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traa ennagh sometime: Shimmey keayrt ta shin jarrood dy row ooilley Sostyn lesh ny Celtiee traa ennagh. Carn

traa (=Ir. tráth) pl. traaghyn duration, occasion, period, tempo, time: 'sy traa ta ry-heet Bible

Inexact matches:

anchaslys traa time lag

ayns traa duly, timely: Ayns traa my heaghyn hirr mee yn Chiarn Bible

bargane traa time bargain

bleaystan traa time bomb

bluckan traa time ball

cagliagh traa time limit

ceau traa diversion, hobby: V'eh yn ceau traa echey. DF

cosneyder traa temporiser, temporizer

cosney traa temporisation, temporise, temporization, temporize; gain time: Dansoor y ree, as dooyrt eh, Ta fys aym son shickyrys, dy vel shiu shirrey cosney traa, er-yn-oyr dy vel shiu fakin dy vel y red er n'gholl voym. Bible

cowrey traa time signal

dy traa betimes, early, punctual: My hig y traen stiagh dy traa. DF

eab traa time trial

earroo claare-traa timetable

earroo traa timetable

fioose traa time fuse

jeh'n traa scratch; of the time: Jannoo ymmyd mie jehn traa, er-yn-oyr dy vel laghyn seaghnagh ayn Bible

jelliu traa timewarp

lesh traa deliberately; with time: Lesh greieyn gyere dy dowin as schleioil t'ad stiagh-scruit Ga nish, lesh traa as emshir ta kuse jeu mooarane shleeuit. Coraa

lowanse traa time allowance

meoir traa timekeeper

shimmey traa oftentimes; ofttimes

towse traa timing

traa anjeealagh breakfast time

traa ardvoggey jubilee

traa arree equinoctial, springtime

traa baghtal apparent time

traa beayney reaping time

traa buinney reaping time

traa cadjin common time

traa cadjinit standard time

traa cadlee bedtime

traa caffee coffee break

traa caggee wartime: Feiy'n traa caggee. DF

traa cloie break, playtime

traa correy seed-time, sowing time: Choud as tan seihll ermayrn, cha jean traa-correy, as fouyr, feayraght as chiass, sourey as geurey, laa as oie, dy bragh falleil. Bible

traa creg-oaylleeagh geological time

traa daayl respite

traa danjeyr emergency

traa eeck usance, time for payment

traa erbee anytime, whenever: O Hiarn Yee Israel, erreish dou v'er gheddyn magh aigney my ayrey traa erbee mairagh, ny nhuyr Bible

traa feailley break up; festival time

traa fouyir autumntide, equinoctial, harvest

traa gaueagh emergency

traa geuree (of clock) winter time

traa giare short time: Agh ta mee treishteil ayns y Chiarn, dy jig-yms mee hene myrgeddin ayns traa giare. Bible

traa jinnairagh dinner hour, dinnertime: Ta ooilley ny brastylyn, Gaelgagh as Baarlagh, cheet ry-cheilley ec traa jinnairagh as rish oor fastyr Jeheiney agh shen ooilley! Dhoor

traa lhie bedtime

traa lhongee mealtime

traa liauyr long-term: yn cubbyl dooie shoh ayns y theihll noa jeant veagh myr unnane fo Jee, ny ard-sharvaant; jeh shoh ayns traa liauyr dy jig ashoon mooar, faggys corrym rish ainleyn hene ayns gloy PC

traa lommyrt shearing time

traa meanagh standard time

traa moal dead season, dull season, off season

traa noa summertime

Traa Nollick Christmastide, Christmas time, Yuletide: Ec yn traa Nollick v'eh feer feayr heose 'sy valley beg cheerey. Dhoor

traa padjeragh prayer time

traa rollageagh sideral time

traa ry-heet after-days, to be: Son ta'n ashlish foast son traa ry-heet, agh ee y jerrey nee eh loayrt, as cha nee ayns fardail Bible

traa seyr break, breaking up, leisure, recess, spare time: dy jarroo ta seshoon Yernagh roie bunnys car y feailley lesh sleih cheet stiagh as tuittym magh rere yn traa seyr t'oc. Carn

traa shiaullee sailing time

traa shibberagh suppertime: As hug eh magh e harvaant ec traa shibberagh dy ghra rish ny goaldee, Tar-jee, son ta dy chooilley nhee nish aarloo. Bible

traa shirveish church time

traa sodjey 1 respite; 2 longer time: Myr vad geearree er dy uirriaght traa sodjey maroo; 3 deliverance a: cha jean-yms ad y stroie, agh verym traa sodjey daue

traa souree summertime

traa tarroogh busy season

traa tey teatime: Va sym dy liooar ec y lught-eaishtagh, ga dy re mish va'n loayreyder s'jerree as mish loayrt lurg traa-tey syn astyr! Carn

traa ynnydagh local time

appee roish yn traa precocious

Aundyryn Bree Traa Ry-heet Future Energy Awards

ayns traa mie in good time: Shegin dou goll thie ayns traa mie. JJK

bwoalley yn traa mark time

ceau yn traa distraction: V'eh ceau yn traa echey jannoo beggan. DF

cormid traa arree spring equinox

cormid traa fouyir autumn equinox

Cre yn traa (interrog.) When: kre yn tra erbi ta mi gaemagh oyrts aeis bi my noidjyn er 'an gur dy haeo : sho saun duys, erson ta jih er my hayfs. Psalm1610

cur dys yn traa reset

ec y traa real time: Myr t'eh ec y traa t'ayn. DF

ec y traa cheddin contemporaneously, simultaneously: Agh ec y traa cheddin, ta'n gialdyn firrinagh shoh ayd veih Jee CS; at once

ec y traa cooie at the proper time: eh nee Sarah gymmyrkey dhyt ec y traa cooie yn vleïn shoh cheet Bible

ec y traa t'ayn at the present, currently: Agh liorish corrymid, ec y traa tayn nish dy vod yn phalchey euish jannoo feaysley er y feme ocsyn Bible

eer ec y traa shoh even now

er dyn traa ever since: Ta mee er ve fo dty chiarail er dyn traa ruggyr mee Bible

erreish da'n traa rio postglacial

er y traa prompt: Cha nel my ooreyder er y traa. DF

harrish yn traa overdue

heose rish y traa t'ayn abreast of the times

immeeaght yn traa fullness of time

jannoo ec traa aggairagh mistime

jeh'n traa t'ayn nish present-day

lhiggey shaghey yn traa procrastinate

lhiggey yn traa dawdling

oardagh traa-obbree Oarpagh European working time directive

roish yn traa early, premature, untimely: Ta'n mayl echey eeckit roish yn traa. DF

roish y traa untimely: ve goll-rish mess ben ta er jeet roish y traa Bible

son y traa t'ayn ad interim, meanwhile: Agh son y traa t'ayn fodmayd jannoo ymmyd mie jeh lioaryn, pabyr as gammanyn. Carn

sy chenn traa in old time: Son cha daink phadeyryssy chenn traa liorish aigney dooinney Bible

'sy traa cheddin simultaneously: yn reesy traa cheddin ny hoie ayns giat Venjamin Bible

'sy traa ry-heet hereafter: Myr shen nee my ynrickys gansoor er my honsy traa ry heet Bible

'sy traa ta ry-heet in the future: Dooyrt shin er-y-fa shen, tra jir ad myr shoh rooin, ny rish nyn sluight, 'sy traa ta ry-heet, dy vod mayd gansoor Bible

'sy traa t'ayn nowadays: tad er my imman maghsy traa tayn veih cummal ayns eiraght y Chiarn Bible

sy traa t'ayn meantime; present time: Nagh vow ymmodee fillee smoo 'sy traa t'ayn nish, as ayns y theihll ta ry-heet yn vea dy bragh farraghtyn. Bible

traa dy liooar time enough: Neemayd gee beggan, agh cha nel traa dy liooar ain son ram bee. Dhoor

traa hie shaghey elapsed time, past time: Dooyrt eh dy vel yn Cheshaght Obbree ayns Nalbin yn cheshaght jeh'n traa hie shaghey. Carn

traa marroo ny hoie (time of night) witching

traa ny fliaghaghyn rainy season

traa ny greiney local time

traa ny himbee termtime

traa ny lhiabbagh bedtime

traa ny rollageyn sidereal time

Traa Souree Goaldagh British Summer Time

traa ta ry-heet futurity: nagh jir yn chloan euish rish y chloan ainyn ayns y traa ta ry-heet, Cha vel ayrn euish ayns y Chiarn. Bible

traa t'er n'gholl shaghey yesterdays: Son cre-erbee ny reddyn v'er nyn scrieu 'sy traa t'er n'gholl shaghey, v'ad scruit son yn ynsagh ain Bible

traa yn arree springtime

Traa y Nollick Yuletide

veih'n traa shen thence: cha ren oo clashtyn, chamoo ren oo toiggal; er veihn traa shen cha row dty chleaysh foshlit Bible; from that time; from thenceforth

veih'n traa shen magh from that day forward, thenceforth: As veihn traa shen magh, ren eh shoh son slattys as oardagh ayns Israel, gys y laa tayn jiu. Bible

veih'n traa shoh hence: cur dty hreisht ayns y Chiarn: veihn traa shoh magh er son dy bragh. Bible

voish traa dy hraa between-times, intermittent, periodic: Ta'n laue echey 'sy vargey voish traa dy hraa. DF

ymmyrkey roish y traa miscarriage

ymmyrk roish y traa miscarry

Aundyr Zayed son Bree sy Traa Ry-heet Zayed Future Energy Prize

eddyr nish as y traa shen between now and then

yn traa t'er n'gholl shaghey voin all our yesterdays

bedtime (n.) traa cadlee; traa lhie; traa ny lhiabbagh

emergency (n.) gear-cheim; traa danjeyr; traa gaueagh; egin

equinoctial (n., adj.) traa arree; traa fouyir

local time (n.) traa ny greiney, traa ynnydagh

reaping time (n.) traa beayney, traa buinney

respite (n.) daayl, traa daayl, traa sodjey; (v.) scuirr

simultaneously (adv.) ec y traa cheddin, 'sy traa cheddin

springtime (n.) traa arree; traa yn arree

standard time (n.) traa cadjinit, traa meanagh

Yuletide (n.) (Y) Nollick, Traa Nollick, Traa y Nollick

summertime (n.) raiee yn touree, sourey, traa noa, traa souree

ard-wannalagh (adj.) haughty, stubborn, stuck up, superior: Ec y traa shen hig Sostynagh ard-wannalagh stiagh dy cheau argid erskyn towse as ec traa ennagh 'sy traa ry-heet nee peiagh gra "cre 'sy theihll va jeant son Jishag y Nollick! Dhoor; (n.) arrogant person

hobby (n.) cabbyl beg, cabbyleen, shirragh corranagh; ceau traa: It was his hobby - V'eh yn ceau traa echey. DF idiom

untimely (adj., adv.) anemshyragh, antraaoil, dy anappee, dy meehraaoil, mee-emshyragh, meehraaoil, neuimbaghoil, roish yn imbagh, roish yn traa; neu-appee; roish y traa

tostagh incommunicative, noiseless, reserved, reticent, silent, tacit, taciturn: traa dy ve tostagh, as traa dy loayrt Bible

anytime traa erbee

apparent time (n.) traa baghtal

at that time eisht; ec y traa shen: Money was tight at that time - By jiark yn argid ec y traa shen. DF idiom

breakfast time (n.) traa anjeealagh

busy season (n.) traa tarroogh

Christmastide (n.) Nollick, Traa Nollick

Christmas time (n.) Traa Nollick

church time (n.) traa shirveish

coffee break (n.) traa caffee

common time traa cadjin

dawdling lhiggey yn traa

dead season (n.) traa moal

deliverance (n.) livrey-ys; traa sodjey

dinnertime (n.) traa jinnairagh

diversion (n.) ceau traa, cleayney

dull season (n.) traa moal

duration (n.) mayrnaght, sheerid, traa

early (adj., adv.) dy feer voghey, dy lheah, dy traa, leah, mogh, moghey, roish yn traa; dy moghey: I generally go to bed early - Ta mee dy-cadjin goll dy lhie dy-moghey. JJK idiom

festival time (n.) traa feailley

gain time (v.) cosney traa

geological time (n.) traa creg-oaylleeagh

in good time (adv.) dy traaoil: It was done in good time - V'eh jeant dy traaoil. DF idiom; ayns traa mie: I want to go home in good time - Shegin dou goll thie ayns traa mie. JJK idiom

longer time (n.) traa sodjey

mealtime (n.) traa lhongee; traa-longey

off season (n.) traa moal

playtime (n.) traa cloie

prayer time (n.) traa padjeragh

punctual (adj.) dy traa, traaoil

sailing time (n.) traa shiaullee

seed-time traa correy

shearing time (n.) traa lommyrt

sideral time traa rollageagh

sowing time (n.) traa correy

spare time (n.) traa seyr

suppertime (n.) traa shibberagh

teatime (n.) traa tey

temporisation (n.) cosney traa

temporise (v.) cosney traa

temporiser (n.) cosneyder traa

temporization cosney traa

temporize (v.) cosney traa

temporizer (n.) cosneyder traa

termtime (n.) traa ny himbee

time am, em; earish, emshyr, emshir, lhing, tammylt; traa: Time is short: Eternity is long - S'giare traa: S'foddey beaynid. JJK idiom; keayrt: I'll stay longer next time - Tanneeym ny sodjey yn keayrt sniessey. JJK idiom; (v.) towse

time allowance (n.) lowanse traa

time ball (n.) bluckan traa

time bargain bargane traa

time bomb (n.) bleaystan traa

time fuse (n.) fioose traa

timekeeper (n.) meoir traa

time limit (n.) cagliagh traa

time signal (n.) cowrey traa

time trial (n.) eab traa

timewarp (n.) jelliu traa

usance1 (n.) traa eeck, tearmey

wartime (n.) traa caggee

whenever (conj.) traa erbee

winter time (of clock) traa geuree

jummalit squandered, wasted: S'treih lhiam gra nagh row traa ny smoo ceaut ayms ayns Cregneash geaishtagh rish, as traa ny sloo ceaut ayms er y vagher bluggan cass, as jummalit er fardailysyn elley. MB


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