg dauesyn ta trean dy iu feeyn, as deiney niartal dy heiy jough veshtyllagh Bible

niagh steed: t'eh er n'yannoo ad myr yn niagh trean 'sy chaggey. Bible; horse: Nee uss hug troshid da'n niagh? Bible

tarroo (=Ir. tarbh) pl. terriu bull: Ta'n tarroo oc trean, as cha vel eh failleil Bible [L. taurus, tauros]

firm (adj.) beayn, fondagh, gloo, jeelys, roauyr, shassooagh, trean; chionn: Stand firm - Shass dy chionn. DF idiom; shickyr: To hold firm - Dy hassoo dy shickyr. DF idiom; (n.) colught: We do business with that firm - Ta shin dellal rish y cholught shen. DF idiom

strong1 dy lajer, dy niartal, dy trean; (adj.) lajer: Though she's small and looks delicate, she's nevertheless pretty strong - Ga dy vel ee beg as jeeaghyn mettey, t'ee paart lajer son ooilley shen. JJK idiom; niartal: There are it seems to me, pretty strong proofs of it - Er lhiam dy vel prowallyn feer niartal jeh ayn. JJK idiom; troshtagh


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