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title1 (n.) ard-ennym: He has a title - Ta ardennym echey. DF idiom; enmys; kiart

title2 (n.) (of book) ennym, kione-ghraue

Inexact matches:

clear title kiart glen

title deed (gen.) bargane screeuee

title page (n.) duillag ennymagh

title part (n.) ard-phaart

world title (n.) crouw yn dowan

ard-phaart title part

bargane screeuee title deed

duillag ennymagh (f.) title page

kiart glen clear title

half-title lieh-ardennym

crouw yn dowan (f.) world title

lieh-ardennym half-title

world2 (n.) (Earth) dowan: The world title - Crouw yn dowan. DF idiom

kione-ghraue epitaph: Ta obbyr kione-ghraue yn dooinney jeidagh. JJK; (of book) title; motto

ard-ennym eminence, fame, renown, title: As va'n caslys shoh troggit rish bleeantyn er y woalley syn Ollay lesh yn ard-ennym, "The Eskdale Pay-counting Machine. GB

enmys (=Ir. ainmeas) address, appoint, cite, denominate, denomination, designate, designation, direct, entitle, enumerate, head, mention, name, nomenclature, nominate, specify, style, superscription, term, terminology, title: nee dy chooilley heeloghe mish y enmys bannit. Bible; (ship) baptize

ennym (=Ir., Sc.G. ainm O.Ir. ainmm) designation, epithet, figurehead, name, noun: bee ad er n'enmys lurg ennym nyn mraaraghyn Bible; (of book) title; term; signature [L. nomen]

kiart (=Ir. ceart) 1 accurate, concession, correct, due, equity, even, exact, just, level, orthodox, precise, prerogative, proper, pukka, right, thorough-paced, title, undeviating, upright, plain, meet, indifferent a: eer y raad kiart roish y voalley lesh y niar Bible; 2 (real) true; 3 apposite [O.Ir. cert]

meevriwnys (f.) misjudgement, misreckoning: Victor Kneale, eear-Loayreyder y Chiare as Feed, t'eh gra dy vel Tinvaal er nyannoo meevriwnys er barelyn y phobble, bentyn rish caghlaa title y Chiannoort. BS


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