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towl caabyl hawse

towl 1 pl. tuill aperture, bore, boring, cavity, crater, eyehole, hole, hollow, leak, penetration, perforation, port, pothole, shaft, vent, vent-hole, water supply a: follee eh ayns shen ayns towl fo'n chreg Bible; 2 (of gun) bore; 3 (of fox) burrow, den, earth

Inexact matches:

cloie towl match play

towl aer air-hole, air-shaft, ventilating shaft

towl aghlish armhole

towl aile touch hole

towl arrey spy-hole

towl beishteig worm-hole

towl bleaystan bomb crater

towl bong bung hole

towl buird pigeon-hole

towl coadee fox-hole, funk hole

towl conning rabbit hole

towl coonee prompt box

towl cooylley scuttle

towl cramman button-hole

towl dhull plug-hole

Towl Doo Black Hole

towl doo black hole: fow uss voym, son ta mish kiarit, as nee'm ny ta roym; tilgym uss jiu as ooilley pooar dty Yee ayns y towl doo shen jeh t'ou branlaadee! PC

towl ennal airport, spiracle

towl fastee dug-out

towl freeney pinhole

towl gaal steam-port

towl geayee air-inlet, air-intake, ventilation shaft

towl geayil coal hole

towl geinnee sandpit

towl gliooney kneehole

towl jaagh flue

towl jeir tear duct

towl keekey peep-hole

towl lauee loophole

towl leoirey ash-hole

towl lhuingey porthole

towl lugh mouse hole

towl meainey bore hole, mine shaft

towl mullee glory hole

towl obbree manhole

towl ogheragh keyhole

towl ooill oil-hole

towl praaseyn potato pit

towl sheelee weep-hole

towl sheidee blowhole

towl shliggan shell hole

towl shynee fox-hole

towl sluggee gully-hole, sink-hole, swallow-hole

towl speeikearagh eyehole

towl stiuree cockpit

towl stokal stokehole

towl stroaney nostril

towl tharrar auger-hole

towl tilgee draw-hole

towl toarrey sink

towl treiney nail-hole

towl troggee hoisting shaft, uptake

towl vertebragh foramen

beayf ayns towl toad in the hole

cur ayns towl buird pigeonhole

Magher y Towl Crayee Clay Hole Field

Towl Bill Nick Bill Nick's Land

Towl Creg y Vuggane Buggane's Rock Hole

Towl Eaynin y Ruyghey Lichen Cliff Hole

towl y ghollan (of the ear) barrel

Towl y Glashtin Glashtin's Hole

towl yn gheayil coal port

Towl y Phoagee Hole of the Bag

fox-hole (n.) towl coadee, towl shynee

eyehole (n.) croa; croae; lhagg ny sooilley; towl; towl speeikearagh; uinnag veg

habergeon habergeon: va towl ayns mean y choamrey, myr towl habergeon Bible

shaft cass; lauraghan; lhoo; rollian; side; slogh; towl: Hoisting shaft - Towl troggee. DF idiom

air-inlet (n.) towl geayee

air-intake (n.) towl geayee

air-shaft (n.) towl aer

ash-hole (n.) towl leoirey

auger-hole (n.) towl tharrar

barrel5 (n.) (of the ear) towl y ghollan

Black Hole (n.) Towl Doo

black hole (n.) towl doo

blowhole (n.) towl sheidee

bomb crater (n.) towl bleaystan

bore3 (n.) (of gun) towl

bore hole (n.) towl meainey

burrow (n.) towl; (v.) towlaghey

button-hole1 (n.) towl cramman

button-hole2 (n.) towl cramman

cavity (n.) lhin, towl

coal hole (n.) towl geayil

crater (n.) beeal; towl

den3 (n.) (of fox) towl

draw-hole (n.) towl tilgee

dug-out (n.) towl fastee

foramen (n.) towl vertebragh

glory hole (n.) towl mullee

gully-hole (n.) towl sluggee

hoisting shaft (n.) towl troggee

hole1 (n.) dhull; poyll; towl: Money burns a hole in his pocket - Ta argid lostey towl ny phoagey. JJK idiom; (v.) towley

keyhole (n.) towl ogheragh

kneehole (n.) towl gliooney

leak drigey; faarn: Stop a leak - Faarn y yingey. DF idiom; faarney; jannoo ushtey; lhiggey magh; lhiggey stiagh; towl: Stop a leak - Towl y yingey. DF idiom

manhole (n.) towl obbree

mine shaft (n.) towl meainey

mouse hole (n.) towl lugh

nail-hole (n.) towl treiney

oil-hole (n.) towl ooill

peep-hole (n.) towl keekey

perforation (n.) doral, thiolley, towl

pigeon-hole (n.) towl buird

pinhole (n.) doral; towl freeney

plug-hole (n.) towl dhull

potato pit (n.) towl praaseyn

pothole (n.) coirrey, pot, towl

prompt box (n.) towl coonee

shell hole (n.) towl shliggan

sink-hole (n.) towl sluggee

spiracle (n.) towl ennal

spy-hole (n.) towl arrey

steam-port (n.) towl gaal

stokehole (n.) towl stokal

swallow-hole (n.) towl sluggee

tear duct (n.) towl jeir

touch hole (n.) towl aile

uptake (n.) towl troggee

vent-hole (n.) raad, towl

ventilating shaft towl aer

weep-hole (n.) towl sheelee

worm-hole (n.) towl beishteig

air-hole (n.) towl aer; bolgan aer

aperture (n.) barney, croa, doral, towl

armhole (n.) seih; towl aghlish; achlish

boot1 (n.) bootys; coyr; towl-scudlee

boring (adj.) dree; (n.) towl; (v.) thiolley, towley

coal port (n.) towl yn gheayil

funk hole (n.) towl coadee, kemmyrk

Glashtin's Hole (n.) Towl y Glashtin

hawse (n.) geaylin lhong; towl caabyl

nostril (n.) stroan, stroin; towl stroaney

porthole (n.) towl lhuingey, uinnag lhuingey

towl-scudlee (car) boot

towl-uinnag (f.) port

airport (n.) magher-etlee; purt aer; towl ennal

Bill Nick's Land (n.) Towl Bill Nick

Buggane's Rock Hole (n.) Towl Creg y Vuggane

bung hole (n.) beeal mullag, towl bong

Clay Hole Field (n.) Magher y Towl Crayee

cockpit (n.) cabbane y stiureyder, towl stiuree; laaragh troddan-kellee

flue (n.) beeal, feddan jaagh, towl jaagh

Hole of the Bag (n.) Towl y Phoagee

Lichen Cliff Hole (n.) Towl Eaynin y Ruyghey

loophole (n.) sooill barney, sooillag, towl lauee

match play cloie towl; ymmyrt ayns cloie

rabbit hole (n.) poyll conning, towl conning

sandpit (n.) towl geinnee, slogh geinnee; lag-geinnee

toad in the hole (n.) beayf ayns towl

ventilation shaft chimlee aer; towl geayee

water supply (n.) poyll, tasht ushtey, towl

beayfyn toads: Beayfyn ayns towl. DF

halved co-rheynnit: Halved hole - Towl co-rheynnit. DF idiom; rheynnit; rheynnit ayns jees

penetration (n.) baght, geyrid inchyn, tastid, towl, towlley; goll er fud

pigeonhole (v.) cur ayns towl buird, cur gys un cheu

scuttle (n.) sooill lhuingey, cruick gheayil; towl cooylley; (v.) cur fo; snaue

stoppal seose plug up: Towl y stoppal seose. DF

yeeall (f.) pl. yeeallyn strap, thong: Yeeall y lhiggey magh un towl. DF; (of shoe) tie

crab1 far-ymmyrt; partan: The crab which is always in its hole is never fat - Yn partan ta dy-kinjagh 'sy towl echey cha vel eh rieau roauyr. DF idiom

earth1 cruinney: Children of earth - Cloan ny cruinney. DF idiom; coair thallooin; gei; kiangley thallooin; ooir; ooiraghey, thallooinaghey; thalloo: Before heaven or earth existed - Roish myr row ayn niau ny thalloo. DF idiom; towl; dowan

fox1 shynnagh: It's a poor fox that has but one hole - She shynnagh boght nagh vel ny smoo na un towl echey. JJK idiom; (n.) fynney shynnee, fer shliawin; (v.) molley; lhiggey, lhiggey er

hollow1 (n.) clash, follym, lagg, laggan, sloc, slogh, sloghan, towl; (v.) folmaghey, jeeigey; slocagh: Hollow eyes - Sooillyn slocagh. DF idiom

money (n.) argid: Money burns a hole in his pocket - Ta argid lostey towl ny phoagey. JJK idiom; conney

plug1 (n.) dhull; plug; stoppane: Plug a wound - Stoppane y chur ayns lhott. DF idiom; (v.) stoppal: Plug up a hole - Towl y stoppal seose. DF idiom

pocket (v.) cur bluckan ayns poagey, cur 'sy phoggaid, geid argid; (n.) poagey: Money burns a hole in his pocket - Ta argid lostey towl ny phoagey. JJK idiom; poggaid

port1 (n.) purt: We called in a port - Hug shin stiagh ayns purt. DF idiom; towl, towl-uinnag; beealag

sink cur fo; deayrtal; giarrey; glenney; injillaghey; reurey; sinkeil; slogragh; (n.) towl toarrey; traih; meilley-niee

strap (n.) cryss, sthrap, strap; yeeall: Let a strap out one hole - Yeeall y lhiggey magh un towl. DF idiom; (v.) sthrappal, yeealley

vent lhiggey magh: He gave vent to his feelings - Lhig eh magh e chorree. DF idiom; raad; scoltey; thoyn; towl; vent

asp asp: nee yn oikan t'er y cheeagh cloie er towl yn asp Bible

partan (=Ir. partan) crab: Yn partan ta dy-kinjagh 'sy towl echey cha vel eh rieau roauyr. DF

pryssoonit detained: ayns y chione dooint towl beg sheign faagit ve cour cuirtlagh aileagh dy chur slane livrey da sp'ryd doo dewil pryssoonit ayns y ghrunt, freilt sthie er-niart fo trimmid corrym runt PC

screebit abraded, chafed, combed, grated, scraped, scratched, struck: Va londeyr troggit seose, as va'n chrout er ny chronnaghey-va towl mooar screebit trooid y scraa as y thoo as va ny guillyn er chosney nyn raad thie! Coraa

thoo thatch, thatching: Va londeyr troggit seose, as va'n chrout er ny chronnaghey-va towl mooar screebit trooid y scraa as y thoo as va ny guillyn er chosney nyn raad thie! Coraa

bore1 tharrarey, thiolley, towley, lheead tuill, saih marrey; (v.) keylaghey, saih trooid; dymmyrk: He bore himself well - Dymmyrk eh eh hene dy mie. DF idiom; (v.) rug: She bore a son to the world - Rug ee mac da'n theihll. DF idiom; (to); (dy) vransey; (n.) towl; feer ghree: This work is a bore - Ta'n obbyr shoh feer ghree. DF idiom

stop cur stap er; scuir, scuirr: He came to a full stop - Scuirr eh ayns e vraagyn. DF idiom; shassoo; stap, sthap; stappal; tannaghtyn: To stop at home - Dy hannaghtyn 'sy valley. DF idiom; scuirrys; jeigh; tannee: Stop there! - Tannee myr t'ou! DF idiom; doon: Stop that hole - Doon y towl shen. DF idiom; (n.) stad; stoppal


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