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toll1 bwoalley; clingeraght; keesh, mayle

toll2 (of bell) cling, kiaullane

Inexact matches:

toll bar (n.) barney chustam

toll bridge (n.) droghad keesh

toll gate (n.) giat custam

toll house (n.) thie custam

town toll (n.) keesh valjagh

impose a toll (v.) troggal mayle: it shall not be lawful to impose toll, tribute, or custom, upon them - cha bee eh lowal dy hroggal jeu mayle, keesh, ny custom Bible

toll of bell cling

cling (f.) chime, clang, clink, ting, toll of bell, tolling: Ta cling yn stainney echey. DF; (of bell) tang; (of bell) toll

barney chustam (f.) toll bar

clingeraght (v.) clang, toll; (f.) (as bell) tang

droghad keesh toll bridge

giat custam toll gate

keesh valjagh (f.) town toll

thie custam toll house

toll-keeper (n.) freaylleyder keesh

freaylleyder keesh toll-keeper

troggal mayle impose a toll

keesh (=Ir. cíos) (f.) 1 pl. keeshyn custom, duty, scot, tax, toll; 2 tribute a: haink eh dy ve ny harvaant fo keesh Bible; 3 contribution

kiaullane 1 clamourer, squeaker; 2 (small) bell, handbell a: Ny jean builley yn kiaullane son padjer as eisht roie ersooyl. EF; 3 (of bell) toll; 4 orchestra; 5 clarion; 6 noise in the ear, racket, tolling; 7 blatancy

mayle toll: cha bee eh lowal dy hroggal jeu mayle, keesh, ny custom Bible; rent

bwoalley (=Ir. bualadh) assault, bang, bash, batter, beat, beat up, belabour, buffet, clap, club, flap, hammer, hit, knock, mint, punch, scramble, shock, slam, slap, smite, strike, thrash, thresh, toll, wallop: honnick eh Egyptian bwoalley Hebrewnagh; fer jeh e vraaraghyn Bible; chime, ring; play; rhythm; pulsate, throb; rise of penis; (n.) percussion; striking; ringing [O.Ir. búailid]


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