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toor (=Ir. túr) pl. tooryn stronghold, tower: Eshyn yn toor dy haualtys son e ree Bible; fortress

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Toor Adha Arthur's Tower

Toor Albert Albert Tower

toor arrey watchtower

toor cluig campanile

toor feayree cooling tower

toor grine shot-tower

toor lectragh pylon

toor stiuree conning tower

toor ushtey water tower

Toor Vabel Tower of Babel: Cho ard rish Toor Vabel. DF

Raad y Toor Tower Road

toor yn arrey watchtower: tra va Judah er roshtyn gys toor yn arrey, lesh yn aasagh Bible

toor y watch watchtower: Soie-jee magh y boayrd, freill-jee arrey ayns toor y watch, ee-jee, iu-jee: irree-jee, shiuish reiltee, as bee-jee ullee ayns nyn eilley-caggee. Bible

watchtower (n.) toor arrey; toor yn arrey: I stand continually upon the watchtower in the daytime - ta mee dy kinjagh shassoo er toor yn arrey fey-ny-laa Bible; toor y watch: Prepare the table, watch in the watchtower - Soie-jee magh y boayrd, freill-jee arrey ayns toor y watch Bible

toor-caggee fort: dy cheau seose carnane, as dy hroggal toor-caggee Bible

Albert Tower (n.) Toor Albert

Arthur's Tower (n.) Toor Adha

campanile (n.) toor cluig

conning tower (n.) toor stiuree

cooling tower (n.) toor feayree

pylon (n.) pylon, toor lectragh

shot-tower (n.) toor grine

tower1 (n.) peeley; toor: This tower is two hundred feet high - Ta'n toor shoh daa cheead hrie er yrjid. JJK idiom

water tower (n.) toor ushtey

control tower (n.) toor-reill

fortress (n.) carrick: The fortress also shall cease from Ephraim - Bee yn charrick myrgeddin goit veih Ephraim Bible; rhaa; doon: Thou art my rock and my fortress - She uss my chreg as my ghoon. JJK idiom; toor: And the fortress of the high fort of thy walls shall he bring down - As troshid toor ard dty voallaghyn ver eh lesh sheese, Bible; cashtal: O Lord, my strength, and my fortress - O Hiarn my niart, as my chashtal lajer Bible and shall enter into the fortress of the king of the north - as hed eh stiagh ayns cashtal ree yn twoaie Bible

Tower of Babel (n.) Toor Vabel

Tower Road (n.) Raad y Toor

fogrey (=Ir. fógra) 1 (v.) announce, declare, herald, proclaim a: Daag lught yn FLB fogrey soilshaghey magh dy heid ad yn toor seose son yn chengey Vritaanagh. Carn; 2 (n.) announcement, declaration, bill, edict, notice, notification, placard: Daag lught yn FLB fogrey soilshaghey magh dy heid ad yn toor seose son yn chengey Vritaanagh. Carn

toor-reill control tower

toor-skyrraghtyn helter-skelter

toor-soilshey lighthouse

stronghold (n.) doon; carrog; carrick; toor; ynnyd lajer

helter-skelter er mooin y cheilley; lane shilleyree; toor-skyrraghtyn

fencit fenced: veih toor yn arreyder, gys yn ard-valley fencit Bible

hroggal (y) build: lhig dooin ard-valley as toor y hroggal Bible

armoury (n.) armlann; thie armyn: Thy neck is like the tower of David builded for an armouryarmoury - Ta dty wannal goll-rish toor Ghavid troggit son thie armyn Bible; thie-tashtee ny greinyn-caggee

lighthouse (n.) thie soilshee; thie sollysh: The lighthouse beams - Scellyn y thie sollysh. DF idiom; toor-soilshey

watchman (n.) arreyder: and the watchman went up to the roof - as hien arreyder seose gys mullagh y toor Bible; fer arrey

beinn (=Ir. beinn and bin) (f.) apex, ben, mountain, pike, pinnacle, summit, tine of deer: hoie eh eh er beinn toor syrjey yn chiamble Bible [O.Ir. benn]

carrick (f.) pl. carrickyn cliff, crag, rock, rockface, rock in the sea: ta mee er dty hoiaghey son toor as carrick mastey my phobble Bible; chancel; fortress, stronghold; citadel; fastness

ceau seose throw up, totalise, totalize, tot up: trog toor noi eck, as ceau seose carnane noi eck Bible

lhieg-ym I will bring down: Tra hig-ym's reesht ayns shee, lhieg-ym's sheese y toor shoh. Bible

lhie magh lay out, lean out, stand out: Ny lurg oc shoh, choamree ny Tekoiteyn ayrn elley, harrish noi'n toor vooar ta lhie magh, eer gys voalley Ophel. Bible

stroin (=Ir. srón, Sc.G. sròn) (f.) pl. strointeeyn headland, naze, ness, promontory; nose, nosepiece: ta dty stroin myr toor Lebanon Bible; nostril [O.Ir. dative sróin]

fort (n.) doon: The fort commands the town - Ta'n doon ard erskyn y valley. DF idiom; peeley; rhaa; toor-caggee

high1 ard: Not at all, it's high time to get up - Cha nee edyr, te ard traa dy irree. JJK idiom; gart, gort; ardey; dy ard; er yrjid: This tower is two hundred feet high - Ta'n toor shoh daa cheead hrie er yrjid. JJK idiom

coamrey pl. coamraghyn (n.) apparel, clothe, clothes, clothing, costume, drape, dress, dressing, fit, garment, habit, raiment, vesture: dynsee yn Chiarn Jee dy yannoo coamrey dy chraitnyn dy choodaghey ad hene. Bible; (v.) cover up, dress up, endue, succour; repair: As ren ny Nethinimee va cummal ayns Aphel, coamrey gys yn ynnyd va jeeragh er y giat-ushtey lesh y shiar, as y toor cheumooie jeh. Bible; attire


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