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traie (=Ir. trá) (f.) 1 beach, neap tide, sandy seashore, seashore, shore, strand a: honnick eh daa lhong rish oirr y traie Bible; 2 (of water) recede, retreat, retreating: As ren ny ushtaghyn traie jehn thalloo dy kinjagh Bible; 3 (of anger) cool, cooling

Inexact matches:

bayr traie seafront

bluckan traie beachball

braagyn traie (f.) sand shoes

burley traie scurvy grass

caayl traie sea kale

Cheu Traie Shore Side

corran traie sand spurry

crockan traie sea urchin

cullyn traie sea holly

dragan traie dragonet

Faaie Traie Shore Flat

Fynn Traie (f.) Ventry, White Strand

jargan traie sandhopper

Liargee Traie Shore Slope

Magheryn Traie Shore Fields

neaynin traie sea thrift

Rheynn Traie Shore Division

ronseyder traie beachcomber; turnstone

Thalloo Traie Shore Land

tidey traie receding tide

Traie Cabbage Cabbage Shore

Traie Carn Cairn Shore

Traie Carran Karran's Shore

Traie Chashtal (f.) Brodrick

Traie Cronkan Hillock Shore

Traie Dullish Seaweed Shore

Traie Ein Bird's Shore

Traie Feoghaig Periwinkle Shore

Traie Foawir Giant's Shore

traie ghavel (f.) shingle beach

traie gheinnee (f.) sands, sandy shore: Va'n keayn myr traie gheinnee. DF

Traie Keirn Mountain Ash Shore

Traie Keyl Narrow Shore

traie laaee (f.) mud flat

traie laaghey (f.) mud flat

Traie Lagagh Shore Hollow

Traie Lee (f.) Tralee

Traie Lhean Broad Shore

Traie Ooigyn Caves' Shore

Traie Rea Level Shore

traie sluggee (f.) quicksand

Traie Vane White Shore, White Strand

Traie Vrisht Broken Shore

Awin Kione ny Traie Strand End River

Cronk Keeill Traie Shore Church Hill

er y traie aground, ashore, beached, on the shore: va Yeesey ny hassoo er y traie Bible

faagail er traie strand

faggys da'n traie inshore: Yinnagh eh guee er Jee dy mennick ayns ooig er lheh faggys da'n traie, as yinnagh eh leeideil ny monnaghyn echey as ad cur ooashley da Jee ayns Taigh Mhàrtainn. Dhoor

geay veih'n traie offshore wind

Kerroo ny Traie Shore Quarter

Kione y Traie Shore End

lus lheeah ny traie (f.) sea lavender

Magher ny Traie Shore Field

Magher y Traie Shore Field

mullagh y traie high water

Raad Broogh y Traie Strand Road

Raad y Traie Shore Road

rish y traie alongshore: Tra va mee shooyl rish y traie, honnick mee shirragh y ree getlagh dys claghyn mooarey ennagh. Dhoor

scurb ny traie (f.) sea bindweed

Thie yn Traie Beach House

thooilley as traie rising and falling

Traie Noo Pherick Spaldrick

Traie ny Bwaagyn Pebble Beach

Traie ny Faiyr Mollagh Rough Grass Shore

Traie ny Feeyney Wine Shore

Traie ny Foillan Gull's Shore

traie ny geayee (f.) weather shore

Traie ny Gill Ravine Shore

Traie ny Halsall Halsall's Shore

Traie ny Harstal Goat Cliff Shore

Traie ny h'Eairkan Lapwing Shore

Traie ny Lheeannagh Meadow Shore

Traie ny Lhingey Pool Shore

Traie ny Marrey Shore of the Sea: Tra haink traie ny marrey, as y raad gys yn ellan foshlit reesht, hayrn Ean as e gheiney er ash gys nyn lhongyn Chron

Traie ny Saagh Cask Shore

Traie ny Shag Shag Shore

Traie ny Sloat Shore of Puddles

Traie ny Uainaigue Wind Bay Shore

Traie ny Voillan Gulls' Shore

traie rish y gheay (f.) lee shore

Traie Tuill Liauyrey Long Holes Shore

Traie yn Chabbal Chapel Beach

Traie yn Thie Imbyl Brewery Beach

Gull's Shore (n.) Traie ny Foillan, Traie ny Voillan

mud flat (n.) traie laaee, traie laaghey

Shore Field (n.) Magher y Traie, Magher ny Traie

strand (v.) faagail, faagail er traie, treigeil; (n.) lhionnaig; traie

White Strand (n.) Traie Vane; Fynn Traie

alongshore (adj., adv.) rish y traie

ashore (adv.) er cheer; er-halloo; er-traie; er y traie: The boat was driven ashore - Va'n baatey eiyrit er y traie. DF idiom

beachball (n.) bluckan traie

Bird's Shore (n.) Traie Ein

Broad Shore (n.) Traie Lhean

Brodrick (n.) Traie Chashtal

Broken Shore (n.) Traie Vrisht

Cabbage Shore (n.) Traie Cabbage

Cairn Shore (n.) Traie Carn

Caves' Shore (n.) Traie Ooigyn

cool2 (of anger) traie

cooling feayree; traie

dragonet (n.) dragan traie

Giant's Shore (n.) Traie Foawir

Hillock Shore (n.) Traie Cronkan

inshore (adj., adv.) faggys da'n traie

Karran's Shore (n.) Traie Carran

Level Shore (n.) Traie Rea

Narrow Shore (n.) Traie Keyl

on the shore er y traie: Call of the curlews on the shore - Eam ny grottagyn er y traie. DF idiom

Periwinkle Shore (n.) Traie Feoghaig

receding tide (n.) tidey traie

retreat3 (of water) traie

retreating er chea; traie

sandhopper (n.) jargan traie

sands (n.) traie gheinnee

sand shoes (npl.) braagyn traie

sand spurry (n.) corran traie

sandy seashore (n.) traie

sandy shore (n.) traie gheinnee

seashore (n.) traie

Seaweed Shore (n.) Traie Dullish

shingle beach (n.) traie ghavel

shore (n.) cheer; oirr ny marrey; thalloo: To hug the shore - Dy hiaulley faggys da'n thalloo. DF idiom; traie: The boat is drifting on shore - Ta'n baatey tuittym er y traie. DF idiom

Shore Division (n.) Rheynn Traie

Shore Fields (n.) Magheryn Traie

Shore Flat (n.) Faaie Traie

Shore Hollow (n.) Traie Lagagh

Shore Land (n.) Thalloo Traie

Shore Side (n.) Cheu Traie

Shore Slope (n.) Liargee Traie

Spaldrick (n.) Traie Noo Pherick

Tralee (n.) Traie Lee

Ventry (n.) Fynn Traie

White Shore (n.) Traie Vane

Beach House (n.) Thie yn Traie

Cask Shore (n.) Traie ny Saagh

Chapel Beach (n.) Traie yn Chabbal

Halsall's Shore (n.) Traie ny Halsall

Lapwing Shore (n.) Traie ny h'Eairkan

Meadow Shore (n.) Traie ny Lheeannagh

Mountain Ash Shore (n.) Traie Keirn

offshore wind (n.) geay veih'n traie

Pebble Beach (n.) Traie ny Bwaagyn

Pool Shore (n.) Traie ny Lhingey

Ravine Shore (n.) Traie ny Gill

recede (v.) cleayney, goll ergooyl, traie

Shag Shore (n.) Traie ny Shag

Shore End (n.) Kione y Traie

Shore Quarter (n.) Kerroo ny Traie

Shore Road (n.) Raad y Traie

weather shore (n.) traie ny geayee

Wine Shore (n.) Traie ny Feeyney

er-traie ashore: Hug ad nyn sidooryn er traie marish nyn eillaghyn as mergaghyn as ooilley nyn gooid Chron

traie-valley (f.) watering place

beachcomber (n.) faarkey mooar, ronseyder traie, tonn vooar

Brewery Beach (n.) Traie yn Thie Imbyl

End of the Shore (n.) Kione y Traie

Goat Cliff Shore (n.) Traie ny Harstal

lee shore (n.) traie rish y gheay

Long Holes Shore (n.) Traie Tuill Liauyrey

quicksand (n.) geinniagh vio, muc gheinnee, traie sluggee

rising and falling thooilley as traie

Rough Grass Shore (n.) Traie ny Faiyr Mollagh

sea holly (n.) cullyn traie, hollyn hraie

sea lavender (n.) lus lheeah ny traie

sea thrift (n.) kione jiarg; neaynin traie

sea urchin (n.) crockan traie; kione chiyt

Shore Church Hill (n.) Cronk Keeill Traie

Shore of Puddles (n.) Traie ny Sloat

Shore of the Sea (n.) Traie ny Marrey

Strand End River (n.) Awin Kione ny Traie

Strand Road (n.) Raad Broogh y Traie

turnstone (n.) chyndaader clagh, goblaghan; ronseyder traie

Wind Bay Shore (n.) Traie ny Uainaigue

high water (n.) lane marrey; mullagh ny marrey; mullagh y traie

sandy (adj.) fynn-ruy, ruy; geinnee: The sandy shore - Yn traie gheinnee. DF idiom


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