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tostid (=Ir. tost) hush, incommunicativeness, lull, quietness, reticence, silence, tacitness, taciturnity: Cha nhegin da peiagh erbee ve currit ayns pryssoon raad ta rour soilshey, ny dorraghys, ny sheean, ny tostid ta cur er dy hurranse sy chione echey. Carn

Inexact matches:

argid tostid hush money

tostid dowin heavy silence: Harry son tammylt ny host, as dy chooilley nane foast briaght jeh, c'raad va'n aile, as fy-yerrey hrog Harry seose e laue, as huitt dagh unnane ayns tostid dowin. JC

silence (v.) cur ny host, tostaghey; (n.) fast, tostaght; tostid: Silence gives consent - Ta tostid coyrt cochoardailys. JJK idiom

heavy silence (n.) tostid dowin

hush money (n.) argid tostid

incommunicativeness (n.) tostid

lull kiunaghey; kiuney; tostid

quietness (n.) aashaght, fea, tostid

reticence (n.) tostid

tacitness (n.) tostid

taciturnity (n.) fastid, tostid

consent co-choardail, choardys; co-choardailys, cochoardailys: Silence gives consent - Ta tostid coyrt cochoardailys. JJK idiom; consent; coardail

give1 coyrt: Silence gives consent - Ta tostid coyrt cochoardailys. JJK idiom; cur: Give a piece to the raven and he'll come again - Cur meer da'n feeagh as hig eh reesht. JJK idiom; sheeyney; toyr

hush1 (v.) cheet dy ve tost, cheet dy ve tostagh; (n.) kiuney: The hush before the storm - Yn chiuney roish yn dorrin. DF idiom; tostid; ass dty aash

kiarkyl (=Ir. cearcal) (pl -yn) pl. kiarkil circle, coterie, O, rim, ring: as ayns tostid oie chiune, lhunn ad queig baatyn veih traie mysh kerroo meeilley veih Ellan Cholumb Killey, as cheau ad kiarkyl mygeayrt yn ellan. Chron; circuit


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