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tongue (v.) chengaghey, cur chengey er; (n.) chengey: A silent tongue is better than saying evil - Ta chengey ny host ny share na olk y ghra. JJK idiom

Inexact matches:

backbiting tongue (n.) chengey chooyl-chassee

deceitful tongue (n.) chengey molteyragh; chengey volteyragh

flattering tongue (n.) chengey brynneragh

froward tongue (n.) chengey vee-reiltagh

give tongue (v.) (to); (dy) eamagh

hart's tongue (n.) renniagh feeaih

hound's tongue (n.) chengey ny moddee

little tongue (n.) chengey veg, keeagh ny scoarnagh

lying tongue (n.) chengey vreagagh

mother tongue (n.) chengey ny mayrey

native tongue (n.) (the); (yn) ghlare ghooie

naughty tongue (n.) drogh hengey

ox tongue (n.) boglus, chengey vaa

perverse tongue (n.) chengey foalsey

sharp tongue (n.) chengey ghear

soft tongue (n.) chengey veeley

stammering tongue (n.) chengey moandagh

tongue twister (n.) cass-ockle

vulgar tongue (n.) chengey ny cheerey

wagging tongue (n.) cabberaght

wholesome tongue (n.) chengey gherjoilagh

adder's tongue fern (n.) chengey aarnieu

Hold your tongue (impv) Cum dty hengey

root of the tongue (n.) bun ny chengey

tongue full of venom chengey nieuagh

boglus ox tongue

cass-ockle tongue twister

cur chengey er tongue

renniagh feeaih (f.) hart's tongue

tongue-tied (adj.) balloo

chengey aarnieu (f.) adder's tongue fern

chengey ny moddee (f.) hound's tongue

keeagh ny scoarnagh (f.) little tongue

bun ny chengey root of the tongue

cabberaght (f.) gab, garrulity, jaw, palaver, prattle, wagging tongue

chengey nieuagh (f.) tongue full of venom

chengey vaa (f.) field speedwell, ox tongue

chengey veg (f.) little tongue, staphyle, uvula

Cum dty hengey (impv) Hold your tongue, Silence

chengey chooyl-chassee backbiting tongue: ta eddin fargagh cur ny-host yn chengey chooyl-chassee Bible

chengey foalsey perverse tongue: tan chengey foalsey tuittym ayns olk Bible

chengey ghear (f.) sharp tongue: Ta chengey ghear eck. DF

chengey gherjoilagh wholesome tongue: Ta chengey gherjoilagh billey dy vea Bible

chengey moandagh stammering tongue: as nee yn chengey moandagh loayrt dy floaill Bible

chengey veeley (f.) soft tongue: ta chengey veeley brishey eer craueyn Bible

chengey vee-reiltagh (f.) froward tongue: agh bee yn chengey vee-reiltagh giarit ass Bible

better than (ny) share na: A silent tongue is better than saying evil - Ta chengey ny host ny share na olk y ghra. JJK idiom

bridle (n.) scannane ny chengey, tead kianglee; streean: Bridle your tongue - Cur streean er dty hengey. DF idiom; (v.) streeaney

put out callit; cur ass; cur magh: He put out his tongue - Hug eh magh e hengey. DF idiom; sheeyney magh; currit ass

root bun: Root of the tongue - Bun ny chengey. DF idiom; bun-noatey; bunneydys; frauaghey: Take root - Frauaghey. DF idiom; fraue; reuyrey: Let every pig root for herself - Lhig da dagh ooilley vuc reuyrey j'ee hene. DF idiom

silent (adj.) balloo, tostagh; (ny) tost: A silent tongue is better than saying evil - Ta chengey ny host ny share na olk y ghra. JJK idiom

chengaghey (v., n.) tongue: Cha nel shen red noa, son shicherys, tra ram lioaryn er nyn screeuit ayns ny chengaghey celtiaghey. Carn

chengey (=Ir., Sc.G. teanga) (f.) pl. chengaghyn 1 bell-clapper, clasp, feather, strap-hinge; 2 (of buckle) catch; 3 tongue a: nee'n chengey oc shirgaghey ayns nyn meeal Bible; 4 language, speech: ta chengey veeley brishey eer craueyn Bible; 5 utterance [O.Ir. tengae]

chengey brynneragh flattering tongue: Dy reayll oo veih drogh-ven, veih chengey brynneragh yn oainjyr Bible

chengey molteyragh deceitful tongue: Livrey mannyms, O Hiarn, veih meillyn breagagh: as veih chengey molteyragh Bible

chengey ny cheerey (f.) language of the country, vulgar tongue: Lhisagh eh ve ny sassey da ny Manninee nyn bossan dy loayreyderyn y vooadaghey er y fa dy vel foast cooinaghtyn er mayrn jeh'n Ghaelg myr chengey ny cheerey. Carn

chengey ny mayrey (f.) mother tongue, native language: As kys dy vel shin clashtyn dy chooilley ghooinney loayrt ayns chengey ny mayrey ain hene? Bible

chengey volteyragh (f.) deceitful tongue: chamoo vees chengey volteyragh ry gheddyn ayns nyn meeal Bible

chengey vreagagh (f.) lying tongue: Shilley moyrnagh, chengey vreagagh, as laueyn ta deayrtey yn uill neu-chyndagh Bible

drogh hengey naughty tongue: Ta drogh-yantagh cur geill da meillyn foalsey; as breagerey coyrt cleaysh da drogh hengey Bible

eamagh2 (dy); (to) give tongue, call: cha daink mish dy eamagh er y vooinjer chairagh Bible

ghlare ghooie (f.) (yn); (the) native tongue: haink e aegid er-ash huggey tra v'eh loayrt e ghlare ghooie, as by haittin lesh fakin y Ghailck Vanninagh er ny h-aavioghey. Coraa

cut out (v.) giarrey magh; giarit ass: but the froward tongue shall be cut out - agh bee yn chengey vee-reiltagh giarit ass Bible; cleiyt: Thou sawest till that a stone was cut out without hands - Er-lhiat dy row clagh cleiyt fegooish laueyn Bible; (n.) scarreyder

sharp barb, geayr, geyre; barbagh, birragh, birranagh, brishtagh, foyragh, gibbagh; foyral; gyere, gyerey, geayrey: Has the fork sharp prongs? - Vel gaghyn geayrey er y gollage? JJK idiom; gear: She has a sharp tongue - Ta chengey ghear eck. DF idiom; geyragh: He is being sharp with them - T'eh geyragh roosyn. DF idiom

tip1 (n.) baare: The word was on the tip of my tongue - Va'n fockle er baare my hengey. DF idiom; chlash: They have gone to the tip - T'ad er ve ceaut magh. DF idiom; dooraght; faaue; (v.) cur faaue da; cur saayl er; cur yiarn er; irree; tig: Playing tip round the pool - Cloie tig mygeayrt y dubbey. DF idiom; yiarn

balloo (=Ir. balbh) dumb, mute, silent, tongue-tied, unspeaking: hug ad lhieu huggey dooinney balloo va drogh-spyrryd ayn. Bible; (n.) dumb person [L. ballus]


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