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tip1 (n.) baare: The word was on the tip of my tongue - Va'n fockle er baare my hengey. DF idiom; chlash: They have gone to the tip - T'ad er ve ceaut magh. DF idiom; dooraght; faaue; (v.) cur faaue da; cur saayl er; cur yiarn er; irree; tig: Playing tip round the pool - Cloie tig mygeayrt y dubbey. DF idiom; yiarn

tip2 (v.) (as lorry) teaumey

tip3 (m.) (gratuity) dooragh

tip4 (n.) (on stick) saayl

Inexact matches:

Orange Tip (n.) Baare jiarg-buigh

refuse tip (n.) clash hrustyr

rubbish tip (n.) clash, clash hrustyr

tip cart (n.) cairt chroghit

tip over (v.) ceau harrish, croymmey, tuittym, tuittym harrish

tip of the ear (n.) baare y chleaysh

clash hrustyr (f.) rubbish tip; refuse tip

Baare jiarg-buigh Orange Tip

cairt chroghit (f.) tip cart

cur saayl er tip

cur yiarn er tip

dooragh (gratuity) tip

tip-tilted baare-chroghit, kione-chroghit

tip-truck (n.) truck croghit

baare-chroghit tip-tilted

cur faaue da hint, tip

kione-chroghit tip-tilted

truck croghit tip-truck

saayl (f.) heel, tree; (on stick) tip; sale; skid

tig tig, tip: Cloie tig mygeayrt y dubbey. DF

baare1 (=Ir. baar.) (f.) pl. bir apex, cap, climax, end, point, summit, tip, top: baare e vair y hummey ayns ushtey Bible; toe; (of wave) crest, curl; interval; ruin; bare; film on milk, surface

baare y chleaysh tip of the ear: As ver y saggyrt jeh'n ooil t'ayns e laue er baare y chleaysh yesh echeysyn ta dy ve ghlennit Bible

ceau harrish overturn: Ta plan ynnydagh Sulby 'breinnit' as lhisagh eh goll er ceau harrish, coardail rish Arthur Radcliffe. BS; tip over, upset

chlash crack: Ta'n ollish roie sheese chlash my hoyn. DF; tip: Ren y scruteyr briwnys mychione ny conaantyn-plannal son y chlash ta treeallit ec Archallagan. BS

clash (f.) channel, cleft, gorge, groove, hollow, open furrow, race, rubbish tip, trench, vale: Ta'n ollish roie sheese clash e hoyn. DF; sewer

croymmey bend, bow, crouch, double over, double up, hold down, incline, lean forward, obeisance, stoop, tip over: croymmey sheese gys ny jeeghyn oc Bible

dooraght (f.) bonus, commission, discount, fringe benefit, gratuity, luck-penny, perquisite, tip: Dy jarroo, as ny smoo na shen, my hig shiu thie reesht dy sauchey, dy der-ym dooraght dhyt. Apoc; intentness

eaghtyraneys presidency: Ta fys ec y teihll dy vel Tip O Neill nane jeh caarjyn mooarey Edward Kennedy, dooinney vees geearree goaill yn eaghtyraneys veih Carter, foddee. Carn

faaue allusion, hint, suggestion, tip: va faaue ayn myr shoh: managh vees ny Bretnee speeideilagh, s'cosoylagh dy jean ny Celtiee elley failleil. Carn

teaumey (as small boat) bail; bale, baling, decant, decantation, drain, pouring, pour out, run off; teeming: T'eh teaumey fliaghey. DF; (of liquid) empty, draining, drawing off, draw off, pump empty, pump out: Va shin teaumey yn chibbyr. DF; (as strength) tax; (as lorry) tip

tuittym harrish outfall, overturn, tip over: As nee ad tuittym harrish y cheilley myr roish y chliwe, tra nagh vel fer erbee er nyn eiyrt's. Bible

yiarn iron: Bee yiarn as prash fo dty chassyn Bible; scythe, tool; (of scythe) blade, tip; (money) tin, dough; pl. yiarnyn

pool (n.) co-rheynn, cochistey; dubbey: Playing tip round the pool - Cloie tig mygeayrt y dubbey. DF idiom; lhingey: A trout in the hand is worth two in the pool - Ta breck 'sy laue ny share na braddan 'sy lhingey. DF idiom; kishtey, loghan, poyll, poyll faarkee; (v.) cur ayns cochishtey

irree1 (=Ir. éirí, éirigh) 1 accrue, arise, ascent, awake, climb, get off, get up, heave, lift, lilt, rise, stand up, step up, swarm, tip, turn out, upgrade, up-grade a: Va'n ghrian er n'irree er y thalloo tra hie Lot stiagh ayns Zoar. Bible; 2 (as plane) take off; 3 emotion, passion

tuittym (v.) abate, collapse, come off, crumple, decline, depreciate, descend, die down, droop, drop, fall, fall off, fall out, fall over, falter, flounder, founder, go down, keel over, lapse, overbalance, sag, slump, subside, tip over, topple, tumble; calming, falling, floundering, wavering; befall: nee ymmodee uilk, as dowrinyn tuittym orroo Bible; (of voice) cadence; (of courage) waver; abatement, depreciation, incidence, subsidence


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