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towse (=Ir. tomhas) pl. towseyn 1 calibre, capacity, dose, gauge, mensuration, mete, rating, size, time, value a: As liorish towse hug eh airh son buird yn arran casherick Bible; 2 (of gold) tit; 3 (n.) divine law; 4 (v.) mark off, measure out, weigh out, measure, weigh, size up, sum up, summing up, ponder

Inexact matches:

ass towse excess, excessive, excessively, vast: va mee ass towse elgyssagh nyn 'oï oc Bible

balloon towse sounding balloon

erskyn towse exceptionally, immeasurable: As v'ad atchimagh erskyn towse Bible

geuley towse measuring chain

gyn towse out of measure, unfathomed, unmeasured, unplumbed: daag Solomon ooilley ny siyn gyn towse Bible

maidjey towse measuring staff

slane towse full weight: va argid dy chooilley ghooinney ayns beeal e hack, nyn argid ayns slane towse Bible; abundance

sthowyr towse measuring staff

towse çheet-stiagh means-testing

towse chummit heaped measure

towse corp volume

towse corrym equivalent

towse eaghtyragh surface mensuration

towse giare under-dose, scant measure, short measure: Vel foast ny tashtaghyn dy vee-chairys ayns thie ny mee-chairal, as yn towse giare ta feodagh ? Bible

towse jeeyl assessment

towse kioobagh cubic measure

towse liauyr long measure

towse lowaltys limit gauge

towse meanagh average

towse pabyragh paper measure

towse sloo minimum

towse staillinagh steelyard

towse traa timing

dy mooar ass towse immensely

er towse dooghyssagh life-size

mie ass towse classic

mie erskyn towse first class: Nish ta mac ec Ned Quayne as Juan ta'n ennym echeysyn, clagh y tooill da'n ayr echey, er yn oyr dy vel Juan ny scoilliar mie erskyn towse as chossyn eh ynnyd seyr ec y Scoill 'Grammar' ayns Ballacashtal Dhoor

mooar ass towse immense; huge: Er aght ennagh, ta red ennagh feer chooie bentyn rish y treealtys ec Redlands Aggregate dy yannoo quarral mooar ass towse ayns ny Harrey Carn

towse ayns reishyn span

measure (n.) saase; towshan, tubbag; towse-saagh; (v., n.) towse: Measure the corn with your own tub - Towse yn arroo liorish dty hubbag hene. DF idiom Give me full measure - Cur towse mie dou. DF idiom

measuring staff (n.) maidjey towse; sthowyr towse

calibre (n.) towse

cubic measure (n.) towse kioobagh

excessive (adj.) ass towse

excessively (adv.) ass towse

full weight slane towse

gauge towse

heaped measure (n.) towse chummit

immeasurable (adj.) erskyn towse, neuhowshanagh

immense (adj.) mooar ass towse

life-size (adj.) er towse dooghyssagh

limit gauge (n.) towse lowaltys

long measure (n.) towse liauyr

mark off (v.) towse

means-testing towse çheet-stiagh

measure out (v.) rheynn; towse

measuring chain (n.) geuley towse

mensuration (n.) towse

mete (v.) towse

paper measure (n.) towse pabyragh

scant measure (n.) towse giare

short measure (n.) towse giare

size up (v.) towse

sounding balloon (n.) balloon towse

steelyard (n.) awnssal, towse staillinagh

sum up cruinnaghey; towse

surface mensuration (n.) towse eaghtyragh

tit (n.) (of gold) towse; (of woman) keeagh

under-dose (n.) towse giare

unfathomed (adj.) gyn towse, neuhuntit

unmeasured (adj.) gyn towse

unplumbed (adj.) gyn towse, neuphontreilit

weigh out towse; towsh

towse-lhiurid meteyard: Cha jean shiu neu-chairys erbee ayns briwnys, ayns towse-lhiurid, ny towse-trimmid, ny ayns towse-saagh Bible

towse-saagh measure: Cha jean shiu neu-chairys erbee ayns briwnys, ayns towse-lhiurid, ny towse-trimmid, ny ayns towse-saagh Bible

towse-trimmid weight: Cha jean shiu neu-chairys erbee ayns briwnys, ayns towse-lhiurid, ny towse-trimmid, ny ayns towse-saagh Bible

abundance (n.) laanid, lhieenaraght, palchid, palchys, skyoll, ymmodys; niart: Abundance of money - Niart argid. DF idiom; slane palchey; slane towse: they which receive abundance of grace - adsyn ter gheddyn slane towse dy ghrayse Bible; palchey: and with gladness of heart, for the abundance of all things - as lesh gennallys cree, son palchey eh dy chooilley nhee Bible

capacity (n.) ablid, cooieys, mooadys, towse

divine law (n.) leigh Yee, towse

geometer (n.) geometer, towse-oayllee

geometric (adj.) towse-oaylleeagh

geometrical (adj.) towse-oaylleeagh

geometry (n.) towse-oaylleeaght

immensely (adv.) dy mooar ass towse

meteyard (n.) towse-lhiurid

needs-testing towse-feme

opinion poll (gen.) towse-barel

out of measure gyn towse

scale drawing (n.) scailley-yalloo, towse-yalloo

steam gauge (n.) gaal-towse

summing up (n.) resooney s'jerree, towse

volume1 (n.) thummid, towse corp, towse-lhieenee

gaal-towse steam gauge

towse-barel opinion poll

towse-feme needs-testing

towse-lhieenee volume

towse-oayllee geometer

towse-oaylleeagh geometric, geometrical

towse-oaylleeaght (f.) geometry

towse-yalloo scale drawing

assessment1 (n.) keeshaght; meihaghey; sess; towse jeeyl; sessal

equivalent cormid; corrym rish; towse corrym

rating keesh-thie; graadaghey; jannoo keeshyn balley; towse; raatys

timing combaase; coreilaght; towse traa; traa-earroo

vast (adj.) anvaaragh, ass towse, feayn, feer vooar, foawragh

classic classicagh; mie ass towse; obbyr chlassicagh; scoillar classicagh; shenn-ughtaragh

dose (v.) cur jough lheeys da; (n.) dourin, jough lheeys, towse

exceptionally (adv.) erskyn towse; feer; harrish yn cadjinys; magh as magh

minimum (n.) cooid sloo; keim s'inshley, keim sloo; towse sloo; (adj.) inshley, loo

lhiurey longer: Ta'n towse echey ny s'lhiurey na'n thalloo Bible

thanvaneys (f.) amazement, astonishment: nee ad arran y ee liorish towse, as thanvaneys Bible

average mean: We will strike an average - Trogmayd mean. DF idiom; towse meanagh; troggal mean er

first class jeh'n chied rang, jeh'n chied rheynn; mie er bashtal, mie erskyn towse

huge (adj.) foawragh; mooadys; mooar: Were not the Ethiopians and the Lubims a huge host - Nagh row ny Ethiopianee as ny Lubimee, sheshaght-caggee mooar Bible; mooar ass towse

ponder (v.) aasmooinaghtyn er; cur geill da: Ponder my words, O Lord - Cur geill da my ghoan, O Hiarn Bible; smooinee er: and ponder the voice of my humble desires - as smooinee er coraa my aghins imlee Bible; towse

size ardjid, thummyd, tummyd; cur glooid er; glooid; mooad, mooadys: These trees are remarkable for the size of their fruit - Ta ny biljyn shoh feeu tastey kyndagh rish mooad nyn mess. JJK idiom; thummid; towse

time am, em; earish, emshyr, emshir, lhing, tammylt; traa: Time is short: Eternity is long - S'giare traa: S'foddey beaynid. JJK idiom; keayrt: I'll stay longer next time - Tanneeym ny sodjey yn keayrt sniessey. JJK idiom; (v.) towse

value (v.) cur leagh er, feeaghey, priceil, prioseil; (n.) feeagh; foaynoo; frioose, prioseilaght, towse; feeuid: When you're well, you little know the value of health - Tra ta fer slane; s'beg shione da feeuid slaynt. JJK idiom

weigh (v.) meihaghey: How much does this weigh? - Quoid ta shoh meihaghey? DF idiom; towse; towsh

abbaneyn ankles: ren eh towse thousane cubit, as hug eh lesh mee trooid yn ushtey; van ushtey gys nyn abbaneyn Bible

anchairagh (as practice) corrupt: Ta ny argidee er cheau argid erskyn towse er troggalyn tuarymagh as colughtyn anchairagh Carn

ard-ooashley adoration; honour; majesty: O Hiarn my Yee, t'ou erskyn towse gloyroil, t'ou er ny choamrey lesh Ard-ooashley as onnor. Bible; principality

argidee financiers: Ta ny argidee er cheau argid erskyn towse er troggalyn tuarymagh as colughtyn anchairagh Carn

arjid highness: As yn oie shen ren ad towse arjid boalley yn ardvalley as lurg shen jannoo ymmodee aaraghyn cooie cour goll seose y voalley ass feygh ass y cheyll v'er gerrey da. GB

bishaghey accrue, develop, expand, increase, mend, multiply, prosper, thrive: ren ad bishaghey erskyn towse Bible; (of funds) accession; (as moon) wax; development, expansion, growth, multiplication; fructiferous; abounding

croghey sheese hang down: s nee towse cubit er y derrey heu, as cubit er y cheu elley, jeh ny ta harrish ayns lhiurid curtanyn y chabbane, croghey sheese harrish lhiatteeyn y chabbane, er dagh cheu, dy choodaghey eh. Bible

cullyryn colours: Coamrit lesh cryssyn mysh nyn meeghyn, as nyn ghing soit magh lesh cullyryn ass towse moyrnagh, ad ooilley myr princeyn dy yeeaghyn orroo Bible

derrey laa (yn) every other day: Myr shoh yn fastyr as y madran va, ayns towse y traa shen, jannoo'n derrey laa PC

doarnyn fists: Ren mee doarnyn jeh ny laueyn aym 'sy phoggaid as va ooilley ny muskylyn aym chionn erskyn towse. Dhoor

dowrinagh diseased: va Asa dowrinagh 'sy chassyn, derrey va e ghoghan erskyn-towse dewil Bible

erskyn (=Ir. os cionn) above, aloft, exceed, over, ultra: As ver-ym ort dy ve erskyn towse messoil Bible; superior; overhead; atop

eulyssagh 1 ferocious, indignant a: v'eh erskyn-towse eulyssagh Bible; 2 furious person, hothead

feer chorree infuriated: Agh va Jonah erskyn-towse jymmoosagh, as veh feer chorree Bible

fovooirane submarine, U-boat: Cheumooie jeh shen, ta ny Frangee er cheau argid erskyn towse er fo-vooiraneyn chesh-veanagh. Carn

Iddaalagh Italian: T'ad jerkal dy bee thieyn-bee Iddaalagh ayns Mannin tarroogh erskyn towse. BS

jannoo jee jeh apotheosis, deify: T'ad dy feoilt deayrtey magh airh ass y sporran, as towse argid ayns y veih, as t'ad failley gaaue-airh, as ta eshyn jannoo jee jeh: t'ad tuittym sheese; dy jarroo, t'ad ooashlaghey. Bible

jeshaght (=Ir. deasacht) (f.) contraption, engine, instrument, locomotive, machine, utensil: Hug eh towse corrym dy airh, son dy chooilley nhee dy ve jeant lesh airh, son dagh jeshaght cour dy chooilley hirveish Bible

jingit crammed, cramped, crowded, crushed, jammed, packed, pressed, squat, squeezed, thronged, wedged: bee eh er ny choyrt diu; towse mie, jingit sheese, as criht cooidjagh Bible

magh voish except, excluding: nee shiu towse, magh voish yn ard-valley, er y cheu-har daa housane cubit Bible

meih pl. meihaghyn balance, scale, weight: Agh meih kiart as lowal, as towse kiart as lowal vees ayd Bible

meihaghyn pair of scales: Ta towse as meihaghyn kiart lesh y Chiarn: ta ooilley weightyn y phoagey yn obbyr echeysyn. Bible; weights

mishoon mission: Speeideilagh ass towse va'n "mishoon" shen, dinsh Stanlagh dou ny s'anmey! GB

paart beg somewhat: myr ayns oie aalin ta shiu cur-my-ner ny cainleyn sollys lossey ayns yn aer, paart beg, paart mooar, cur soilshey er dagh laue rere towse y phooar ta Jee er yeeasaght daue PC

rheynn-ym I will divide: rheynn-ym Sichem: as towse-ym magh coan Succoth. Bible

s'cooidsave lesh deign: Son scooidsave lesh yn Ayr, dy jinnagh slane towse y dooghys flaunyssagh cummal aynsyn Bible

shaghrynys credjue heresy; sect: Ta shin er gheddyn yn dooinney shoh fer erskyn towse boiragh, as doostey anvea mastey ooilley ny Hewnyn er feaï-ny-cruinney, as ny ard-leeideilagh ayns shaghrynys credjue ny Nazarenee Bible

shlea broadest, widest: Ta'n towse echey ny s'lhiurey na'n thalloo, as ny shlea na'n aarkey Bible

slane doal stone-blind: As er hoh eh-hene jiu, beggan bouyr, slane doal, agh gennal erskyn towse as lane dy chenjallys; ayns tammylt beg bee eh keead as tree bleeaney dy eash. Coraa

s'lhiurey taller: Ta'n towse echey ny s'lhiurey na'n thalloo, as ny shlea na'n aarkey Bible; tallest

Spaainish (=Ir. Spáinnis) (f.) (language) Spanish: Cosoyllit rish Catalonish, ta niart erskyn towse ec Spaainish, agh ny yeih shen as ooilley, ta paart dy 'leih feer voirit dy jed Spaainish sheese y liargagh. Carn

spalchey (ny) more abundant: (ta mee loayrt myr ommydan) ta mish er-nyn-skyn: ayns tooilleilyn ny s'palchey, ayns surranse buillaghyn erskyn towse, ayns pryssoonyn ny s'menkey, ayns gaue baaish dy mennick. Bible

tooilleilyn labours: ayns tooilleilyn ny spalchey, ayns surranse buillaghyn erskyn towse, ayns pryssoonyn ny smenkey ayns gaue baaish dy mennick. Bible

tuarymagh speculative: Ta ny argidee er cheau argid erskyn towse er troggalyn tuarymagh as colughtyn anchairagh Carn; speculator

walker tucker; fuller: As haink y coamrey echey dy ve sollys, erskyn towse gial myr y sniaghtey; nagh row walker er y thalloo oddagh jannoo cha gial roo. Bible

weightyn weights: Meihaghyn corrym, weightyn corrym, as siyn-towse kiart, vees eu Bible

excess ass towse; balaghys; rouanys; roudaght; rour: He carries it to excess - T'eh jannoo rour jeh. DF idiom; neu-heeltys: And be not drunk with wine, wherein is excess - As ny bee-jee er meshtey lesh feeyn ayn ta neu-heeltys Bible

is t': He is exceedingly angry - T'eh corree ass towse. JJK idiom; ta: Gold is yellow - Ta airh buigh. JJK idiom; (interrog.) vel: Is dinner ready? - Vel jinnair aarloo? JJK idiom; (emph.) she: He is an Englishman - She Sostnagh eh. JJK idiom; (interrog.) nee: Is that your pen? - Nee shen y penn ayd? JJK idiom

span1 goll harrish; oor; reaish, reish: a span shall be the length thereof, and a span shall be the breadth thereof - bee eh reaish er lhiurid, as reaish er lheead Bible; reaysh: Shall the women eat their fruit, and children of a span long? - jean ny mraane gee mess nyn gorp hene, as cloan jeh lhiurid reaysh? Bivle; seihll: Our mortal span - Yn seihll ain. DF idiom; tammylt; towse ayns reishyn

weight cur meih er, cur puntreil er; meih, pundreil, pontreil; towse-trimmid; trimmid: A good patriot is worth his weight in gold - Sheeu fer-dooie mie e hrimmid ayns airh. JJK idiom

ard-wannalagh (adj.) haughty, stubborn, stuck up, superior: Ec y traa shen hig Sostynagh ard-wannalagh stiagh dy cheau argid erskyn towse as ec traa ennagh 'sy traa ry-heet nee peiagh gra "cre 'sy theihll va jeant son Jishag y Nollick! Dhoor; (n.) arrogant person

cur ayns clou set up; put in print: Ga dy ren yn Ayr Peadar O Laoire obbyr ass towse dy aa-vioghey Yernish, v'eh noi cur ayns clou ram jeh ny shenn arraneyn as skeealyn er y fa dy row ad 'sollagh'. Carn

fo atchim awe-stricken, terror-stricken: Nish tra hie yn skeeal jeh shoh magh, haink y pobble cooidjagh, as v'ad fo atchim erskyn-towse, er-yn-oyr dy row dy chooilley ghooinney clashtyn ad loayrt ayns glare e ghooie hene. Bible; afraid, awestricken, terified; astonished: Ta pillaryn yn aer er-creau, as fo atchim ee e oghsan. Bible

jalloo mooar colossus, great image: Honnick uss, O ree, as hug oo my-ner jalloo mooar; va'n jalloo mooar shoh as erskyn-towse sollys, ny hassoo kiongoyrt rhyt, as va'n cummey echey atchimagh. Bible

thummyd size: v'ad ooilley roit er yn un aght, jeh'n un towse, as yn un thummyd. Bible; fatness: t'ou uss er n'aase roauyr, as t'ou er n'ghoaill thummyd, t'ou coodit lesh saill Bible; multitude: Eisht chuir ad: as nish cha row dy niart oc yn lieen y ghoaill stiagh va lhied y thummyd eeast ayn. Bible


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