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traaue cleave, furrow, plough, ploughing, plough up, till, tilling: Vod cabbil roie harrish creggyn ? ny dew traaue orroo? Bible

Inexact matches:

gyn traaue untilled

traaue fo plough in

traaue neese plough up

traaue roish (of ship) labour

traaue ny hrooid plough through

traaue trooid lioar (through book) wade

plough up (v.) traaue; traaue neese

labour3 (v.) (of ship) traaue roish

plough in (v.) traaue fo

tilling (v.) traaue

wade4 (v.) (through book) traaue trooid lioar

traue See traaue till

plough through (v.) traaue ny hrooid

untilled (adj.) bane; gyn traaue; neuhraaueit

plough (n.) keeaght; (v.) traaue: He follows the plough - T'eh gerinagh. DF idiom; (to); (dy) hraaue

unicorn unicorn: Vod oo yn unicorn y yokal 'sy whing son traaue? Bible

yokal bind: Vod oo yn unicorn y yokal 'sy whing son traaue? Bible

furrow (n.) craplag, furrey; creagh: The first furrow - Yn chied chreagh. DF idiom; (v.) cur furrey ayn, giarrey ny tonnyn, traaue

labour1 doccar, traaue roish; doccarys; laboragh; laboraght; labraghey; lught obbyr; obbraghey; obbyr: Labour of a lifetime - Obbyr heihill. DF idiom; tooilleil; troailt; obbyr-lauee

ploughing (v.) farrys-thie; farrysthie: An high look, and a proud heart, and the ploughing of the wicked, is sin - Ayns shilley ard, as cree moyrnagh, as eer ayns farrysthie ny mee-chrauee, ta peccah. Bible; traaue; traauee

till (conj.) derrey; dys: Wait till I come down - Fuirree dys higym neose. JJK idiom; gys; (n.) tayrnag argid; kishteig-argid; (v.) traue, traaue; (to); (dy) hraaue

William (n.) Illiam: Tell William not to plough the field - Abbyr rish Illiam dyn traaue y magher. DF idiom

bennaylt winnow: Nee ny dew myrgeddin, as ny assyllyn aegey, ta traaue yn thalloo, gee arroo glen t'er ny ve fasnit lesh y chleayst as lesh y dollan-bennaylt. Bible

buinn cut, cut down, harvest, lift, mow, mowing, reap, reaping, shear, shearing: as foast ta queig bleeaney, ayndoo, cha bee traaue ny buinn Bible

erroo pl. errooyn ploughman, tiller of land: Vel yn erroo traaue dy chooilley laa dy chuirr? Bible [L. ara]

farkaght (f.) pause, stay, wait: Jean shiu laboraght as farkaght; ta traa creenagh yn arroo, agh cha jean eh traaue ny magheryn EF

ghaa yeigoo (yn) twelfth: va traaue lesh daa chubbyl jeig dy ghew roish, as eh-hene marish yn ghaa-yeigoo Bible

troddan traauee ploughing match: Ta mee er nakin shenn Yernagh, va traaue ec yn troddan traauee ashoonagh Nerin, ceau ny smoo na lieh yn traa echey jannoo yn chied daa chreagh as mysh daeed creagh ry-yannoo ooilley cooidjagh. Dhoor

asses (npl.) assyllyn: the oxen were plowing, and the asses feeding beside them - Va ny dew traaue, as ny assyllyn gyndyr lioroo; Bible; assylyn: and carried all the feeble of them upon asses - as hug ad ooilley ny annoonee er assylyn Bible

cleave (v.) giarrey, scaaney, traaue; lhiantyn; lhiantyn da: The Lord shall make the pestilence cleave unto thee - Ver y Chiarn er y chramp dy lhiantyn dhyt B ible; lhiantyn gys: But ye that did cleave unto the Lord your God - Agh shiuish ren lhiantyn gys y Chiarn nyn Yee Bible; lhiantyn huggey: there shall no such cleave unto me - cha jean veg nyn lheid lhiantyn hym Bible; lhiantyn rish: and cleave unto the remnant of these nations - as lhiantyn rish fooilliagh ny ashoonyn shoh Bible; scoltey: And he shall cleave it with the wings thereof - As nee eh scoltey eh lesh e skianyn er Bible; taah


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